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[Drama 2012] Take Care of Us, Captain 부탁해요, 캡틴


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Hello Captain :)

@hyesun4lyf hello my dear friend how are you? thanks for bringing dramabeans article here cant wait to see this drama :)

@asty_84 thanks for the link saw this trailer and I love it already :)

Thanks again for all the updates and cant wait to spazz with you guys next month January 4, 2012 to be exact :)

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Guest hyesun4lyf

An intriguing teaser video for Please Captain, starring Ku Hye Sun and Ji Jin Hee

December 09, 2011 3:30 pm 

312.jpgA teaser video for a new drama series Please Captain is released.

On December 8 and 9, a teaser video for a new drama series Please Captain (written by Jung Na Myung and directed by Joo Dong Min) was and will be released at the end of SBS TV’s Deep Rooted Tree.

The teaser video is a 30-second-long short video. However, it draws the audience’s attention by describing the grandeur and splendor of the runway like a picture at fast speed .

Also, specialized settings related to aviation such as an airplane model Boeing 747-400, which is the main setting for this drama series, and SES, which is a charming red aircraft for training purposes, the dignified control tower, and the cockpit, which is shown on a drama series for the first time, intrigue the audience.

Especially, Ji Jin Hee’s part, “I never act conceited under the sky” and Ku Hye Sun’s part, “I want to give you good and warm memories about an airplane” clearly show each character’s personality as a pilot.

One of the crew members of this series, who participated in the filming on location, says about the scenes taken with the vast land and sky of Australia as their settings, “We thought a lot about how to capture a fair view of the place at first, but we are now very happy that it came out greater than we expected. I think you can surely look forward to it.”

SBS TV’s new drama series Please Captain is a blockbuster aviation drama series about pilots, flight attendants, controllers, and maintenance man who have professional mind and passion. It stars Ku Hye Sun, Ji Jin Hee, Yoo Sun, and Lee Chun Hee. It will start airing on January 4, 2012.

Cre http://en.korea.com/...hor/eternalc2h/

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Guest hyesun4lyf

Just dropping by to keep this thread alive.  Thanks GHSforever for that exciting video.  I hope it gets a lot of viewers convinced to watch the drama.  yonghwa, you are always welcome! biggrin.gif  I see we like the same actresses...

meow13 posted some stills of PCAP.  They're mostly of GHS but I'm hoping in the future we'll get to see pics of the other casts as well.








Have a good one, PCAP fans! smile.gif

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Credit & thanks to meow13 and Cheerkoo @ GHS thread for the link and translation :)

Media Visit on the set of "Please Captain"

Video 1

 (yes, I basically summarized it--not word for word----I get the feeling that GHS wanted to talk even more about her Australia experience but did not want to hog the mike...she sounded and seemed like she felt and realized many things personally. )

Video 2

The question was about her birthday in Australia. She says she woke up at dawn on her birthday and walked all the up to the peak of the ??Harver?? bridge.  After that she had some jogging scenes so shefelt as if she was running the whole day from morning to sunset.  She felt as if she was getting a really harsh bday gift that day. Then later all the staff and the director gave me a bday surprise. For me such a warm surprise is very unfamiliar and new. Also, the fact that they gave me such a surprise in a foreign country, I am so grateful. Now if there is any problems, I cannot get mad. hahaha I felt embarrassed and sorry and thanful at the same time. Also after the filming was over, sunbae (referring to JJH) bought us all beer and we all had lots of fun.  It really was a memorable and so enjoyable bday for me. JJH says: There were many Koreans and I thought it would be a bit uncomfortable (I am not sure what he means by that) so we went to a German beer house. Wow, (subject) eats a lot! hahaha  And I paid for it. Actually it is the custom of the birthday person to pay for the party but I was a bit tipsy and I ended up paying the bill. I did not even see the bill. The next day, I really regretted that I paid for it. hahahaha I was thinking to myself, you ates so much!!. hahahaha  But we really had a good time. At the beer house, there were many events. With each beer, people had to dance,  Many people went around to dance together. Looking at how people enjoyed themselves at the party, I also felt very warm inside.

Video 3  

The question in this clip is about how does GHS like making a drama with uniform. She shyly says that she likes it because she does not have to change clothes. (Her crew, when she directs,  complains that she does not change her clothes....kekek) She says she also liked the fact that she did not have to change clothes when she did historical dramas.

Otherwise it is pretty much what I surmised above in the articles. GHS never fails to say how thankful and honored she feels for having the opportunity to wear uniform, She loves uniforms and envied students in uniforms. Although I did not hear properly, I think she said that there is a sense of duty and responsibility with uniform....


Thanks for all the updates ! :) January 2012 is now fast approaching and we'll be able to watch the anticipating KDrama of the year !!! :)

Please Captain !!! Fighting !! B)

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Guest hyesun4lyf

Hi to all PCAP fans!  A few more weeks and we can finally watch this drama.  SBS is really doing everything to promote PCAP.  Here's a youtube video of the SBS Midnight's TV Entertainment Interview of the PCAP crew.  Credit to bambi2209

YT link

Edit:  And in case you, dear fans, want more...here's the second trailer of PCAP to whet our appetite. Source: meow1313 at dailymotion.  Credit to DC KHS:

2nd trailer...daebok!

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Hello PCAP fans !!  Credit to meow and cheerkoo @ GHS thread

snapback.pngmeow13, on Today, 06:47 PM, said:

I have checked and the video works fine with me. Anyways, I put it on YT for your easy viewing

PCAP interview


Thanks again. Sorry to make you go through the trouble.

Sorry but I will summarize the clip.

I was expecting more ---I thought they asked GHS for her ideal and she said something about JJH and then he refused--maybe that part got cut??

JJH is supposedly playful person on the set---while doing the poster filming, he started to take pix of the people around him. He likes to tell people what to do. When GHS was doing her poster shots, he would be commenting that she is not wearing her hat properly as it is too above her head. He says it has to be a bit pushed down. It is hard to tell if JJH is joking or being serious as he is poker-faced when he says things. keke

At the start of the interview, the interviewer tells the stars to eat and noticed that JJH had 2 drinks in front of him. JJH was poker faced and said that he hardly ate due to the poster filming. When the reporter says that JJH looks as if he lost weight, JJH says that he did. When the interviewer asks JJH if he is working out and he says he consistently does do that too. But then GHS chimes in to say that JJH was photographed before for eating. then JJH smiles. They show JJH eating a lot...keke...I am telling you JJH is a joker with a poker face.

After JJH introduced his character as the legendary pilot (keke), the interviewer comments that JJH has lots of luck for having very young female partners. JJH becomes poker faced and says he did not know that. The interviewer says that he and GHS are over 10 years in age difference and JJH says "really"? GHS says I did not know and laughed. JJh says to GHS, it looks strange if you say that laughing. GHS says that JJH is so young looking that she thought they would be just few years apart. Then she looked at his profile and said, "Ahh, woo.." JJh says, what, what!!

They are 13 years apart.

Yoo Sun says that many people commented that she really looks like her character--crew member. Lee ChunHee is a air traffic controller but not part of the airline but part of the government. He is up at the tower a lot and has not come down from there yet in the filming. He was asked how he fetl about working in PCAP. He talked about feeling good that he will work with JJH. He has seen JJH in historical drama. He liked it. He was not JJH's fan but,,,(laughter) Commentators are saying they are honest and the atmostphere is turning sour....Lee ChunHee says that it feels strange to say he is a fan but he has always admired JJH and felt that JJH really fits the role of captain/pilot. The interviewer asks what he consideres JJH's charm as an actor. But Lee could not think of anything....but hmmmmm-----on the screen are words, Lee never thought about that question...then,Lee finally says JJH's voice.

.Yoo Sun was asked about working with GHS. She says she feels envious because GHS is so pretty, so cute and so young. She says that GHS is positive and very polite. She finds GHS to be a good person and she feels that GHS gives the same impression that she gives off in the media. Yoo sun also says that GHS is a director so she feels that she has to relate well with GHS. (laughter)

Reproter asks for GHS one word to describe JJH...she says he has an "honest" image, In terms of Yoo Sun, GHS was stuttering the phrase, "like a mother. (GHS was stuttering because she knew that Yoo may not like it.) Yoo yells, "what are you saying!"

Asked about practicing for the pilot role. JJH says that he actually had a chance to fly the plane, The real pilot in Australia asked him to try flying and he did. He says that real plane is easier than the simulator. He says that simulator is actually more sensitive. GHS also says that she actually had the chance to fly the plane as well. She says being up in the air made her feel courageous for life. (laughter) Lee and Yoo married this year. Interveiwer asks about what changed after marrigae. Lee says that he gets to eat breakfast everyday. Interviewer says that he is married but he does not get bfast.

JJH says that he also gets fed well as a married man. He gets to eat all three meals, Interviewer says your wife may not like that. GHS cracked up. JJH says that actually he feels burdened because his wife wants to do that for him and he feels he has to eat everything even though he has to watch his weight.

Interviewer asks GHS about working with married people. She says she is very very envious of them and thinks that they are grand. Time for them to talk their mind in front of camera: Lee says that many people think that he is a "thief" because he married someone so very young. But he says he is not a thief but that he married because he really loves his wife.

Yoo says that usu directors cast her for strong woman or a woman with a secret but she would love to do romantic comedy and some CF's.

GHS says..."married man...(they cut some parts that she said)" Then, JJH says to GHS, "What are you saying" and looks like he is about to throw something at GHS...(keke--they look like they get along.) GHS says that she is working with married people and she also wants to get married. Then she comes back to camera to say that she does not have a boyfriend. She waves her hands wildly to say that she does not have one. (There is an article that says that GHS's vehement denial that she does not have a bf makes many suspect that she may have one...keke)

JJh says that he feels that he can really do a good action acting, (lots of laugher from the rest of the PCAP members, Yoo Sun laughed out aloud and GHS silently laughed.) JJH says that he can hang from a big cliff. He just feels confident that he can really do well in action movies.

Interviewer asks why they laughed so much at JJH--YOO says JJH looks like he can really do well in action acting,,,but GHS says that JJH gets cold easily. Everybody crracks up and JJH tells GHS that he can film such a movie in the summer. But everybody laughs...(it seems like they can tease each other well and seems to be really in sync with each other...Good Omen!!!)

They ar asked what their schedule is afterwards,,,,Yoo says she feels as if JJH-oppa will buy something tasty for them all....JJH says while eating that they they should stop eating....

(Thanks again,,,meow13!!)

Plot & Character introduction from official site








seems Honey Lee is no longer in the cast and her role is replaced by Clara :o


more can be found from its official site here: http://tv.sbs.co.kr/captain/main.html


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Hello Captain lovers,

Thanks everyone for the updates of our Captain. :)

The trailer just enough for me to hold to the Captain :D hahaha.. can't wait for 4th January 2012 ;)

Video SBS good morning - 19/12/2011 On set "PCAP"



New still - BTS (19/12/2011)




Take care everyone.

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Ku Hye Sun draws a lot of attention by flying red Cessna


SBS’s new Wednesday-Thursday series Please Captain is currently receiving a lot of attention after releasing Cessna, which is a plane that actress Ku Hye Sun flew.

The series, which will start airing after the current airing series A Deep-rooted Tree, on January 4, 2012, is about a passionate female copilot, who becomes a pilot. Producer Joo Dong Min and writer Jung Na Myung are directing the series together.

Two previews of the series recently aired on TV and received an explosive response.

In the previews, Ku boarded a Cessna and flew in the blue sky. Many people were struck with the grandeur of the beautiful flying scene.

Actor Ji Jin Hee, who plays the role of a captain named Kim Yoon Sung, also appeared in the previews. Lee Chun Hee plays the role of an air controller named Kang Dong Soo. Kim Chang Wan plays the role of Han Kyu Pil, who is Ku’s father and Ji’s teacher. Their performances looked like very real.

The first preview gives a message, saying, “Imagine that you are flying in the sky.” And the second one is saying, “In sixty years of Korean aviation history, they are challenging the sky. The sky will never allow them easily. People who dream have wings. Their powerful flight will begin.”

Producer Kim Hyo Un says, “We did our best to feature humanism in the preview as well as in the series. The series will make people pay more attention to aviation and share their feelings with the characters from the series.”

Besides Ku, Ji, and Lee, Yoo Sun, Son Hyun Joo, Seo Seung Hyun, and Kim Jin Keun will also appear on the series. The first episode of the series will air on January 4, 2012.


Source: TV Report

Translation: korea.com@loveminsun

Take care everyone.

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