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[Drama 2012] Bridal Mask 각시탈

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Guest sunshine4ever

@ctfrsgp, here is the link to the books: http://forums.soompi.com/discussion/comment/25193187
if you have any problems please let me know and I'll re-upload for you, but you should be able to find it at official site. Go to that link I gave you and look for mojobobo's jpg format and my post under hers with pdf files. :)

Here is the direct link to download it without having to go through official site.

@mojobobo, thanks for sharing the news of PKW and his arts. He can be my art teacher! I like his arts, haha.

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Originally I thought of putting this on Joo Won's thread only but again, there's something which might interest some here.

Joo Won Reveals Moon Joon Won's Secrets (30 questions 30 answers)


Recently, through Bridal Mask and 1N2D, Joo Won has become the ideal type for many women. However, Joo Won has not appeared in any talk show, so everyone is very curious about what he has to say about himself. Previously, everyone’s understanding of him was limited to only information that appeared on websites.

In order to help all female fans to gain a deeper understanding of Joo Won, we have painstakingly given a list of questions to Joo Won. Joo Won answered each and every question truthfully. Now, we shall reveal the secret of Joo Won’s answers to the 30 questions.


1. Name/Age/Blood Type

Real Name: Moon Jun Won. Born in 1987, 26 years old. “O”blood type.

2.Height and Weight

Height 185cm, Weight 70kg. (Joo Won’s clothes are size 100 to 105, depending on the particular piece. 100 is just nice, 105 is a bit loose. This question was asked on behalf of a Japanese fan)


Parents and one elder brother

4.Where is your home?

Suji, Yongjin, Gyeonngi region

5.What animal will you liken yourself to?

Puppy. Everyone says I am like a puppy. (Breed?_ I am not too sure. 

6.When do you think you are handsome?

After I have taken a bath and put on my face cream (laughs)

7.If you were to win 10 million won?

I wish to stay in a beautiful home filled with sunlight.

8.If you were to go for cosmetic surgery, which part would you correct?

Cheekbones (laughs)

9.Of late, what have you been wanting to do?

Going on a vacation. But when I have the time, I have a difficulty thinking where to go.

10. when was your first love?

High school sophomore, classmate.

Do you know her current status?

I know, she is still in school.

11. If you were to date the girl you’d like, where would you go?

Cheorwon, Gangwon-do. I will like to go to place I endorsed – Morning Calm Village.

(staff of Joo Won’s agency are all cheering)

12. What do you usually like to do? 

Drink coffee.


Usually at the café near my home.

Who do you go with?

Myself or frequently with my friends.

Employees of the café must be very happy?

They are used to it now, they aren’t exceptionally happy. (Laughs)

13. If you were to go to an uninhabited , what are the 3 thing you will bring?

I will bring a toolbox, a boat that will appear whenever I wish and also a recipe book.

14. What is most precious to you?

Of course my family. (Joo Won answered without thinking at all)

15. What do people around you say of your personality?

Pure or simple. That’s what I often hear.

16. What do people around you say of your looks?


17. What is the greatest stress now?

My greatest dilemma is what to eat? It’s difficult to pick from the menu.

What did you eat for lunch?

I ate lasagne. 

18. What your favorite food and the food you dislike most?

I like to eat meat and sausages, I love all good food. I hate durians(durians are tropical fruits which have a very unique smell. Joo Won shook his head and said he will definitely not eat that)

19. Who do you desire as your partner?

Must be kind. From young, I already liked people who are kind. When I grew up, I realized that outward appearance is temporary, the most important is being kind and having good manners. A person who loves to laugh looks the most beautiful.

20. If you fall into a love triangle, what will you do?

I will end it immediately. Based on my character, this will not happen.

Did you have such an experience? Being confessed to by 2 women at the same time?

I have not been in a love triangle, but being confessed to by 2 women, yes. I did not choose either one.

21. How much alcohol can you drink and your drinking habit?

I can only drink one cup of soju. After I drink, I will sleep, so I usually head home straight away. 

Isn’t it inconvenient at dinner gatherings or the celebratory dinner after the drama/movie ended?

During “Special Investigation Unit”, Sung Dong Il advised “Don’t worry, just drink. But after that day, he will tell me I better not drink anymore. During the 1N2D dinner, I took one hour to drink 1 cup of soju. I will pick up the cup, put it down.

Might as well use water to substitute the alcohol.

Hyungs will definitely not agree. (laughs)

22. What do you desire to have now?

A house. I want to live in a better and nicer place.

You often talked about house, is it to stay on your own?

No. I want to live with my father and mother.

23. If someone you love, leaves for no reason?

I will cry to death, then I will search everywhere.

Have you fallen deeply in love with anyone?

I don’t think so.

24.If you only have 70 won in your hand to use the public phone, who will you call?

I will call my mother and tell her not to worry.

25. When you are angry, how will you resolve your anger?

I will quietly spend time alone.

26. Are you the type who loves at first sight? Or the type who cultivates love over time? And what is the reason?

I am the type who once I am attracted, I will pay attention. However, if it is like this, it will grow cold over time. 

And what makes Joo Won fall in love at first sight?

Beautiful smile.

27.If the earth was to end in one hour’s time, what will you do?

I will spend it with my loved ones.  I often have this thought, I definitely would spend it with my family. If I have a woman whom I deeply love, I will spend it with her and her family.

28.If there is a time machine, which time period and place

When I was 8 years old. Maybe that was the point where my life could turn out totally different. Because I was very young, I did not understand what it meant to study abroad. At that time, my parents send my brother and I to America to study. After 6 months, we came back. Sometimes, I will think “If I had known, I would have stayed a while longer.” I still remember during that 6 months, I will go to the playground and play with kids my age. (even Joo Won’s agency colleagues are hearing this for the first time).

29.What do you think you will be like in 10 years’ time?

A sexy man, full of masculine charm? Like Al Pacino. I thought of a type of life where I would wake up with my family in a house that’s filled with sunshine, eating a delicious breakfast, driving to work, both acting and teaching.

Do you plan to continue studying acting?

(Joo Won is now a 4th year student at Sungkyunkwan University).

In the future, I will like to teach my own students, will like to take up lessons that interest me. Acting is in itself a free and interesting thing. Moreover when I teach the children, I will also be able to learn a lot of things.

30. Now, at KakaoTalk, what is your signature?(Kakao Talk is an phone application chat)


What’s the meaning?

From Lee Kangto returning to Moon Jun Won. Now, it about approximately 60%. 

Usually in other dramas, how long does it take to return to Moon Jun Won?

About a month. 

When are you are unable to shed off Bridal Mask Lee Kangto?

Sometimes when I look at people, I stare intently. It’s times like these when I will think “Seems like Lee Kangto is still in my heart.”

Chinese translation: 由米35

English translation: mrdimples@soompi

Source: Sports Seoul

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@mrdimples thanks for posting this. Wow! This gives us great insight as to how important family is with JW. plus i didn't know he studied in the US for six months... that must have been quite an experience. And it seems up to now, he is still a bit wrapped into his character "Lee Kangto"... though i miss the scorching looks, hairstyle and white uniform he wears. Hehe!

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Guest ricecak3

Hey everyone it's been a while :D it's my first time logging in since the Gaksital finale, so how's everyone doing from the 3 week departure?

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Guest sunshine4ever

Hi everyone, so I was laughing really hard when stearly mentioned at Joo Won's thread that while our male leads are answering interviews, our female leads already kissed other men. Anyway, I didn't really watch either of JSY's drama Five Finger and HCA's new drama Ohlala Couple, but I saw their kissing pics/gifs because others posted them. I'm so glad the four main leads now become more popular and known because of Bridal Mask. They worked hard and I think they deserved it.

Here are some pictures of Se Yeon and a gift some fan made for her. Mokdan in the forest.




Pictures Credit: Surprising Actress JSY Daum Cafe, DC FF, and
Pavlichenko for posting @ JSY's thread

Han Chae Ah moving on to Ohlala Couple with Shin Hyun-Joon (actor that played Lee Kang San in Bridal Mask)
^credit to Kites

maybe mojobobo will be able to give more information..

I hope you don't mind me posting this since we lack news from our ladies..so..hehe..something new for everyone.

and here is Kangto for you, hehe...not sure if this was posted...
^credit to DC, Bridal Mask FB, and Kites

hobeverly1212 said:

can anyone be soooooo kind to see if the OST in yesasia is the same as the shown inthe pcs here before I place my order?

thanks os much:)

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@ricecak3 said: Hey everyone it's been a while :D it's my first time logging in since the Gaksital finale, so how's everyone doing from the 3 week departure?

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@sunshine4ever, they have really awesome watches right!!! I have no idea if they are sponsored or not. Some probably are, some probably aren't. But I really like them. Hehe. 

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per KBS , Gaksital will be back on Sept 30 , mid-autumn fest :)

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@lyra_brillantez, well...since he's given them 3 hit dramas already..hahahha!! I really really want the cast to go on a variety show!!!!!

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we're already has the copy to re-run Gaksital, what Gaksitalers need now, is a variety show which bring back All the Casts together to attend it, and with all here i mean ALL (literally), no exception, period :P

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