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EVENT: a season of swords and destiny!     Welcome to the re-watch party of faith chingus! for those who don't know, august 15 was Korea's independence day. inspired, we decided to

EVENT: THREAD SPOTLIGHT! hey ya chingus, with this spotlight, get ready to discover one of the dramas that was part of the re-watch events that we kicked off this quarter with the saeguk theme.

Hi! Sure thing!  Thanks for posting these by the way, I had never seen them before.    Okay hum, bear with me, this is a very rough translation ^^’   First video:   At 00:

Guest myphim

@Anomalous @pine    Since you both seems to be fans of Sung Hoon, this is for you. He looks so 'pretty' in his white hair and playing the flute.


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3rd trailer for FAITH...

i havent been paying attention to Korean dramas lately except AGD but waaah i love FAITH's teaser. Its good to see Kim Hee Sun back on the small screen and it feels so good because she's the first Korean actress I knew when I watched Propose way way back. LOL i feel so old.  I must stay from the team who did LEGEND this drama will be great! 
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Guest xopo17

class="ks_article_title"Lee Min Ho "Kim Hee Sun, The Oldest Partner I've Worked With"


Lee Min Ho talked about how he felt about acting with Kim Hee Sun in a drama.

On MBC "Section TV Entertainment News" that aired on July 15th, Lee Min Ho revealed "I always acted with an older woman when I was in a drama. Out of all of the actresses that I've worked with, Kim Hee Sun is the oldest" and made the crowd explode with laughter.

Lee Min Ho acted with Goo Hye Sun, who is 3 years older than him, in the drama "Boys Over Flowers." He acted with Son Ye Jin, who is 5 years older than him, in the drama "Personal Taste." He is expected to show another charming side of him while acting with Kim Hee Sun in the upcoming drama,"Faith."

During the interview, Lee Min Ho stated, "I began exercising 3 months before I started the drama. I don't really exercise when I'm not filming. My body is also only good for the beginning of the drama and gradually gets worse throughout the rest of it." This revealed his extraordinary way of managing his body.

credit: korea portal.

min ho oppa fighting !!, i'm waiting your faith drama with patient . and to the staff of faith drama fighting and thanks for the hardwork  :)>-

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Guest xopo17

Faith releases additional teaser, character stills
by javabeans

A new teaser’s out for Faith, and it continues The Epic that we first glimpsed in the first preview, melding action, history, and fantasy elements in what looks like a pretty badass blockbuster.

It also reminds me quite a bit of 2007′s Legend with the special effects and costuming, but that’s not a bad thing in my book. Legend had its flaws, but I did enjoy it, and it definitely delivered on production value and visual grandeur.

So, the premise, in case you’re new to the Faith bandwagon: Lee Min-ho plays a Goryeo-era royal bodyguard with an indifferent, “que sera sera” attitude about everything. Kim Hee-sun is the 21st-century plastic surgeon he kidnaps back to his time period, needing her medical skills.

Based on the trailer, it looks like Mr. Bodyguard has found a way to tap into some serious mojo, because he’s wielding some kind of mystical energy and purposely uses it to capture the doc. And this lone fact sets Faith apart from every other time-traveling drama we’ve seen, where the time-skipping mechanism is intentionally induced. (Operation Proposal allowed the hero to jump back somewhat at will, but he was kind of slow on the uptake about how to jump himself forward each time.)

(Even without making any judgments on Dr. Jin regarding quality, I can’t fathom how the Jin people tried so hard to block Faith, arguing that Faith ripped it off when… dude. Two different planes of existence entirely. One’s a medical whodunnit with small, episodic cases, and the other is sweeping action-thrills with a serious fantasy vibe.)

We also get a few more details on supporting characters, such as Philip Lee, who’s back in his third Song Ji-nah-penned series, after Legend and Story of a Man. I know I called him sex on legs for the latter, but I think he suits the look of a fantasy sageuk much better; he was gorgeous as Cheoro in Legend, when you got to see him without that mask.

In Faith, Philip Lee plays Goryeo’s best healer, which already tells me he’s at odds with Ms. Hostage. He’s professional and cool-headed, and a badass fighter to boot. His job description explains all the bloodstains he’s sporting in the still near the bottom of the page; he’s just come from treating an injured warrior.

There’s also Ryu Deok-hwan playing King Gongmin, pictured at the bottom, who ruled Goryeo from 1351 to 1374. He’s described as an intelligent ruler, and he’s the reason for Kim Hee-sun’s kidnapping; the bodyguard needs her to help the king.

Gurg. Excited. Faith premieres on August 13.

credit : http://www.dramabeans.com/2012/07/faith-releases-additional-teaser-character-stills/

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Lee Min Ho kidnaps Kim Hee Sun in the drama ‘The Faith’


Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun shares a thrilling first meet.

In the upcoming SBS Drama ‘The Faith,’ which is set to air on August 13th, Choi Young goes into the future because he was told that he needed to find the ‘Doctor from the Heavens.’ Thinking that Yoo Eun Soo is the ‘Doctor from the Heavens,’ he suddenly picks her up and carries her with him back to Koryo Dynasty.

He kidnaps Yoo Eun Soo by carrying her on one of his shoulders which causes curiosity on what will happen next.

At the actual shooting, Lee Min Ho had to carry Kim Hee Sun several times but never showed his tiredness, and even made it seem so easy to carry her, which ended the filming for that scene successfully. Lee Min Ho was worried about Kim Hee Sun’s safety because his suit was rough and hard which showed his caring thoughts. Kim Hee Sun returned his caring thoughts by handing him a refreshing drink since he had to carry her several times. Their caring relationship for one another shined brightly.

A representative for ‘The Faith’ said, “Choi Young and Yoo Eun Soo’s first meet is like present time meeting Koryo, which means that he jumped 660 years later. This important scene is their first starting point to a destined love. Because of its importance, we will create a strong and giddy first encounter, so we hope that you will look forward to it.”

On the other hand, ‘The Faith’ is about a fearless warrior named Choi Young, played by Lee Min Ho, who always marches at the front leading his troops. Kim Hee Sun plays a strong and bold female doctor from the present time named Yoo Eun Soo who goes back into time during Koryo Dynasty period, and helps in the background into creating a true king.

Original Source: Newsen
Translated By: Solly @ Lee Min Ho’s World (www.leeminhoworld.com) 

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