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nowadays a lot of male korean models turn into actor,,and im so happy about this..a delightful treat for my eyes...SungJoon is one of my favorite,,with a bunch of models who act in White Christmas..(actually,,there are only 11 actors in that drama,,and 6 of them are active models)
hope all of them will stay long in this acting industry..his runaway walk pic for you guys...(omg,his hair,,hahaha)..Seoul Fashion Week F/W 2011,,

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class="h1_title"[iNTERVIEW] Model and actor Sung Jun
My name is Sung Jun. My real name is Bang Sung-joon. I left out my last name and went only with my first name after starting my modeling career.

I was born in Seoul on July 10, 1990.

My family consists of my parents and a sister who is four years older than me. She adores me a lot, addressing me, "Oh my little brother."

My father is the eldest son of the family which means all our relatives gather at our place every New Year. I have a few cousins who are younger than me but I don't play with them that well because I feel a bit uneasy around them. But I was happy this year because I received New Year's greeting allowance which I didn't expect at all. (laugh)

When I went over to my friend's house when I was in elementary school, I talked a lot with my friend's mother. I used to play a lot of pranks and was very odd.

The more I became a senior in school however, the more I became someone who would keep my thoughts to myself. I knew the importance of studying but I wondered if there is a point in making friends.

Instead, I enjoyed interacting with strangers on the guestbooks for social networking website Cyworld's personal accounts. It started with me replying to someone's posting on death and it was really fun talking with very fundamental topics but these days, I see more comments like "I love you~." It feels pretty good but at the same time it makes me wonder, 'Why do they like me?' (laugh)

I love drawing nonsensical stuff. One time I painted an abstract picture after squeezing out paint in anyway I like since I like using colors. These days draw men, not self-portraits but just… imaginary guys? I tend to express what I feel through painting.

When I reached twenty I taught myself to play the guitar. I didn't even bother to buy a musical sheet and just asked someone I knew the easiest way to learn to play the instrument. I fell for rock music at first but then switched to jazz and finally to acoustic music. The first song I learned how to play completely was "Knockin' On Heaven's Door"

The first thing the director of KBS' "White Christmas" said to me was "You're good-looking!" (laugh) My original plan was to take part in the Paris Collection but when the chief of my agency told me that I was cast for the new series, I shouted out in joy and took up the offer. Fashion shows take place every year after all.

The most difficult thing about acting was timing. It wasn't easy acting in sync with other actors either. It felt like walking on the runway for the first time, dazed and nervous.

The person who looks out for me the most during shoots is (Kim) Young-gwang. We had been close from the beginning because we belong to the same agency so we'd practice out lines together during breaks and he encouraged me that I could pull off my role if I work a little on the basics.

The ice-breaker on set is (Baek) Sung-hyun. He is really sociable so he becomes friends with lots of people by saying yes to everybody and when he does that, Young-gwang just goes 'Wow' but I'd usually back off with an 'Uh...' I still sought much advice from Sung-hyun in an attempt to overcome how intimidated I was by him. These days we have all become good friends. Yesterday we spent time playing jegi-chagi (shuttlecock kicking) out of a ball we made of duct tape.

When we went to Mokpo City we had teenage girls chasing around so that was when I came up with my autograph. I write down my initials SJ on the bottom right corner of my drawings but I couldn't do that with my autograph since it may look insincere to my fans so I write my name whole name Sung Joon instead. Sometimes I add an interesting comments when I come across an interesting name. For example if there is a fan named "Yi Na-ra" I would then write "Yi Na-ra-reul Guhaera" (Save this country!)" (Haha)

There is the slim model and macho-type model but I happen to have both in me. (laugh) Since I'm not the type that gets fat I don't necessarily have to take care of my physique, but even if a diet is unnecessary, I think I should start working out. I'm learning muaythai these days.

Before debuting as an actor I worked as a model for four years. Back in 2007, the skinny style of clothes was in and I fell in love with that style of fashion. Proportions are very important for models so I think I've been lucky in that sense.

When I first stood on the runway, I got so nervous that I didn't even know I was walking. Everything looked white -- the person sitting in front of me and the stage I was walking on. And I felt, 'My first show at last. I am finally here, wow!'

If I get to do an action film I would definitely want to try rock climbing or flying on a motorbike.

If I was Choi Chi-hoon I would be absolutely happy, being acknowledged a genius by everyone and not having to bother with expressing my feelings instead of not being able to. In a way he really is an awesome and cool guy. From now on there will be lots of action from him in "White Christmas" -- lots!
credit: VikiscoopReporter : Lee Ga-on
Photographer : Chae ki-won ten@
Editor : Jang Kyung-Jin three@
Editor : Heidi Kim heidikim@
<ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved>

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Guest Lespapillons

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The press conference of " Can We Get Married?" (CWGM) CRedit as tagged




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I really like Sung Joon's deep voice and height. He's quite endearing in his awkwardness and solitary-ness hahaha. 
I feel that Sung Joon ('90) along with Kim Woo Bin ('89), Kim Young Kwang ('87), Lee Soo Hyuk ('88), Hong Jung Hyun ('90) and maaayybeee Jung Suk Won ('85) make up this new crop of model turned actors that may take over. They're all so freaking cute. 
I also really liked Jung Ui Chul ('85) hehehe. All so tall, all so pretty. And Lee Ki Woo. Heehee ^___^

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Guest Lespapillons

Sorry i poste it lateBut Sung Joon won award best actor here some pic credit as tagged mor pic visite http://www.facebook.com/SungJoonFanpage
성준_2012 KBS 연기대상.121231

red carpet 

Sungjun (성준)
Happy New year all 

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Guest Lespapillons

class="fbPhotoAlbumTitle" style="text-align: left; font-size: 18px; color: rgb(51, 51, 51); margin: 12px 214px 7px 213px; padding: 0px; font-family: 'Helvetica Neue', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);"scap of Sung and KYK at SBS 107.7 PowerTime408726_241831512616401_233814271_n.jpg
FOR MORE PIC go visite this fan page ;) http://www.facebook.com/SungJoonFanpage

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