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  1. Ellooo my lovely fellow shippers. im just dropping by to say hi to everyone. I did not abandon my ship but was caught up with real life stuff Honestly i'm so left behind all of you due to my schedule and work. But i have been itching to come in and spazz. Last time I was on page 105 OMG lots of catching up to do. I'd be delighted If there is any kind shipper who could brief me. Kamsahamnida And i apologize for troubling you all. Love y'all
  2. ottokeeeeeee, i loved episode13 so much . I was giggling like the other secretary girl next to MiSo. 2Park brought KOrean Drama to the next level since i am not talented in analyzing (but fangirling lol) like you guys, i will just read y'all and wait for the next ep patiently. thanks everyone, u have no idea how much I enjoy reading every single one of your posts, comments & insight. And of course vids, pics & gifs too.
  3. I still haven't watched ep13 yet. As i was reading all of your posts, I assume certain measurements need to be taken care of prior watching tonight To do list before watching WWWSK as follows: (JK ) 1. take a calming pill - MUST!!! 2. a bucket of ice cubes ( in case it gets too hot) 3. ice roller ( when facial muscles start hurting from laughing too hard) off me go to watch our OTP ma dearies
  4. Please my beloved fellow shippers, share me the link :p Now i have seen the short clip of the bed scene, my whole productive day is ruined . I need to watch them ASAP but i am working I absolutely love how PSJ delivered such a real performance. I hope i do not see single news about them dating anytime soon as too much media attention might break them apart after the drama ends. I pray that Korean media just leave them be and let the universe take care of their future. My dear shippers please do not intrude their privacy too much and pressure their blossoming romance or whatever they are having. I am sorry about my ranting but I am super hyper right now and i cant help it
  5. Hello my fellow Sogongers, It has been a while since I was on Soompi. I just watched a new movie of So Ji Sub named "Be With You". Gong Hyo Jin unni did a cameo role there as a pretty lady SJS's friend trying to set him with . Of course my delulu mind then picked it up and here I am . https://www.soompi.com/2018/03/06/park-seo-joon-and-gong-hyo-jin-to-cameo-in-upcoming-so-ji-sub-son-ye-jin-film/
  6. Anyon~~ fellow shippers I had so much fun reading your insights and thoughts. I was giggling like a lil girl seriously. How come some ppl have daebak skills when it comes to investigating. Kudos to y'all. I was trying not to go all in, but my poor shipper's heart won't listen but spazz. My previous ship was Kim So Yeon & Lee Sang Woo. It actually sailed and they are married now . my poor heart is helpless to wish our OTP to end up together so much. Anyways, as others said many times before, lets enjoy the time together as long as we can and wish all the best to both PMY and PSJ .
  7. it has been a long time since i've been here. i've been so busy but managed to watch all the episodes as of today. last time when i was on this thread it only had 17 pages. Now i gotta catch up and read all night maybe. Anyways, great discussion and analyzing skillz y'all got there. Have a happy ParkPark day my beloved shippers.
  8. fellow shippers where do you watch BTS'? If it is possible please share them here. Many thanks for the gifs and videos shared above
  9. Aweeee, finally i am back to shippers world . I have been waiting for so long for Park-Park shippers thread. Thank you sooo much for creating one @minwoojin . I was on board this Park-Park pairing since D-days count lol. I am so excited for us shippers. A group hug everyone
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