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Guest adikkeluangman

Han Ye Seul, Sung Joon, Jung Jin Woon Confirmed for New Drama “Madame Antoine”

Han Ye Seul, Sung Joon, and Jung Jin Woon confirmed their appearance on JTBC‘s new drama, “Madame Antoine.”

According to insiders on October 26, Han Ye Seul and Sung Joon have accepted the lead female and male roles for the new romantic comedy drama.


Han Ye Seul will play Go Hye Rim, who is a fortune teller who works under the name Madam Antoine, claiming that she has a spiritual connection with Marie Antoinette. However, although she seems to be able to tell the future, all of her fortune-telling is fake; she just has an amazing ability to read people and guess their stories.

Sung Joon is set to play Choi Soo Hyun, who is the best psychologist one can imagine. He has a traumatic past that made him indifferent to love, and he is planning a project to prove that love doesn’t exist when he meets a fake fortune teller who has the same name as his clinic, Madame Antoine.

Jung Jin Woon’s agency also confirmed that he will be returning to the small screens for the first time in over a year, “Jung Jin Woon has confirmed his appearance in JTBC’s new Friday-Saturday drama ‘Madame Antoine.’”


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I'm late but I just finished watching Shut Up! Flower Boy Band and I love Sung Joon's wild character in the drama. I'm still new with Sung Joon's acting.  I'll have to do a marathon w/ all his dramas. In the mean time, I'm looking forward to his new drama w/ Han Ye Seul.

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Guest adikkeluangman

'Madame Antoine' Seong Joon, Han Ye-seul, Jinwoon, love triangle has begun

On the 5th episode of JTBC's Friday & Saturday drama, "Madame Antoine", a romantic love triangle among Soohyeon (Seong Joon), Hye-rim (Han Ye-seul), and Seung-chan (Jinwoon) has begun.

Soohyeon told Hye-rim, "It was fun today". Hye-rim said, "I could feel some sincerity today. Used to say I like you so easily. What's happening?" At the moment, some awkward feeling was displayed on his face, because he was thinking about the time when he had wiped sauce smudged on her lips earlier.


Hye-rim was waiting for the result about Seong-chan's interview for his baseball coach position. When Seung-chan told her he passed, Hye-rim hugged Seung-chan and congratulated him. Soohyeon felt some emotions that he could not comprehend, when he saw the two hugging each other.

Seung-chan told Soohyeon, "I want to do my best with this experiment. I actually became to like Ko Hye-rim. The beginning was fake but it's real now". Soohyeon told him, "You should be out of this experiment". When Soohyeon saw Hye-rim and Seung-chan being intimate together, he asked Hye-rim out on a date saying he had something to tell her.


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Guest adikkeluangman

Han Ye Seul talks about the 'Madame Antoine' work environment with Jinwoon and Sung Joon

Han Ye Seul talked about her work environment with Jinwoon and Sung Joon in the March issue of 'High Cut'.

For the photoshoot, Han Ye Seul put on products from Chanel cosmetics as she showed why she was the perfect choice to showcase their 2016 S/S line make-up. Following the shoot, Han Ye Seul shared insights to her drama 'Madame Antoine'. She described her work experience with Jinwoon and Sung Joon, who are 10 years her junior, as she said, "My satisfaction of my work environment was 200%. (laugh) The actors who I worked with were all very fun, which made it easier for us to get closer, and I was able to shoot the drama in a comfortable setting. Our teamwork was great which made it even more fun. It was always energetic, and also playful. I laughed everyday, everyone is very funny."


Han Ye Seul also shared her future goals as an actress as she said, "I want to show various sides of me as actress Han Ye Seul, and I will work hard to achieve that. I want this year to be a year of growth, and I think that will make me more happy. I also want 2016 to be a balanced year between work and personal life." 

Well, it seems like Han Ye Seul is having a good start this year as she is greatly satisfied with her work environment. Hope this vibe lasts throughout 2016 on both personal and work life for Han Ye Seul! 


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Hi all, I just wanted to drop by and check out the thread. 
I've just finished watching "I need romance 3". I loved his character in it. Since it is the first ever drama I've seen of him I don't know if he is usually this good or particularly good on this one. His acting was so good and stood out. Also the chemistry between him and Kim So Yeon unni was daebek. I have watched a few dramas of Kim So Yeon unni, but this one had the greatest chemistry of them and I even wanted to join the shipping thread if there existed one. ( I am a fan of KSY unni)

All in all, so nice to see you guys here and I am looking forward to seeing him more. 

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Sung Joon up to headline new pre-produced rom-com Mojito
by girlfriday
| April 4, 2017

Sung Joon is currently busy romancing Go So-young on Monday-Tuesday drama Perfect Wife, but he’s already considering an offer for his next drama, a pre-produced series called Mojito. The new project will be a 16-episode romantic comedy about a man who doesn’t like nighttime, which for some reason prompts him to open a daytime bar. Maybe he feels left out that other people are drinking at night without him?

Sung Joon is considering the leading role, an heir with a negative balance in his bank account who becomes anxious at nightfall. He opens up a bar specifically for daytime drinking… which seems like a bad business model to me. But this probably explains the state of his finances. There he’ll meet the heroine who has lived with insufficient funds her entire life, and together they’ll heal each other’s wounds and fall in love. It’s described as a lively, refreshing rom-com.

It sounds like it could be a good low-key romance, though I can’t shake the thought that it sounds a lot like Warm and Cozy, with the rich-but-cash-poor hero who sometimes opened his restaurant when he felt like it, and pretty much played hooky on most days. But really, all Sung Joon has to do to be better than that guy is not emotionally manipulate the heroine to make another girl jealous, so I’m pretty sure he’s already got a leg up there. The plot doesn’t seem particularly exciting, but perhaps a great romantic pairing and an afternoon cocktail will change my mind.

Casting is in progress for the leading lady, and Mojito doesn’t have a broadcaster attached, but is hoping to air sometime this summer.

Via News1


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