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Sung Joon 성준

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Guest Lespapillons

[110707] Special MC 김영광 & 방성준 - Mnet 20's Choice 2011

class="H" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: none; outline: 0px; font-weight: 400; font-family: 'Open Sans', 'Helvetica Neue', Arial, sans-serif; vertical-align: baseline; line-height: 1.4em; color: rgb(30, 30, 31); text-shadow: white 1px 1px 0px;"@tortyserox you are welcom i am new here too haha :)

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Guest Lespapillons

김영광&성준_최화정의 파워타임.130103
Sung and KYK at SBS radio http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=9xrkpuQvlAE

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Guest Lespapillons

sung at lie to me, drama more pic as tagged 

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Guest Lespapillons

Sung Jong( 성준) at Pluto Eventcerdit as tagged repost at 

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Guest Lespapillons

sung joon (성준) Con.presse of Miracle Korea Show (미라클 코리아)credit as tagged 
74380_247386085394277_683459779_n.jpg class="fbPhotoAlbumTitle" style="font-family: 'Helvetica Neue', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 18px; font-style: normal; font-variant: normal; font-weight: normal; line-height: normal; color: rgb(51, 51, 51); margin: 12px 214px 7px 213px; padding: 0px; -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased; text-align: center; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);"

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Guest Lespapillons

Sung Joon: A brighter role next time?

The recent interview with Jung So-min came out at the end of last year, just as her popular cable drama Can We Get Married was heading into its finale. A new interview came out with her co-star Sung Joon just this past week, and caught up to him after he’d had a bit of time to deal with the end of the show and the aftermath of fan-love that followed from it. Not that he hadn’t earned lots of fan-love before, but Can We Get Married really seems to be the one to solidify his leading-man status and set him up for the future.

The interview for Movieweek:

I hear that the show wrapped filming on the first day of the new year. Has it sunk in yet that the show has ended?

“It hasn’t sunk in yet. I feel a little blue, too, now that there’s nobody around who used to be at the set all the time. This was a drama where I really felt the enjoyment of going to the drama set. It was a lot of fun.”

Is that why? Your face looks great.

“Ah, I’ve been faithfully going to the dermatologist.”

It’s not just your complexion, but I mean that your expression seems to have softened a lot.

[Embarrassed] “It must be because of the character of Jung-hoon.”

Can We Get Married seems to be the thing all women of a marrying age talk about. Could you feel the popularity of the drama?

“I didn’t really know about it, but one day my mother said in passing, ‘My friend likes you.’ My friends also told me, ‘My mom’s your fan.’ After hearing that, it felt real: Ah, so I’m in a pretty popular family drama that a lot of middle-aged women like.”

How did you imagine the drama when you heard the title?

“I didn’t get a sense from the title itself. I thought, ‘What’s that? Is it similar to MBC’s variety show We Got Married?’ That was all. [Laughs] When I first read the script I thought it was fresh, that the plot was unpredictable.”

As the drama went on, what moment was the most surprising?

“When I watched the first episode. I felt the subtle rhythm and speed of every dialogue exchange. No matter how great the atmosphere is on set, once it goes through editing that tends to fall flat, but I saw how the rhythm was kept alive perfectly and thought, ‘I know this is my drama and all, but it’s really entertaining.’”

The drama depicts the process from the moment of proposal through the wedding, and even though it’s fake it really feels like going through the process of preparing for a wedding. After experiencing that, did you have any thoughts about not wanting to go through it yourself? [Laughs]

“In the middle I did think, ‘Ah, I really don’t think I could get married.’ Jung-hoon’s pretty different from my own personality and this isn’t real, but I did think that it shouldn’t be this difficult. Of course, there were a lot of parts that were handled for dramatic effect.”

What’s the thing you felt was most extreme?

“The relationship between Jung-hoon and his mother (actress Sunwoo Eun-sook). I’m not as soft-hearted as Jung-hoon so I’m not the type to give up on something I’ve decided on because of my mother. I don’t even want to feel the sense of a difficult reality spoiling my love. The relationship between Jung-hoon and his mother-in-law-to-be Deul-ja (Lee Mi-sook) was also pretty extreme. I could understand what it feels to want to impress, and to want to become a trustworthy son-in-law. But when he’s attacked by his mother-in-law over the issue of his salary, even though it’s a drama my feelings actually felt hurt.”

Especially when the one doing the attacking is Deul-ja. [Laughs]

“It’s really tough to confront people like Deul-ja. You don’t hate her but you can’t make make sense of her, and she’s the source of stress and pressure. [Laughs] Off-camera, Lee Mi-sook sunbae-nim is really cool and impressive. One characteristic of great actors is that they also make their co-stars’ characters come alive. I’m still awkward at this but she helped bring me alive.”

There are fans who have come to like Sung Joon the actor thanks to Jung-hoon’s character, fans who haven’t seen your darker side. [Laughs] Are their expectations a burden?

“These days I feel a bit confused whether people like me, or Jung-hoon. It’s led me to think more deeply about myself as a person. Who was I, what kind of person? Was I originally like Jung-hoon, or not? In the past, since I had a strong sense of identity and felt strongly that ‘I’m reserved and stoic, I’ll do what I want to do,’ but nowadays I’m not sure. Who am I? [Laughs]”

Are people telling you that it’s time to take on a bright character now? Can We Get Married was a bit of an unexpected choice.

“No, not at all. Choosing projects is completely up to me. If I don’t want to do something or if I feel I can’t, I say so frankly. Because it’s my filmography, I feel I should be as honest as possible regarding my work.”

Did you choose Can We Get Married easily, or did you think a long time about it?

“I think that agonizing for a long time about important things is ultimately not a good thing. It’s a fairly brief process. I read the script and if it’s interesting I meet the director, and as we talk the assurance comes to me and I decide whether I want to do it.”

Of your projects, which did you take the longest to think over?

[Thinking a while] “Shut Up Flower Boy Band (tvN). It wasn’t anything big, but the title was kind of embarrassing. [Laughs]”

What changed the most about your mental attitude while working on Can We Get Married?

“Actually, it felt like I’d let my mind grow too relaxed so I’m working to get my mind back on track. After ending an enjoyable time on a good drama, I grew too comfortable. I think that kind of mental determination improves after overcoming difficulties — it gives you the determination to win, to prepare yourself to accomplish the task.”

By any chance are you the type who grows uneasy when good things happen? [Laughs]

“I change with the seasons. When things go well, there’s always that vague sense of unease asking, ‘Is this really okay?’”

Are you the type who has more certainty about yourself, or doubts?

“Um… I think doubts.”

“Doesn’t doubt have the ability to pull you down?”

“Of course that’s true, but you have to trust in people to keep yourself from doing that. For your own state of mind, you have to trust the people around you. You just can’t fall into the habit of leaning on them too much to keep you from feeling pessimistic. When I was younger, I had the attitude that I had to solve everything on my own. ‘You can’t be weak, weakness is poison.’ But looking back, it feels like those thoughts were weakness. After I let myself lean on someone once, it actually felt better. These days I don’t think of depending on people as an exposure of weakness, that this is what it means to live as a person.”

Before taking Can We Get Married, you acted in the indie feature Pluto, which hasn’t released yet. You play an extremely dark and cold character there — how do you think it’ll be when it’s released?

“To be honest, I’m uneasy. I worked hard on that, but if I hear that I did a bad job it’s bound to irritate me. It’ll be tough if the reception isn’t positive.”

You worked that hard on it [to feel so uneasy]?

“It was a tough project. But it being tough doesn’t automatically mean I worked hard. At the time I did my best and felt like I killed myself doing it, but is that the same as working diligently? These days I worry about a lot of things. Things feel confusing, and I feel uncertain about a lot of things.”

Genius Yoo-jin in Pluto was this way, and Choi Chi-hoon from White Christmas was also cold and dark. It seems to suit you well, and you could also say that it’s the easiest method of using the actor Sung Joon. That may be why it seems that the producers had an amazingly discerning eye to bring Jung-hoon out from that Sung Joon.

“Thinking about it now, it was a really good decision to take on the Drama Special Swamp Ecology Report. It was my good fortune to be able to play an ordinary, optimistic character. As soon as I read the script I felt i had to do it. Thanks to that, I got Can We Get Married. Director Kim Yoon-chul said he’d seen that and chosen me. Doing Swamp Ecology Report was my best decision of 2012. Thanks to that, I also got a KBS Drama Award for a one-act. To me, it was a treasure of a project.”

What if people are so in love with Jung-hoon that they want you to keep taking similar roles?

“Repetition can become poisonous, but if it makes people happy I don’t see why I should refuse a role just because of that. If I get the offer, I have to take it, what can you do? [Laughs] Still, I want to always be challenging myself with new roles.”

credit : 
Voir la traduction

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Guest Lespapillons

Miracle Korea Show Invitation424337_247402725392613_1008822954_n.png
BTS of this show

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Guest Lespapillons

Sung Joong(성준), credit as tagged395511_248507328615486_1473467430_n.jpg

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I miss this kid. Why is he playing Suzy's bodyguard? I thought he wanted to do a brighter role? Being a bodyguard is not bright. Staring as a geeky nerdy smart guy is brighter. Playing a frickin' sun god is brighter...but a bodyguard? siiiigggghhh....i guess i'll fast forward to his scenes...

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Guest adikkeluangman

Sung Jun Wants a Girlfriend He Can Be Comfortable With
Ladies, rejoice. Sung Jun wants a girlfriend.
Starring in the movie, Scary Story 2, Sung Jun shared the hardships he faced while filming it. 

“Because it’s the first time ever acting in a horror movie and also because it’s a movie that deals with the mentality of facing death, there were a lot of things I had a hard time with,” explained Sung Jun. 
“I’ve never been stranded on a cliff and starved for a week, so to get into character, I actually tried starving myself for a long time and listened to really depressing music.” 
Stepping aside from his rather grave movie, Sung Jun talked about his hopes as spring comes to an end. 

“These days, I want to date,” said Sung Jun. On the type of girl he wants, he added, “I just want a comfortable girlfriend that I can lean and fall asleep on.” 
Scary Story 2 will premiere on June 5. The entire pictorial and interview will be released in the June edition. 

Photo Credit: Harper’s Bazaar
[Copyright CJ E&M Entertainment Portal enewsWorld, All Rights Reserved]


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November 20, 2013
Sung Jun Cast in ‘I Need a Romance 3’ with Kim So Yeon
CJ E&M enewsWorld Grace Danbi Hong

Returning to dramaland, Sung Jun will be appearing in tvN’s I Need a Romance 3.

On November 20, tvN confirmed Sung Jun’s role as the 27-year genius composer, Joo Wan. He will be acting with Kim So Yeon, who will play the childhood friend that he comes searching for 17 years later. 
“The last season was loved so much that it’s a bit of a burden, but I’m joyfully preparing my heart thinking about working with a good director and cast,” said Sung Jun.
Director Jang Young Woo also stated that he only had Sung Jun in mind for the part from the beginning. 
Meanwhile, Sung Jun and Kim So Yeon will present awards at the 2013 MAMA on November 22. 
I Need a Romance 3 will kick off sometime in January. 

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December 5, 2013
'I Need Romance 3' Kim So Yeon shows a perfect chemistry with Sung Jun
Source: STARN News

Kim So Yeon and Sung Jun showed a perfect chemistry at script reading of ‘I Need Romance 3’.
On December 4th, the production team of new tvN drama ‘I Need Romance 3’ revealed two photos from script reading.
The photos show Kim So Yeon, Sung Jun, Namkoong Min, Wang Ji Won, Park Hyo Joo, Yoon Seung Ah, and Park Yu Hwan participating in script reading, and posing for a photo together.
Especially, Kim So Yeon and Sung Jun, who are casting as partners, are showing a perfect chemistry.
It is said that all of the staffs were deeply impressed by each actor’s amazing focus on their parts.
An official said, “It was only a script reading, but the atmosphere was as intense as an actual shooting. All of the actors showed a perfect team work.”
Meanwhile, ‘I Need Romance 3’ will premiere on January 13th, 2014.
/Reporting by Kim Dong-Joo jp@starnnews.com

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December 11, 2013
Kim So Yeon And Sung Joon Are A Happy Couple For “I Need A Romance 3”
by Chin D KDramaStars.com

The third installment of the popular drama franchise "I Need Romance" reveal photos of its main couple, Kim So Yeon and Sung Joon.
On December 9, actress Kim So Yeon posted photos of her photo shoot with co-star Sung Joon on her social networking account. According to reports, the photos are supposedly for the drama's promotional posters. The two are seen looking comfortable with each other and exuding the charm and confidence of a couple.
According to representatives from the drama, "Although the photo shoot is the first time for the two actors to work together, they transformed into their characters and perfectly portrayed a couple in love. We look forward to the actual filming with the cast of the drama."
"I Need Romance 3" is about the love and life of a genius composer and an older woman he loved when he was a kid. Because of unprecedented circumstances, the two will end up living together, and the story will focus on the realistic aspects of their romance, as well as friendship and the struggles of having a professional career. Joining the main couple are actors Nam Goong Min and Wang Ji Won.
The first episode of "I Need Romance 3" airs on January 13th on tvN.

December 13, 2013
Hit Series ‘I Need Romance’ Begins its 3rd Season in January
Source: BNTNews
[by Cho Suyoun] ‘I Need Romance’ Season 3 will begin to be aired in January 2014.
On December 9, Kim So Yeon uploaded a photo of her with actor Sung Joon on her Me2Day. The photo was taken while two were shooting poster for ‘I Need Romance 3’ and posed like a real couple.  ‘I Need Romance’ is a hit series that was aired on channel tvN since 2011. As the first and second seasons gained much sympathy from the audience for truthful lines and characters, many people requested a third season and tvN decided to create a new one.
The third season stars Kim So Yeon and Sung Joon, Nam Goong Min and Wang Ji Won as main casts and the main story will be about competition, friendship and love of women in early 30s.
The first episode will be aired on January 13.

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January 8, 2014
Sung Jun Admits He Was Scared of Kim So Yeon At First
CJ E&M enewsWorld Grace Danbi Hong

Speaking about his co-star, Sung Jun admitted that he was afraid of Kim So Yeon. 

On January 8, both Sung Jun and Kim So Yeon, as well as the other cast members and staff of tvN’s I Need a Romance 3 attended the press conference held in Gangnam. 

During the press conference, Sung Jun talked a little bit about having Kim So Yeon as his co-star, saying he was afraid of Kim So Yeon because of her fierce warrior-like image from the drama IRIS, where she played a North Korean spy. 
“But when I actually met her on set, she was so kind and careful. She wasn’t the action actor that I had in my head. She instead seemed like a little girl,” shared Sung Jun. 
He added, “As for our acting together, she is so good to me that I just plan on piggybacking.”
Kim So Yeon shared that she really wanted to meet him because he’s so popular and she was curious. 
I Need a Romance 3 begins on January 13.
Photo Credit: Hea Jung Min

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January 9, 2014
Cable dramas having heydaytvN's 'I Need Romance 3' appeals on straight-talk, colorful love game
By Park Jin-hai The Korea Times
image The cast of an upcoming tvN drama “I Need Romance 3” poses at a press meeting, prior to its first episode, to be aired on Jan. 13, at Patio 9, Nonhyeon-dong, Seoul, Wednesday. From left are Namgung Min, Wang Ji-won, Kim So-yeon, and Sung-jun. / Courtesy of CJ E&M
Cable dramas fared well last year. A slew of dramas went shoulder to shoulder with those of major public broadcasters in terms of viewership, thanks to more experimental formats and fresh content. 
Following on their trail, tvN announced on Wednesday it will air the third season of “I Need Romance.”
The cable network’s romantic comedy “Rude Miss Young-Ae” has enjoyed long-running popularity, with its 13th season to be aired this year, and the recently ended romantic comedy “Reply 1994” has been so successful it created renewed interest in retro culture.       
“I Need Romance 3,” rated 15 and over, will depict actress Kim So-yeon as a single career woman in her 30s, struggling to balance career and love at a home-shopping company.      
At the press conference in Patio9, Nonhyeon-dong, Seoul, the cast and the director of the television series said that although its format shares similarities with famous U.S. television series “Sex and the City,” viewers could enjoy a more delicate emotional tug-of-war between the leading characters.
image Stacks of rice, sent by Namgung Min’s overseas fans in a hallway, stand on the way to the press conference, where his upcoming drama was presented./ Korea Times photo by Kang Hyun-hye
“Our strength may well be that we are able to depict delicately the emotional flow of each character. Beautiful images filling the small screen will be another must-see,” said  Jang Young-woo, director of the drama. 
“I think that is why our previous seasons appealed so much to other Asian viewers, more than the U.S. drama,” Jang said.     
Its first season, aired in 2011, was exported to Japan, making it the first cable drama exported and aired through an overseas major television network, TBC. 
In total, it has been exported to 20 countries. The second season was also purchased by 14 countries, including Cambodia and Myanmar. 
Seo Jang-ho, manager of CJ E&M’s overseas marketing department, said that from the beginning of the production, foreign buyers have made contact to discuss its purchase. 
According to CJ E&M, a total of 20 drama titles were exported to 21 countries, raking in 13.3 billion won in revenue in the first three quarters of 2012 alone.
Kim, heroine of many action-filled dramas, including “IRIS,” said that she was thrilled to play a “milder” character this time.
“The female character, after breaking up with her boyfriend, talks to herself that she exists not to be loved, but to enjoy her life for her own benefit,” she said. “In real life, unlike the character I am playing, I am rather watchful of the public eye.”
In one scene, her character says out loud that she is really happy about being lonely, which represents her complicated feelings, Kim said.
At the entrance of the press event, Japanese fans surrounded Namgung Min, who starred in “Can You Hear My Heart (2011),” and took picture with him. The hallways were lined with stacks of rice, sent by overseas fans.    
“I haven’t been on the screen for almost two years. When I think of the fans who remember me, I am really grateful,” he said. 
Japanese viewers seem to love his previous characters, who sacrificed himself for her true love, he added. He is expected to hold a fan meeting in March.
Namgung will act as Kim’s senior, who was promoted on a fast track to the post of the department chief.  
As his opposite role, Sung-jun, 23, will portray a talented young composer who immigrated to the United States and came back. He is expected to draw out the romantic and emotional sides of the lead actress. 
 “I want to be an actor with sincerity, so that viewers won’t say that my performances are not convincing and hollow,” he said. 
The former model has earned fame appearing in “Gu Family Book” as a warrior-guard for the lead actress, played by Suzy of girl group “Miss A.” 
Along with the lead characters, Park Hyo-ju will take the Samantha-like role, enjoying a boundary free sex life, while Wang Ji-won will play the former model and beauty channel host, who rivals Kim So-yeon.
The cast said that they promised to hold a pajama party in Gwangwamun, central Seoul, if the viewership reaches 3 percent, which is regarded to be tantamount to 15 percent for major broadcasters. 
The drama will be aired on Mondays and Tuesdays from Jan. 13 through the tvN network.

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