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March 22, 2014
Sung Joon talks about Kim So Yeon, his dating style, acting, and more with 'High Cut'
by alim17 AllKpop.com
Sung Joon showed off his good looks and modeling expertise in a photo shoot with 'High Cut'. He also talked about his recently completed drama 'I Need Romance 3' and his co-star actress Kim So Yeon.  
In relation to working with her, he said, "After being so busy, it feels lonely and empty after [your schedule is complete]. I can only feel disappointed when looking back while feeling this way. Kim So Yeon was the type who always went to the set thirty minutes early to wait on standby. While we filmed together, I felt very sorry and also very thankful towards her."
He was then asked how his real dating style compared to the sweet and innocent one he showed in the drama. Sung Joon shared, "Although it was an indirect experience because it was acting, I think I can understand the feelings of the main lead Joo Wan. Thanks to him, when I next date a woman, I think I could experience a more mature love."
Sung Joon also revealed that he preferred acting to modeling, saying, "I don't want to stand on a runway again. Now there are too many people who look cooler than I do. If I shove past those people and go out even once, I think it would be a bit funny."
He said, "I don't have the confidence to be both an actor and a star. Rather than being a top star that shines like the sun, I want to exist like the North Star, which is a dimmer light that shines at nighttime."

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March 29, 2014
SUNG JOON FOR VOGUE GIRL’S APRIL 2014 ISSUEhttp://couch-kimchi.com/2014/03/29/sung-joon-for-vogue-girls-april-2014-issue/

No stranger to modeling, Sung Joon has more fashion spreads in April. Next month, the I Need Romance 3 actor graces the pages of Vogue Girl Korea.
Source  |  Vogue Girl Korea

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Guest walkietalkie

rubie said:
He said, "I don't have the confidence to be both an actor and a star. Rather than being a top star that shines like the sun, I want to exist like the North Star, which is a dimmer light that shines at nighttime."

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April 17, 2014
Sung Joon Shows Off Charming Stares and Curly Hair for InStyle Magazinehttp://www.soompi.com/2014/04/17/sung-joon-shows-off-charming-stares-and-curly-hair-for-instyle-magazine/#.U1CjXFWSwsA


Actor Sung Joon has put on his model mode for a spread on InStyle Magazine.
The quirky but cool photos were revealed on April 16. Spring is in full bloom, and the concept of the photoshoot seems to have been inspired by pastel tones often associated with warming weather. 
Dressed in muted tones of pink, grey, and green, Sung Joon is posing for the camera with charming confidence. His hair has been styled in a messy way, with his sassy curls giving him a fresh look. Being the professional he is, the model-turned-actor shows off his impressive variety of expressions that bring out the cool and carefree guy inside of him.
During the interview part of the shoot, he revealed his latest addiction; cycling. After wrapping up tvN’s “I Need Romance 3,” he confessed to commuting by bike from his home in Yangjae-dong to Apgujeong-dong. After doing this for a month, he could see the results in his body, “I went too far, so my body was very exhausted and I lost more weight than when filming the drama.”
“Like Matthew McConaughey in ‘Dallas Buyers Club,’ I want to act in a film with a sense of reality, and fully immerse myself in acting,” he finally revealed.

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April 19, 2014
Actor Sung Jun showed another side of him through new pictorials

Source: STARN News
Recently, actor Sung Jun released new pictorials through May edition of fashion magazine 'InStyle.'
Sung Jun, who drew attention by changing his hairstyle after finishing tvN drama 'I Need Romance,' showed a much more casual side.
It is said that all of the staffs who participated in the shooting were deeply impressed by his great poses and expressions.
During an interview that was held after the shooting, Sung Jun said, "After finishing 'I Need Romance 3,' I bought a bicycle, and commuted from my home, which is in Yangjae-dong, and to my management agency office, which is in Apgujeong-dong, for one month."
Regarding how he decided to become an actor from a model, he said, "My acting on my debut drama, 'White Christmas,' was just embarrassing, and I thought that I should give another try. I started finding acting quite fun from some point, and I hope to get better and better."
Meanwhile, Sung Jun's new pictorials can be viewed on May edition of 'InStyle.'
/Reporting by Lim ju-hui en@starnnews.com

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April 19, 2014
Sung Jun Wants to Act like Matthew McConaughey
CJ E&M enewsWorld Grace Danbi Hong

 After shaking the hearts of women through tvN’s I Need Romance 3, Sung Jun talked about his acting career and his hopes for the future.
In a recent photo shoot with fashion magazine InStyle, Sung Jun dressed in pastel suits while letting his wavy, messy hair flow. With modeling as his first job, Sung Jun showed no problems with poses and expressions. 
During the interview, he shared that he recently bought a bicycle after the drama’s conclusion. “I biked from my house in Yangjae all the way to Apgujeong for a month. I pushed myself too hard while biking that I had body aches and I lost more weight than when I was filming my drama.”
Speaking of acting, Sung Jun admitted that he was a terrible actor. “In my debut drama, White Christmas, I really couldn’t act. So I ended up trying harder out of spite.”
“As I was acting out of desperation, all of the sudden, I started to feel the fun in acting,” added Sung Jun. “I hope to one day act, completely captivated in a situation of a realistic production, like Matthew McConaughey in Dallas Buyers Club
The full interview and pictorial will be available in the May issue. 
Photo Credit: InStyle.

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April 28, 2014
Nominees announced for Baeksang Arts Awards by javabeans http://www.dramabeans.com/2014/04/nominees-announced-for-baeksang-arts-awards/
The nominees for the 50th Baeksang Arts Awards, whose ceremony will be held on May 27.


Best Picture Nominees
The Snowpiercer (dir. Bong Joon-ho)The Terror Live (dir. Kim Byung-woo)Hope (dir. Lee Jun-ik)The Attorney (dir. Yang Woo-seok)The Face Reader (dir. Han Jae-rim)
Director Award Nominees
Kim Byung-woo (The Terror Live)Hong Sang-soo (Our Sunhi)Jo Eui-seok (Cold Eyes)Bong Joon-ho (The Snowpiercer)Kim Byung-seo (Cold Eyes)Lee Jun-ik (Hope)
Actor Top Excellence Award Nominees
Ha Jung-woo (The Terror Live)Song Kang-ho (The Attorney)Jung Woo-sung (Cold Eyes)Sol Kyung-gu (Hope)Sohn Hyun-joo (Hide and Seek)
Actress Top Excellence Award Nominees
Jeon Do-yeon (Way Back Home)Shim Eun-kyung (Miss Granny)Kim Hee-ae (Elegant Lie)Eom Ji-won (Hope)Moon Jung-hee (Hide and Seek)
Supporting Actor Award Nominees
Lee Jung-jae (The Face Reader)Kim Eui-sung (The Face Reader)Jo Sung-ha (The Suspect)Lee Kyung-young (Venus Talk)Kwak Do-won (The Attorney)
Supporting Actress Award Nominees
Yeh Ji-won (Our Sunhi)Kim Young-ae (The Attorney)Jin Kyung (Cold Eyes)Ra Mi-ran (Hope)Go Ah-sung (The Snowpiercer)
New Actor Award Nominees
Im Shi-wan (The Attorney)Yeo Jin-gu (Hwa-yi: A Monster Boy)Kim Soo-hyun (Covertly, Grandly)Lee Joon (Rough Play)Kim Woo-bin (Friend 2)
New Actress Award Nominees
Park Ji-soo (Mai Ratima)Lee Jae-hye (The Russian Novel)Seo Joo-ah (Pluto)Kim Hyang-gi (Elegant Lie)Lee Re (Hope)
New Director Award Nominees
Ha Jung-woo (Roller Coaster)Eom Tae-hwa (INGtoogi: The Battle of Surpluses)Heo Jung (Hide and Seek)Lee Jong-pil (Born To Sing)Yang Woo-seok (The Attorney)
Screenplay Award Nominees
Hide and Seek, Heo JungMiss Granny, Shin Dong-ikThe Terror Live, Kim Byung-wooThe Attorney, Yang Woo-seokHope, Kim Ji-hye
Actor Popularity Award
Ha Jung-woo (The Terror Live)Yeo Jin-gu (Hwa-yi: A Monster Boy)Lee Jung-jae (The Face Reader)Kim Soo-hyun (Covertly, Grandly)Im Shi-wan (The Attorney)Gong Yoo (The Suspect)Lee Joon (Rough Play)Yoo Ah-in (Kkangchulie)Sung Joon (Pluto)Jin Young (Miss Granny)Seo In-gook (No Breathing)Jo Jung-seok (The Face Reader)Kim Woo-bin (Friend 2)Jung Kyung-ho (Roller Coaster)Kim Sung-kyun (Hwa-yi: A Monster Boy)Lee Hyun-woo (Covertly, Grandly)Go Soo (Way Back Home)Lee Jong-seok (Hot Blooded Youth)Lee Min-ki (Monster)Ok Taecyeon (Marriage Blue)Hwang Jung-min (When a Man Loves)Song Kang-ho (The Attorney)Choi Seung-hyun (TOP) (Commitment)Sol Kyung-gu (Hope)Joo-won (Catch Me)Kim Yoon-seok (Hwa-yi: A Monster Boy)Jung Woo-sung (Cold Eyes)
Actress Popularity Award
Shim Eun-kyung (Miss Granny)Park Bo-young (Hot Blooded Youth)Kim Ah-joong (Catch Me)Kwon Yuri (No Breathing)Go Ah-sung (The Snowpiercer)Jeon Do-yeon (Way Back Home)Uhm Jung-hwa (Venus Talk)Sohn Ye-jin (Accomplice)Kim Hye-soo (The Face Reader)Kim Go-eun (Monster)Gong Hyo-jin (Boomerang Family)Han Hyo-joo (Cold Eyes)Lee Yeon-hee (Marriage Blue)
Via Baeksang


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April 30, 2014
INSTYLE KOREA’S MAY 2014 ISSUE + ADDITIONAL SPREADS OF SUNG JOONhttp://couch-kimchi.com/2014/04/30/han-hyo-joo-kim-ha-neul-for-instyle-koreas-may-2014-issue-additional-spreads-of-sung-joon/
002_zpsc17595f7.jpgSource  |  InStyle Korea

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i'm a big fan of sung joon too ...i've watched almost all his dramas ...and i think he is an awesome actor!  he is one of the only two model/actor that i really really really am into ...hopefully he gets more roles to play because its such a shame that such talent will go unnoticed for long!!
loved all the diverse roles he played ... and i can't say which role i like most because he was good in all of them.  and everything is just so totally natural for him ...whether playing the smart, cool guy in 'white christmas' ...the adoring husband-to-be in 'lets get married' ...even the regrettably secondary role he played as suzy's bodyguard when he could have been the star! (not that i am saying LSG was bad okay ...since he was good too in that drama) he did the bodyguard thing quite admirably ...then to that rock star character in 'shut up', wow! he was awesome there and boy! did i swoon!! ...then to the really great way he acted out the role of the young lover of KSY in 'romance 3'!!  he just acted out all the roles so convincingly that i was there with him all throughout the series!!
so hopefully ....he gets more roles ...hopefully he gets more attention which he truly deserves!

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June 10, 2014
Sung Jun Making Final Arrangements to Appear in 'Discovery of Romance' with Eric and Jung Yumi
Newsen Kim Min Ji  Translation Credit : Grace Danbi Hong

Preparing for a new drama, Sung Jun is currently making final arragements for his appearance in KBS′ new drama Discovery of Romance. 
Sung Jun′s agency, O& Entertainment told Newsen on June 10, "Sung Jun is currently making final changes with his appearance in Discovery of Romance. 
The production company for Discovery of Romance also told Newsen on June 10, "We′re making the arrangements for Sung Jun′s participation in Discovery of Romance.

The role that Sung Jun is currently being fixed into is plastic surgeon, Nam Ha Jin. He will be involved in a love triangle between Shinhwa′s Eric and Jung Yumi. 
As a model-turned-actor, Sung Jun decorated his resume with KBS′ White Christmas, jTBC′s Can We Get Married, MBC′s Gu Family Book, tvN′s I Need Romance 3 and more. 
Meanwhile, Discovery of Romance will air after the conclusion of Trot Lovers. 
Photo Credit: Newsen

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June 11, 2014
Sung Joon joins ‘True Love’
By Kim Hee-eun, contributing writer INSIDE Korea JoongAng Daily


The team of much-awaited KBS drama series “Finding True Love” has cast actor Sung Joon as the boyfriend of Jung Yu-mi, according to local media reports yesterday. 
The upcoming series has been creating a buzz in the industry for a while since it was reported last month that Eric Mun and Jung, who co-starred in the 2007 MBC drama “Que Sera, Sera” together, would team up once again. Screenwriter Jung Hyun-jung of tvN series “I Need Romance,” in which Jung and Sung appeared in the second and third seasons, respectively, will write the story. The three will be involved in a love triangle in the new drama. 
Sung Joon, who was rumored to be dating Suzy of K-pop band Miss A last year, debuted as a fashion model but moved into acting after appearing in the eight-episode KBS special drama “White Christmas” (2011).
“Finding True Love” is set to air in August.

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June 13, 2014
Sung Jun to cast in new drama 'Discovery of Love'
Source: STARN News 20140613091248_539a42009d808_1.jpg
Actor Sung Jun decided his casting in 'Discovery of Love'.

Channel KBS 2TV's new drama, 'Discovery of Love', will premiere in August, and actor Sung Jun is going to cast in the drama as a guy named 'Nam Ha Jin'.
'Discovery of Love' will portray a romance of young people in the most realistic approaches that is very distinct from other typical romance dramas.
Nam Ha Jin is a plastic surgeon, who has been in a relationship with Yi Room(to be played by Jung Yoo Mi) for three years.
Yi Room goes through a dilemma when her ex-boyfriend, Kang Tae Ha(to be played by Eric), unexpectedly appear in front of her, and Nam Ha Jin gets into a love-triangle.
Kang Tae Ha and Nam Ha Jin's intense competition for Yi Room is one of the key factors of the drama that viewers should give their full attention to.
A representative of JS Pictures said, "Sung Jun has a huge potential, and he is actually quite similar to Nam Ha Jin. Eric is going to show another side of him through this drama, and it would be quite interesting to see to which guy the viewers prefer."
Meanwhile, 'Discovery of Love' will premiere in mid-August.
/Reporting by Kim Dong-Joo en@starnnews.com

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Source:  Mwave
2014 was a year of extraordinary people & creativity - Who are the 10 Style Icons who have inspired your life?
- You may vote once per day, and you must select 10 different people at once in order to vote.
Voting Period : 2014.9.30 ~ 2014.10.20 14:00  KST |  SIA Awards Show : 2014.10.28 19:00  KST

Sung JunDiscovery of romantic icon

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