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[Drama 2012] Take Care of Us, Captain 부탁해요, 캡틴


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Take Care of Us, Captain, the next SBS drama to follow A Tree with Deep Roots set sail with an official press conference.

The cast of Take Care of Us, Captain, Gu Hye Sun, Ji Jin Hee, Lee Chun Hee and Yoo Sun, attended the press conference held in Seoul on January 3.

The drama will air its first episode on January 4, and is about how a passionate co-pilot named Han Da Jin (Gu Hye Sun) advances to a pilot. Ji Jin Hee took on the role of the youngest pilot of the Boeing 747, Kim Yun Sung.

The drama will cover the lives of pilots and their friendship, love and success stories, something that hasn′t been covered in a Korean drama before.

Chief producer Kim Young Sup said, “It’s a really difficult piece [to work on]. Because aviation dramas can’t be filmed on land, they cost a lot and we need to have good timing. The reason why we took on this challenge although it’s very difficult is because we wanted to show our viewers a ‘new’ drama.”

Kim added, “It won’t just be an airline drama, but also a work which you’ll be able to relate to, be moved by and learn about [different] life stories. It’s SBS’ first Wed-Thu drama for 2012. We’re really looking forward to it.”

Kim especially showed he was confident that Take Care of Us, Captain would continue the success brought on by A Tree with Deep Roots.

“I saw the finished versions of the first and second episodes, and I’m confident,” he said. “It will be difficult to continue producing [the drama]. The actors will have a hard time and the producers will have a hard time, but we’ll try our best.”

Producer Joo Dong Min said, “It’s a work that’s still lacking. If you give us advice, we’ll listen to it. The drama will be about how Han Da Jin and Kim Yun Sung overcome their traumas and fulfill their dreams and love.”

Will Take Care of Us, Captain be able to continue the popularity gained by A Tree with Deep Roots? Will it be able to kill the ratings bird and the critic bird with one stone? We’ll soon be able to find out.

Photo credit: SBS/loveghs.wordpress

Source: http://www.enewsworld.com/enews/contents.asp?idx=2539

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Oh God, this had to be one of the best start for 2012 with Goo Hye Sun and Ji Jin Hee in the same drama. The storyline about pilots and airplane seems to be rather refreshing since we hardly have any korean drama touching on that topic. This drama will be definitely one of my top list to follow. The pictures all look very pretty and lovely. Can't wait for more info!

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Guest YooRiLuvSunniez

yeahhh finally this drama will airing tonight can't wait to watch it and i'll bet this drama will be the BEST DRAMA IN 2012 coz i saw the trailler it so emotional mostly the 4th trailer ...

the PRESSCON , The Cast , all is GREAT and i really optimis this drama will have a TOP RATING (I Hope So ^^)

i really like the new POSTER is so ALIVE.


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Actress Ku Hye Sun recently said that she likes short hair.

On January 3, Ku attended a press conference for SBS’s new Wednesday-Thursday series Please Captain.

Ku said, “After I shot the series Boys over Flower, I started directing several films and had a short haircut. Because I wanted to focus on shooting and I like short hair.”

“I realized that I was passive in everything and don’t have my unique color. I think I found myself while directing my own shows.”

“I think I had long hair for someone else. I wanted to show what I like to the public. I think short hair looks good in The Musical and Please Captain as well.”

The series is about a passionate female copilot who becomes a pilot. Fancy computer graphics were added to make the series more enjoyable. Ku plays the role of a female copilot named Han Da Jin.

Besides Ku, Ji Jin Hee, Yoo Sun, Lee Chun Hee, Lee Ah Hyun, Clara, and Lee Hui Hyang will appear on the series. The first episode of the series will air on January 4 at 9:55 p.m.

Source: TV Report

Translation: Korea.com

cre. loveghs.wordpress

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Guest jjsweeter0211

1st episode will be aired in just 20 minutes :w00t: . The long wait is finally over :rolleyes::D


ALL THE BEST!!! :wub: :wub: :wub:

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just done watching the first episode and so far its a very very new role for GHS here. the spoiler is that, she may had graduated in an english speaking country but the way she addresses the english piloting commands( i dont know if its the right term here) its quite disagreable to hear. she may had or they had practice a lot because even if its just a drama, this simple part here must be justified according to their role.

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Guest eunhye05

I'm done with the episode. Went home early to watch it live. I just couldn't help myself. 

One word. Awesome! Now if they can only stick with this kinda stuff till the end this will be the drama to beat! Woohoo! Take Care of Us, Captain! DAEBAK! If this didnt earn high ratings I don't know what will. :D 

Here's my play by play. Note: I don't understand Korean so it's just merely my side comments and thoughts while watching the show play along. Can't wait for subs and sue's translations. I also only remember HanDaJin's name so I'm using the real name abbrev. for the other actors. hehe

- We start off with a montage of JJH prepping for his flight and HDJ taking off on her test flight with the Cesna. Wow! That's scary!

- I think this was JJH's pilot flight as a co-pilot. Looking snappy Mr. Ji.

- YooSun and JJH know each other i suppose..especially with all the winking. hihi.

- Aww HDJ's mom comes on board heavy with child. :( Shux! I already want to cry knowing what will happen. She gets to talk on the phone with HDJ before take off.

- It appears that that test flight was HDJ's final exam and she passed with flying colors. Pun intended. 

- Here we go Take Off of the Flight that will change everyone's lives!

- I wonder if the stewardessess behave this way in all flights. Interesting! haha 

- Oh dear... YooSun leaves HDJ's mom to walk on her own because of the Movie Star instead of assisting her right away. shame!

- JJH's first flight and he's already made a blunder! The airplane tilts and we have all the turbulence. Bags falling, stewardesses tripping. Aigoo. 

- While all this was happening HDJ's mom hit her belly. OMG OMG THE BABY. That was a lot of turbulence. Poor HDJ's MOM she's in the lavatory and is getting thrown around terribly!  :(

- When everything's back to normal it takes a while for YS to discover HDJ's mom. When she does she's falls to the floor after she opens the lavatory. YS assists her and then we see a montage of her blaming herself for what happened. 

- Wasn't there a nurse or doctor on board to assist immediately? Obviously she should have given her medical attention right away. Grrrr. 

- The graduation scene is coming up. It looks like HDJ's mom was on her way to SanFrancisco for her Graduation or at least to be there to celebrate with her daughter after her grad.

- No HDJ's mom is really not ok. She's severly bleeding and the Stewardessess rush to the rescue. Wasn't there a doctor on board? First of all...why was someone who was already full term allowed to fly? :( 

- What's going on in the cockpit... was the Pilot and JJH disagreeing on making an emergency landing. The Pilot seems to be forcing that they wait till SanFrancisco. (He's actually HDJ's father. Shux. Such a sacrifce..choosing between his pregnant wife and 300 passengers)

- Poor Omma. The baby was saved but she didn't make it. Now YS will have to carry this guilt for life.

- Graduation is over and here we have the "HDJ being thrown into the water scene." How can one enjoy it when you know what's just happened! Drenched...she gets "the call" 

- What a way to learn that you lost your mother. She goes to the hospital and breaks down. Kudos to GHS for her acting here. 

- Looks like this one accident will change the lives of everyone for good.

- We cut to YS and JJH both in the plane crying then HDJ and her family burying her mother. YS arrives to say Sorry but it looks like HDJ knows what happened and can't forgive just yet. JJH is weeping behind a tree.

- He then goes and starts drinking himself silly and crying his eyes out while screaming he's sorry (he's good. such an amazing actor)

- We cut to HDJ having a little heart to heart with her father and why he didnt choose to save her mother.

- We then see the little baby that survived this tragedy. Welcome to the world little one. (Side note: her parents are definitely quite old to have been expecting. teehee)

- WTF!! NOW HER DAD!?! Seriously?! (Side note: Never text when driving) Seriously!? Poor girl can't take so much! This episode is just too HARSH on the poor dear. 

- Now we cut to present day. GHS is speaking in English. So cute. She's running around the carnival...on her own taking pictures coz they let her in even after closing time. I wonder if using the "My sister's sick and wants me to take pictures of the rides" will let me in after closing hours too. hehe. Personally I think that's pretty freaky going around the place at night. (I've prob seen too many zombie / horror movies)

- She gets a Fortune Ball that reads "Climb Your LIfe." Hmm.. she then proceeds to  drop it in such unclassy fashion, falls flat on the floor while trying to catch it and then JJH who happens to be at the right place and time picks it up and returns it back to her while she's on the floor with her arms stretched. Yup she literally "falls for him" (or in front of him) during their first meeting.  

- Then he leaves and suddenly...FIREWORKS... then she turns and reads on a post "Get Ready for the Climb of Your Life?" (im not sure if that's the exact phrase) 

- I take HDJ is superstitious or something as she follows these advise and goes straight to the top of the harbor bridge..(Wow that's high and look a Rainbow :D) and screams Climb Your Life! Looks like she's really is something. A Driving force. Unstoppable. Positive. Fearless.

- In the meantime, JJH who is busy with his sideline as a wedding photographer looks up from the shoot and manages to snap the moment where HDJ's on top of the bridge. Nice timing!

- Now we cut to the airport and It appears to be co-pilot HDJ's first day at work with Mr.Captain. (Side note:GHS's so cute with those big eyes. She looks like she came straight out of an anime cartoon)

- Mr. Captain aint Happy to have her as his co-pilot.

- Now it's Take Off time again. For some reason Co-Pilots make so much blunders on their first day in this episode. Oh dear me. She turned off the power. Haha. 

- She's all cutesy about it and he's definitely annoyed to have her work with him though. LOL

- We see Clara. I think she's the heiress to the Airline.

- Yey finally LeeChun.. it must be extremely difficult to be an ATC person. Now I get why they claim he's the best at what he does...it actually looks difficult. 

- Wow they're really making this aviation drama look so realistic. 

- Now the problem is that HDJ and JJH's plane can't land until the plane on the runway moves aside. However, there's some technical problems so LC won't let them land. The exchange between GHS, Lee Chun and JJH during that whole landing fiasco was funny! 

- Seriously crazy things like having the headphones malfunction at the last minute only happen in dramas. hihihi. I love how LC saved the flight though.

- After the flight ...they finally meet. Lee Chun and HDJ go running towards each other! Hehe...and SPARKS fly! teehee

- So apparently the confrontation scene makes headlines. Dear me.

- This causes JJH and HDJ to meet with Clara and upper management. I think he says that he doesn't want to work with her. She's not ready to be thrown away and confronts him. He's angered by this and he even removes her wings or (co-captain) bars from her uniform MEANIE!!! He even kicks her in the shin. HOW DARE HE HIT A WOMAN! OMONA!

- And CUT!

- It's over...but you know what the best part is guys... THE NEXT EPISODE IS TOMORROW! WOOOHOO!

Looks like even more drama! Can't freaking wait!

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