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[Drama 2012] Bridal Mask 각시탈

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@sunshine4ever and @endevour, yeah I just realized that a few minutes ago *lol*. I tried to post something in response, but it failed *still lol :D :D*

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@rhaps, PKW is doing a moive with Lee Hyun Woo and Kim Soo Hyun. They started filming today! His hair is orange now!! I miss Shunji's hair :((
He was playing basketball with some friends recently:
credit as tagged and Times Infinity Park Ki Woong Baidu tieba

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@mojobobo,@sunshine4ever, well..Shunji's brother is okay, though.. It's gonna be fun hating him again :P. It's hard for me to hate any character in BM, including th villain. So far, I only hate Kenji and Taro. Koisho is so annoying..but I still have a soft spot for him, considering how nice he is to Shunji.

PKW is gonna play a movie? Wah..hopefully I can watch it. I hope he become a good character there. I miss his sweet and gentle smile.. *thinking to rewatch episode 1 again.. I already saved it in my phone ^_^*

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@endeavor i'm so happy for him, it's a very good actor! *___*

@sunshine4ever thanks! For me the best song is Holy, the gregorian chorus (i think that they sing in Ancient Latin), it's a beautiful, intense and strong song... =)

@rhaps there are 18 tracks in this beautiful ost (bgm and songs) ^___^

*hug her Soompi friends*


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mojobobo said: @rhaps, PKW is doing a moive with Lee Hyun Woo and Kim Soo Hyun. They started filming today! His hair is orange now!! I miss Shunji's hair :((He was playing basketball with some friends recently: kww15.jpgcredit as tagged and Times Infinity Park Ki Woong Baidu tieba At the rate of how often he's colored his hair I would not be surprise seeing a completely shaved PKW soon. Well...at least he looks better here than with blonde hair. LOL!

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@endeavor, the shaved hair will come soon when he goes for army hahaha!!! He will probably have to enlist within 2 years. His hair is probably very very dry now. 
Still no news of director cut DVDs???

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Guest septmoon16

poor joo won baby getting whacked by veggies endlessly and then eating dirt at the end. :P

joo won and jsy are really adorable bts - love how he gently touches her ponytail and she brushes off his jacket and picks all the pieces from his hair :)

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Hi guys ..


This is an MV of Bridal Mask. It has spoilers from epi 1-28.


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Guest Jessi15


rhaps said:

Hi guys ..


This is an MV of Bridal Mask. It has spoilers from epi 1-28.

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@Jessi15, hi .. I'm not watching anything right now. I only follow the synopsis of Faith and Arang. I plan to watch Arang after it's finished, but that's just out of curiousity. I'm expecting Jeon Woo Chi, so I don't really watch anything seriously right now. And, while waiting, I learn to create an MV of Bridal Mask and it's finally done :P.

Thx for the pic :P. Maybe that's just a photo for promotional purpose ? So, JSY does not have to pretend to be unconscious :P

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Korean fan's confession to Lee Kangto about his graceful curves

“Kangto ah, I really did not mean to screencap your butt”

“Your lines are a national treasure, the beauty of these suits lies in the waist”


“From side view, it is a wonder that a man can have such curvaceous waistline that it makes one feel like punching you”

“If I had to pick on something, it’s because your contours…….I am speechless”


“Even when you are in the crowd ,in midst of chaos, you still had to show off your curves..”

“Kangto ah ….do you know, I really did not mean to screencap your butt. I was only looking at your waist”


“When you are serious, why does my eyes follow to your waist…Can you forgive a person like me?

“When you are hurt, yet I find myself always looking at your contours instead, your back and …..butt…no…I believe I don’t have to say it out loud, it’s obvious.”


“Why do I always take a screencap of ……..your back? I clearly had wanted to screencap your waist…”

“It’s unfathomable…right?”


Chinese translation: m217tw on baidu

English translation: mrdimples@soompi

Source: DC

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Guest sunshine4ever


credit to DC and JW's thread (sorry I forgot who posted this at JW's thread)

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Joo Won talks about BM here:

November Issue - Ceci Interview 


This year, the entire time you have been very busy. In today’s magazine shoot, do you have a more relaxed feeling? During your rest days, do you prefer outdoors or prefer to stay at home?

At home. Most of the time, I would be lying in bed reading scripts or watching movies. If I go out, I will usually go to the café near my place to meet my friends. If I go to a crowded place, I will have a headache. Because I don’t drink, I seldom go to places like clubs.

That’s very simple, can you really rest and relax in such manner?

Of course. Actually all those times outside filming a drama or movie are like resting. Filming CF or having an interview like now, they are all more relaxing than acting. It’s not so tense, definitely different.

Looking at recent interviews, do you feel amazed that your female fans have increased so tremendously?

During fan meets, the scream pitch was higher. Previously, there were more fans aged 20s to 30s. Now, even fans whose age are around 10 plus have increased. Even a 3 year old child recognized me, shouting “Gaksital!”. When I was filming Bridal Mask at Hapcheon, there were grannies who kept shouting at me “1N! !1N!” ,so that I could follow up by shouting “2D”. Even when I wore a hat and sunglasses, I will still be recognized. It made me pay more attention to what I say or behave. When I am out with my mother shopping, I will have to look more intimate. Sometimes, I feel the burden.

When you finished a drama like Bridal Mask, how do you feel?

Mostly calm. After we completed the final scene, we had the celebratory dinner. Because the next day, I had to go and film 1N2D, I went home first. But I just could not sleep, I just sat there all alone staring blankly. I don’t know if it is because I had been thinking too much or I just didn’t have any more thoughts. Whatever it was, my feelings were complex. It was as if in order to say goodbye to Kangto, I really had to send away very close friends.  I had the feeling that we could never meet again.

Bridal Mask has become Joo Won’s masterpiece of work, what were your thoughts when you completed the drama?

It left a lot to think about. After more than 6 months of non-stop filming, it did not feel real when it ended. Every scene was fraught with tension, there was also much psychological warfare, it required a lot of concentration powers. So it was more difficult. Even now, it is not easy to adjust to the normal living style. When I sleep, I can’t lie down properly, I will also curl up to sleep (laughs). The older generation has read Bridal Mask manga so the expectation towards the drama was also very high. I felt it. Massive amounts were poured into this production, appearing as the lead actor alongside the sunbaes, I did not even have energy to worry about the competition. I felt that if the drama were to fail, it must be me, this type of burden and pressure was terribly heavy. So I gave my utmost and my very best ability every single minute and second.

Was there any particular scene which was very difficult even when you think about it now?

When hyung died, I had to run inside the house to tell mother and then I saw that mother had also died. When you see that all the reasons for you living are gone, it was a tragic situation. It was my first time as an actor to experience such a shock. Because I cried too much, my blood pressure shot up and my limbs were all numb.

[Would you say that you have broken your own barrier?]

Yes. From the start of filming Bridal Mask, I had never paid attention as to how my face or expression will be captured by the camera. I just followed Kangto’s emotional ups and downs,  using my interpretation. Although sometimes I get worried about how the audience will receive it but I believe in myself.

Were there times when you felt that “I did this thing really well’?

When I intensified my concentration to the point of exhaustion and obtained a result, I will feel very fulfilled. Previously when I was performing, each time after the performance ended, my entire body will be soaked in sweat. I would think “In this two and half hours, I have tried my very best and immersed myself” and feel especially good about it. When I return home after working through the night or when I have successfully completed a piece of work, I would feel that as a man, I have done quite well.


The Joo Won we know is a model student who from a young age only knows how to perform, cannot even drink a cup of alcohol, treats his family very well, is there a side which we do not know?

I cannot be called a filial son and I don’t treat every person so amiably(laughs). When I am tired, I will also show an unhappy face. Although this is a very uninteresting answer, in reality, no matter how good I am to my parents, I still feel it’s not enough. I always hope that in other people’s hearts, I am a good person. If I am dislike by someone, I will feel really hurt, fretting over “Why does he hate me”. It seems that there is nothing surprising about me.

In order to cultivate their ability to express, some actor will intentionally do things that are rebellious, have you been like this?

I do not even have the time to be rebellious. I have also never rebelled before in my youth, I feel there is no need to. From the start of high school, in order to save up school fees, I went to work in the theatre, I used whatever time I had. During my school days I even spent Christmas working and preparing for performances. Even when I was performing in musicals and dramas, I never rested. It has to be this way because this is what I love to do. Frankly speaking, although you can gather some experience by being rebellious, it does not seem necessary. After completing each piece of work, I will have grown some. I also dream “If I continue like this I will also be able to be like my sunbaes, having excellent acting ability.” I never thought of giving up acting

[You look like the type who does not tire easily]

This is my only strength. I have a lot of confidence in my physical stamina and passion. Acting ability is quite alright too(laughs)

Usually do you get close to people easily like you do on 1N2D?

Partly, when I am with my family. When I am with my elders, I am just like a child. Frequently, I will have skinship and my voice a little higher. In 1N2D when I am with the hyungs and Tae Woong hyung, I am also like this. During my musical theatres, it was the same, I was always the youngest. But people always do change according to different positions, so I don’t do this to every one.

Reading your interviews, when asked about your favorite song, you recommended Shi Kyung’s song. Before you started filming 1N2D, you were his fan, you must have been very happy when you met him.

When I met Shi Kyung, the feeling was magical. My first meeting was far better than I had expected! His voice was very tender. It was not just singing, even when he was reading or when he was being a broadcast DJ, he was really cool. And edgy(laughs). Many female fans love this side of him. This type of person right in front of me, being able to hear his voice in person, it is really great.

You have already been on this ‘wild variety show’ for 6 months, are you now adapted to it?

Hyungs are very good, I am so very close to the production staff, even when doing the morning Opening and bulbokbul, I do not feel shy. Now, I just have a great time playing with hyungs, I also hope there will be some new things appearing. In this show, more than Joo Won, you can see the humane Moon Jun Won. Viewers seem to like to see me make mistakes or do things that ruin my image. (laughs)

[the thing you are worst at is arithmetic?]

Yes. My mental arithmetic is really bad. My general knowledge is also not too good, I am the most confident in making funny with body (this is a literal translation, who knows what he means!). Mathematics grades were not an entry requirement into drama schools, so  I just gave it up since the first year of high school.

I was shocked when I read that on the average, you take 40 minutes to bathe. Like this, wouldn’t you get scolded in 1N2D?

In 1N2D, they gave ample time for bathing(laughs). The time taken was from bathing to putting on moisturiser. I am more meticulous than others when I bathe, I also take longer to put on skin care products.

Previously you were a musical actor, you must be very sensitive to music. What is your recent favorite?

I prefer to listen to older songs. I frequently listen to songs by Steven Wonder, it’s really great. I also like Eric Benet.

[Who is the one who makes up the most songs on your playlist?]

Shi Kyung hyung’s songs are the most, I think he doesn’t know.

Have you ever thought of not being an actor and be a singer?

Ah, that does not seem to be my field. But in the future, I want to act in a musical again.


Now, what’s the thing that has the most ability to cure you?

Cure?  Must be someone who can make me feel relax and intimate. I don’t really like new things, I like to spend time with my close friends, colleagues and family, sharing stories. At home, I will chat with my parents and play Anipang(handphone game). I like those people who treat me the same before and after I acted in Bridal Mask. When the result of the work is very good, I also felt that I have grown, it could possibly make me proud unknowingly. But whenever I meet up with them , my shoulders relax and I will revert to the my old self.

Having completed 2 movies and dramas, you have really done a lot. Before 2012 come to an end, is there anything that you would like to do?

Scheduled to broadcast in January, I will start to film the new drama “Secret Lovers Battle” , I hope it will have a good start. Contemporary drama, in line with my age. No matter how I see it, it’s an ordinary setting, it is my first time trying this genre, to me it’s very new and fresh. It should be interesting.

[so it’s just like the excitement before a trip?]

Actually I am also worried whether I will do well. Being the main actor is very frightening. Recently, every night before I sleep and in the morning when I open my eyes, my mind is all on the role in the new drama. If I have a happy time filming this time round like I had in the past, it will be good.

We have been shooting from mid-noon and it’s going to be evening soon. Now, it must be time to rest?

I will be going with my agency hyungs to have a good meal together. Hyungs will drink and I will drink my coke(laughs). But I will definitely not miss it.

Chinese translation: minidadalove @ 朱元贴吧_百度贴吧

English translation: mrdimples@soompi

Source: DC

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Joo Won's Cosmopolitan Interview 


As you were walking over from a distance, one look and I could tell it was Joo Won.
Ah, really? How were you able to tell it was me?

Tall figure, long sleeve sweater and a pair of huge sunglasses! Totally emanating a star's vibe!
Recently, I've been wearing sportswear to everywhere I went to the point where my stylist banned me from wearing any more sportswear. It's been a long while since I've taken care to dress up like this. I really don't care too much about my dressing. I belong to the type that prefers to just wear anything casual and comfortable. 

What kind of words are these, coming from a fashionable top star!
Aannggg~~A nickname like this is so embarrassing! Even people who know me for only a bit will burst out laughing if they hear this. Me and fashionable are really worlds apart. 

Wearing a suit and driving a Chevrolet, such a charismatic and cold man would actually say "aannggg"!
Hehe. You were expecting to see Gaksital's Lee Kangto on me right? You will be disappointed. There is no way you will be able to find a trace of Lee Kangto on Joo Won [Heh what a cheeky boy.]

Then in 2 Days 1 Night, the cute manknae is probably the closet to the real Joo Won!
I don't know too. That image is also only one side of me. Because I'm together with all the hyungs, that's probably why I show the mankae image. 

Then in front of your juniors you will become a totally different person?
It's a fact that everyone will change the way they behave when they are in different positions. When I'm together with my elders, I will be polite and respectful. When I'm in front of my juniors, I'm a senior that demands discipline. My juniors in school are all very afraid of me. 

In 2 Days 1 Nights you always call your mum and everytime you always love to show aegyo. "Aegyo-king" manknae actually says he is a scary senior? It's really hard to imagine!
I am in the performing arts faculty. It's it usual that there are some senior who practically live in school because they are busy with work and they want to practise all the while? I'm a such a senior. Especially when I see junior who are impolite or lazy, I will never let them off and leave them be. But once I go home I will become the cute manknae once again. After my mum had my hyung, she was always hoping for a daughter but she still got another son. Mum always said she wished she had a daughter who was like a friend so that they could both chat. So when I'm with my mum, I'll be just like a daughter. When she's cooking, I'll help her at the side and also help to clean up and do housework. [Awwww his mum sounds so nice. I wonder if he gets tired of saying this is so many interviews.]

It's rare to have sons who are willing to act as a daughter because of a mother's wish.
It is right? But I love to hear my mum praising me. As a son, I still lack in many aspects and so I'm always feeling sorry towards my parents. So as long as it's my mum's wish, it seems like I will give it my all to accomplish it. 

You've just successfully completed a drama. You should be going out with friends and having fun but you spend your resting time at home doing housework?
It seems like a huge portion of my resting time is spent with my parents. If I go out, at most I'll go to the cafe in front of my house and meetup with my friends?

A few months ago I saw an interview by Shin Hyun Jun and he praised Joo Won for "Being different from the other kids these days". Now I understand why he said that!
Really? There are a lot of filial people around me too!

But do you know? Of course being filial is good but if you are too good to your parents, sometimes your girlfriend will get jealous.
I really dislike women of this type. Just because I'm good to my parents they say I'm a mama's boy then when it's the holidays they keep insisting on spending it only with me.  I don't wish to date a girl like that. As a child of course you have to take good care of your parents. To your parents, it's such great happiness to be spending time with your children. If they get jealous because of this, that's a no go. [Aigooo Won ah, you really don't understand women!!! It's not that the girl doesn't want to spend time with your family but sometimes you need to go on dates alone too!!!!!] 


Was there ever a time when you broke up because it was too difficult to handle both your parents and girlfriend at the same time?
In the past there was once. At that time, I had a really hard time for a long period but as time went by, I came out of it. Just like my parents said, I think I made the right choice. [Did the ex-gf not want to meet his parents at all??]

So you will talk about your love life and breakups with your parents without keeping anything from them?
Haha. If I continue talking will all the girls be thinking that I'm a mama's boy? When I'm out on a date with my girlfriend and halfway into it my mum calls and I immediately run home, I'm definitely not a man like that! It's just that I like girls who are polite and know how to respect their elders. This is a precondition. 

Ah yes! Thinking of your past interviews, you did mention that your ideal girl was someone who "knows how to respect her elders".
Yes! Although it's a bit sad that I have to choose a virtue that everyone should possess as a ideal type. 

Have you been in relationships?
5 years ago. 

Given your popularity among the girls, why have you been single for so long?
I'm not generous enough, and I can't confess to girls...it seems like I'm also quite picky [Wow, so you want the girls to confess to you? But if they do, are you going to say they are not conservative enough?!]

Joo Won's picky standards for girls are?
Those who are impolite are a total no go. I also really dislike girls who speak causally. I like those who are polite, quiet and gentle. Those who like to use vulgarities or call me by "yah!", if I date with girls who speak so crudely, it seems like it will be very difficult. For example if my girlfriend says to me "Yah, have you eaten?" the good feelings I have for her will plummet immediately. If she is disrespectful, it's going to be difficult to have feelings for each other right? [i just lost all hope. I don't cuss but quiet and gentle I'm not. sobssssssssssssss]

With such picky standards, what kind of boyfriend will you be?
If I like someone, I will totally fall for her. This can be an advantage or a disadvantage. Whatever my girlfriend wants, I will do it for her. I'm this type of boyfriend. 

You've been picked as the male lead for MBC's Battle of the Secret Couple! Thinking about it, after Ma Jun. Tae Hee and Kangto, even Battle of the Secret Couple, you've always been the lead actor since debut!
I think my luck is really too good. I always meet good projects and the viewers have been able to like these projects too. When I choose my works, I don't think too much and this seems to help too. From my experience, I only look at the script and the whole production and then I make my choice. I don't seem to have considered other factors. 


Then what was attractive in Battle of the Secret Couple? 
First is that I really like the character. It's something I've not tired before. Also, this is the first time I'm taking up a role that matches with my own age. I act as a new generation intelligence agent, he's very manly but also has his mischievous moments. Also, when he's facing women, he's very meek. [HAHAHA]

The female lead has been confirmed yet? Or maybe, do you have any actresses you wish to work with?
I don't know, I haven't thought about this. All that I care about is, if her personality is good, then everything is good. Someone who is able to let go of her inhibitions to act and is kind, if she is someone like this then there isn't anything else to pick on! It will be good if we can share our opinions with each other instead of competing against each other. I hope we can give each other strength and support and lead the crew well. 

Then that means that you will be starting your arduous run once again? Baker King was 30 episodes right? That was aired in the summer of 2010. Since then, you've acted in 3 dramas, 2 movies and you were always the lead actors right? And you still have 2 Days 1 Nights! Aren't you very tired?
When I was acting in musicals, we performed for 150 times straight without any rest. When I was still acting in musicals I took on a movie and from then on I decided that no matter whether I did well or not I would do my best till the end. Truthfully speaking, the filming schedule for dramas is really really exhausting but if I think about it, the tough process is also a form of enjoyment. Also, my personality is such that I'm always positive and so I don't feel stressed too easily. 

Even so, filming for 2 Days 1 Night and Gaksital at the same time must have been tough. 
At that time, it was only during 2 Days 1 Night's sleeping Bokbulbok that I won and was able to really sleep in a room with a blanket over me. It was then that I was actually able to get a proper sleep. But I still managed to handle the situation. 

How does it feel to be doing variety? You must be stressed when you go to unfamiliar places right?
Not at all! It's really fun. I thought long and hard about it before I made my decision. After my first meeting with the 2 Days 1 Night team, all I thought about was to have the program as a challenge, let's try this too! That's why I agreed. Usually when I'm resting, the only places I go to is my home and the cafe near my house. 2 Days 1 Night allows me to move out of my comfort zone. When I go to film, going to many good places with many people and eating a lot of good food, there is no stress at all. 


How is your relationship with the hyungs? The age gap between you and Kim Seung Woo is the biggest right? 
Our age gap is 17 years but hyung has throw that aside and is really very good to me. Outside of the show, all 7 of us will frequently use Kakaotalk to chat. Because of the show, we meet often and go on trips together often and so we will plan to go out together. Not long ago we even said we wanted to go fishing. After filming ends, none of us will leave first. We will all go to a restaurant to eat together and drink a bit. The hyungs are all really nice. 

Through 2 Days 1 Night, you've been to many interesting places yes? Introduce some nice places to the Cosmopolitan readers to go to during autumn!
Choong Bok Jae Cheon! You can go to the mountain top to enjoy the Chung Boong lake view, that should be a very good experience. Food that is made from the various medicinal herbs is very amazing and very tasty too. Together with your good friends, to go on a well-being trip like this really seems like a very good idea!

Aside from acting and going on trips, is there anything else that you are crazy about?

I don't know. To be a human, I think this is something innate. To look for someone who you can spend the rest of your life with. It could be a lover or colleague or even a friend. Trying to find as many of these type of people, if we can get along well then we can continue to maintain a good relationship, this is probably it. 

You'll be commencing filming for your new drama pretty soon!
Filming will commence in November. Before that it seems that I have to rest and at the same time let go of the Lee Kangto that still resides in my heart. Also, if I still have the time and energy, I hope to be able to find something else that I can really enjoy while doing. When I was still in high school, I was in charged of the backdrop at one of our plays. At that time, my friends and I came up with an interesting survey, in which we asked if you had to go to an uninhabited island, who did you want to bring along the most and I came in first. Because it seemed that I was the most able to survive well out in the wild! Aside from that I am also interested in coffee and photography so I'm learning and practising now. 

In such a short span of resting time, it seems you've planned too many activities?
They are all activities which I can enjoy doing! They allow me to recharge myself well so that I will be able to show my charisma in the new drama. Even if I don't have much time left, it would be good if everyone can cheer me on. 

Taken from:百度朱元吧
Chinese translation by minidadalove @ Joo Won Baidu Tieba
English translation by mojobobo @ soompi forums

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Guest septmoon16

Bridal Mask - Celebration of Kang To & Mok Dan :x

Part 1

Discovering Boon Yi's Identity


Bottling Up the Pain at her misunderstanding of him


Loving the Mask First


CONFESSION from Officer Lee Kang To?!


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Guest septmoon16

Bridal Mask - Celebration of Kang To & Mok Dan

Part 2

The amazing scene when Mok Dan discovers her young master is actually Kang To. There were some weak moments in JSY's portrayal of Mok Dan,but this was pitch perfect. I felt her complete disbelief, anger and pain. What a disillusionment to find out that the dream lover you've been pining for is totally different in reality.

And then to be presented with THIS!

The cinematography for this show is so gorgeous. and look at the expression on his face - total devotion *melts*



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Joo Won - Still in the midst of getting out of the Lee Kangto persona


Korean actor Joo Won revealed in a recent interview that during this period, he's been letting go of Lee Kangto bit by bit. 
He said: "To be able to prepare for my next drama, I often cry and let my tears flow while watching movies at the same time, or I chat with my friends so that I can step out of the character Lee Kangto.  
Also, Joo Won once left a comment to a netizen that he usually dresses in sportswear. to this, Joo Won honestly explained "Actually, I don't really pay much attention to my dressing. There are too many things that I have to do so if I still have to think about what to wear and match with, my head is going to explode."
During the interview, Joo Won also took photos for a poster. Dresses in a white and black suit, Joo Won exuded a unique manly charm.
Source: Arena MagazineChinese translation by 微笑厚 @ Joo Won Baidu TiebaEnglish translation by mojobobo @ soompi forums

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*HiC* ...............done under the influence of alcohol....*HIC*
          And They Lived Happily Ever After....                                       part 1Untitled-14.jpgUntitled-15.jpgUntitled-16.jpgUntitled-17.jpgUntitled-18.jpgUntitled-19.jpg

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