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[Drama 2012] Take Care of Us, Captain 부탁해요, 캡틴


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Hello Captain lovers,

Sorry guys, I posted trailer4 b4 without the translation.

Trailer 4



Cr. meow@soompi &

Translated by eunhye05@soompi

- HDJ's mom definitely has a horrible accident inflight while pregnant and I think the funeral they show is for her. Yikes bloody seats and an inflight birth? :( Shux. Talk about heavy stuff!

- Now my question is what's JJH or the Captain's role in it... or is there a deeper story arc for him... look he has bruises or burns on his back during the earlier trailer shower scene. (Moment to pause -- JJH is a certified hunk! Yum! Too bad he's taken. Grrrr....)

- Why is HDJ's place being trashed?! Aigooo! Haven't they gone through enough? :(

- I think that main incident has a deeper connection to all of our main cast. Whadjathink?

- Hmmm...interesting..I wonder what role Choi Il Hwa is playing this time. He's always in something related to GHS. He was the Dad in her short movie Dhangsin / You and the older Myeong-Jin in her Magic movie. Maybe he's another sinister character like in City Hunter or JJH's dad.

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The press conference would have live broadcast through gorealra


download gorealra 3.0. open gorealra player after installed. click menu and select frist option. there should be a popup box with an option for PCAP press conference live . press con starts at 14:00 korean time on Jan 3

Translated by meow@soompi

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Gu Hye Sun appeared in a fresh new poster for her upcoming drama.

Gu’s agency, YG Entertainment, revealed to enews on January 2 the poster for SBS’ upcoming drama Take Care Of Us, Captain, which showed Gu in a pilot suit sporting a lively smile with a determined pose.


The drama will air its first episode on January 4, part of which was shot in Australia, and begin the story of how a passionate and determined co-pilot advances to becoming a full-fledged pilot.

Gu Hye Sun will be acting as the lead female, Han Da Jin. While Gu will have the opportunity to showcase her cute and loveable features, she′ll also be showing an oft-hidden side, as a bold and strong woman. Her partner will be Ji Jin Hee, who acts as Kim Yun Sung, the youngest man to become a professional pilot in the drama.

Take Care Of Us, Captain will be following the much loved A Tree with Deep Roots.

Photo credit: YG Entertainment

Source: http://www.enewsworld.com/enews/contents.asp?idx=2506

cre: meow@loveghs.wordpress.com

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