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[OFFICIAL] YongSeo/용서/SeoHwa Couple Thread 2 ♥

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Guest -insideout

think this fan is congratulating us on opening up a new thread. Hello Korean Sweet Potato!

숨피의 용서 팬페이지가 2,000페이지를채워서 새로 이사를 갔답니다.

저도 처음 알게 된 사실인데 숨피는 2,000페이지를 채우면 새로운 thread를만들어야 하나봐요.

아래 주소 링크가 새로 이사간 곳이네요. 어제까지도 힘들어하던 분들이 많았는데 새로 이사가면서

축제 분위기로 새로운 시작을 다짐하고 있네요.

숨피의 해외팬들은 이곳 우갤을 즐겨찾기 해놓고 굉장히 맘으로 의지하는 거 같아요.


Congratulations, 아니면 Thank you라고 댓글에 달아주어서 같이 축하해주면

그분들이 분명 여기글 보고 좋아할 거 같아요.

지금 트위터에 yongseo를 검색하면 아래글이 엄청 많아요.

Yongseo Soompi Thread #1 has 40,000+Replies; 18,796,085+ views & 2000+ pages.

Gogumas are amazing for showing so muchlove for Yongseo ♥

첫번째 Thread 정말 대단해요. 4만개 이상 리플에,페이지뷰가 1천8백만이 넘었다니...ㄷㄷㄷㄷ

cr: DC gallery

congratulations from DC Gallery

*quoted image*

omg! idk if someone translated this yet, but this is sooooo sweet and adorable of dc~



Soompi's Yongseo fanpage filled up 2,000 pages so they moved to a new place.

I learned this for the first time too, but if a soompi page hits 2,000 pages it seems like they have to make a new thread.

The link below is the new place they moved to. Even until yesterday there were a lot of people having a hard time, but while moving to a new place, in a mood of celebration they are making a resolution to start anew.

Soompi's international fans added this WGM DC Gallery as a link, and I think they rely on us a lot with their hearts. {t/n: kinda difficult to express this part in english}

In the replies here

I think we we leave a Congratulations, or Thank you and congratulate them, those people will definitely see it and enjoy it as well.

If you search "yongseo" in twitter right now, this following message comes up a lot:

Yongseo Soompi Thread #1 has 40,000+Replies; 18,796,085+ views & 2000+ pages.

Gogumas are amazing for showing so muchlove for Yongseo ♥

The first thread is really amazing. with over 40,000 replies, and the viewcount is over 18,000,000...

there are a lot of replies and new threads coming up on dc congratulating us international fans. ahhhh the power of goguma family <3

oh shoot topped a page

here are some dc threads congratulating us!

축하해줍시다!! A new thread. Congratulations

용서)To. soompi - Congratulation!!

A song for the soompi family~

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Guest l0okiemaria

CONGRATS EVERYONE! Our new home! :] i think this is a good way to start the new news that we have encountered this past week. I am glad that we started this thread in a positive way! :D 

I am anticipating today's new episode!! and any new news about yong and hyun at the concert. Lucky thai gogumas! hehe. and actually, i think i might end up tearing up in this episode today.. idk y tho.. lol

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Guest AngelVillian

Yay! Today's a saturday and we have our new thread.


Glad that most of the shippers are alright.

(As in like, not that sad anymore)

Let's enjoy the future episodes happily like always :)

Also, i was re-watching some of the yongseo episodes.

[The japan episode especially.]

And then i was remembering the moments (scenes) where we were GOING ALL GO-CHUN over

I mean, if we talk about the japan episode it'll be : HYUN HOLDS YONG'S HAND!!

But no no no. I was watching it and i was excited when YONG GRABS HYUN'S HAND

I admit it's because i've forgotten about that (Spazz too much about hyun holding's yong's hand)


Happy maxxxxx

Opps. sorry if i'm the only one going crazy here.

All yongseo shippers lets get crazy in afew hours later on.


MC Jake wouldn't let us down..

I know MC JAKE is just like the rest of us here,

Crazy over Yongseo :)

And totally LOL, i was having this family dinner later on.

But i said to my dad i didn't want to go,

Cause you know...i'll have to miss the broadcast.

And really, i don't wanna miss anymore moments of yongseo together with you guys.

Currently treasuring the times we have now :)

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Guest seveneightnine

waaaa.. cheers new thread!

can't wait the new eps and their performance :D

it'll be super duper daebak!

yongseo i love youu :*

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Guest soshisoshisoshi

whoops, it hasn't been long but we already have a SERIOUS TOPIC to discuss??? thanks seohyungeneration for sharing your thoughts!

this is a response to this discussion, it's about PSH, but somehow related to YongSeo..... I'll put it in the spoiler. YOU BE THE JUDGE! ;)

[NEWS] Park Shin Hye in Singapore, talks about "Festival"

(earlier parts omitted)

Park Shin Hye entered the entertainment industry at a young age of 13  and debuted in drama "Stairway to Heaven". Her latest drama "You're  Beautiful"(2009) was a great hit throughout the world, gaining her  numerous support from international fans.

When asked, Park Shin Hye said "If I can choose again, I will choose to  enter the industry at 18 or 19 years of age. 13 years old is too young  to enter the entertainment industry."

On the day of her arrival in Singapore (March 9 2011), it was confirmed  that the actress will be starring alongside CNBlue leader Jung Yonghwa  in MBC's summer drama "Festival". It will be Park Shin Hye and Jung  Yonghwa's 2nd drama together after "You're Beautiful".

When asked about whether she has contacted Jung Yonghwa by phone lately,  Park Shin Hye said "Yonghwa doesn't treat me like a girl. I don't treat  him like a boy, either!" she laughed "I believe that he has changed a  lot after "You're Beautiful". It's been a while since I worked together  with him after ANJell. But i think since we have worked together before,  we will be able to co-operate very well in "Festival". Please give the  drama lots of support."

So, you two have never called each other on the phone? "Haha, we're only  friends! He doesn't treat me like a girl. Lee Hongki always says "Even  if we go traveling together, there will not be any rumors!".'

What is your ideal type of man? "I like boys who have a sense of responsibility." she answered.

Park Shin Hye left Paragon Atrium at around 9pm and has left for Korea  today. During the interview, she expressed her wish to tour around  Singapore's tour spots such as Sentosa and ride on the Singapore Flyer.

Credit: ZB News, Singapore

Translated by: http://www.shinhye.o...-ferragamo.html                                                 

*taken from karrenstar's post@Festival Official Thread

As I said before....... YOU BE THE JUDGE! :D

EDIT: thanks -insideout for the translation! KOREAN GOGUMAS!!! we do rely on your forum alot! thank you for congratulating our second thread, we always positive minds, even after the news is out already ^_^

ladylia257! thanks for the fanfic update! I'm really really hooked with your fanfic.... keep up the good work!

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Guest kasia3goguma

Wow! Congratulations everyone!

I knew we will do it ! B)

Of course, I was sleeping when we reached 2000pages... But now, reading all Your posts make me sooo happy! :lol:

Thanks to everyone who were here for all these pages so far! Thanks for all Your work, subs, fanfics, fanvideos, artworks, every beautiful post... HUGS :wub:

We have 1,5 h to NEW EPISODE! Saturday is indeed the best day :lol:

Hope to see a lot of pics and fancams from concert and our couple! :wub:

I have one more thing that I hope will happen:

I hope that MBC will show us MORE UNSEEN CLIPS! I always enjoy them, if they show more, I'm in Go-chun! :lol:


zcanby - hello! :D With THONGTN we really did a great job on Youtube B)

Yongseo Fighting!

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Awwwww second thread!!!!!

Congratulations Gogumas!!!!! 

My, my. We have come a long way. 

Today I could see a new episode. Plus I heard Yongseo will sing Banmal Song together. If they do, doesn't that mean they have met and practiced together before? And that eternity ring got me hoping SO MUCH, I tell you. The timing of the announcement that their show will end and the time Hyun wore it feels too much to be a coincidence. Maybe she's trying to tell something. That she'll hold on though the show will end? I don't know. I'm very optimistic right now. Who knows, maybe Yong will find his eternity ring again and wear it with her. That would be awesome ( I heard he wore it like, a year ago). 

Like what ajayuki said, "I believe in Jung Yong Hwa and Seo Joo Hyun! I believe they will make it happen!"

And so, here's my new chapter for my fic, Run Devil Run. 


I hope you like it. 

OMG seriously. Will they really really sing Banmal Song together in Thailand?

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Guest zcanby

I'm coming out of lurking mode to celebrate the new thread before the hype dies down. Congratz on making it to Gochun #2 everyone!!!! *throws lots and lots of confetti* :)

Hope everyone is doing well. Only a few more hours until uri couple's next episode ^^ I'm really really excited for this one! Sadly I won't be able to stay up to watch it but I'll catch it tomorrow morning (hopefully with subs already hehe). Even with the news I'm SOOOOO glad that we're all remaining cheerful and happy! After all, we really do have so much to celebrate and be thankful for :) You're all amazing and I love reading all of your posts!! Can't wait for the Thailand performance!! The fanboy in me is doing cartwheels :P going back to lurker mode now...enjoy everyone. GOGUMAS FIGHTING!! YONGSEO FIGHTING!! :D :D

PS...Special shoutout to the other members of the "Banmal Song Trio" kasia3goguma and maknae THONGTN :) :)

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Guest lovekin

First thing came into my mind when I heard the tsunami in Japan is Yongseo. Honestly. They are so lucky to be in Thailand right now. I hope everyone to be safe (especially our gogumas in Japan). I know obviously there are a lot of casualties but let's pray and hope that they will be rescued as soon as possible.

We respect each other's opinion. I grew up in a culture to respect whatever opinions we have and still can get along harmoniously. I hope this forum aside from being an official seohwa thread celebrates freedom of expression and respect on different cultures and opinions.

Read at your own risk.

"After watching all the BTS from YB, nothing seemed to scream that he and PSH were anything other close "buddies." Plus why in the world would PSH be giving relationship/dating tips to Hyun if there was anything going on between her and Yong. I think PSH is a shipper too and will make sure Yong stays on the straight and narrow path called Hyun. Everyone has said that Yong doesn't have many female friends so maybe PSH is the one he goes to for dating advice." from celticheart

You have a point there. But...........we must remember in real life there are a lot of things that we don't expect in life such as love. Example: 1)There are a lot of friends who end up with each other. Friends are better lovers since you understand each other. 2) Some people have secret loves with their friends (even if this friend has a special someone in his heart) and pretend it is just okay with them as long as they stay friends just to be close to them. 3) Rebound love can happen too. 4) From the book of war, isn't it best to be closer to the enemy to get to know the enemy 5) There are some girls who will do anything for love, etc., etc., etc.

Action speaks volume and larger than words. There are some vids  with comments that show how somehow PSH is so much into Yongwha. (You tube -- look for both their name with YAB). I don't know. As PSH said the more you compliment Yongwha, he will do anything for you.  Let's see after 3-5 months after the drama. And if PSH will get engaged and eventually get married. I really really wish my woman's intuition is very very wrong.

This has been bugging me for almost a year now. I just wanted to express it and get it out of my chest. I wanted to apologize first of all. I don't mean to bash or anything about this topic. Again I apologize 1,000,000 times or even more. I don't know how broadminded will the people be reading this. I already a foreword before reading this spoiler. I just don't know anyone who is a yongseo fan to tell this kind of thing.  It seems to me I'm still confused with Yongwha. I appreciate the song he made for Seohyun. It was really sweet. He is too talented that he made so many songs. I hope these are not lyrics or just words and he mean it when he said once he got hold of her hands he will not let it go. Time will tell. I wanted to erase my perception of him if he is an out of mind, out of sight guy. His consistency on ideal girl (as compared to Seohyun who has been consistent with his favorite actor Johnny Deep all this time, Jinwoon--Seohyun as his ideal girl type for so long). Then again he is still young. He hasn't really found what he is looking for.

He said he never met anyone like Seohyun before. He said she is really unique. Seohyun is more than this and more. They just needed more time to mature and grow. They have a lot things ahead of them. Wish them luck.

Just saying.


lmao, i was going to contribute an entire exposition on this, but i didn't want to ruin the new vibe here - at least for now.  tongue.gif  but just a quick response to your spoiler, i agree with you in a way.  while great friends do make great lovers, it's also true that great friends make great friends.  it's also not uncommon for similarly attractive (well, depending on your own preferences of what is deemed attractive) and unattached friends to flirt with each other.  not always, but it's natural.  i even, grudgingly, anticipate this in BTS for festival; i'm hoping for the opposite, but that's a given.

in the case of PSH, i'm just of the opinion (and i'm aware this could be my bias talking) that she has more romantic inclinations for JGS - if i had to choose between JGS and JYH - mainly because the same shyness she has with him is what i've seen in YS.  i could be wrong and extremely blinded by my delusions, but i just think there's a way JGS treats PSH and the way she reacts to his advances that is strikingly different from the way she reacts to JYH (note that i haven't watched enough JYH-PSH interactions to make a proper comparison; if i did, i think my brain would explode from the self-inflicted masochism).

also, i think i shared this with SPD once, but i found an interesting interview during the YAB promo craze (you can try to google it; i forgot what exactly i searched for because my stumbling upon it was a complete accident).  yonghwa was asked to pick his ideal between PSH, UEE, and another girl.  he eventually chose PSH (but not after insisting that it was really her character, GMN, that was his ideal).  and he also added a shout-out to PSH, telling her that they should help each other (e.g., picking each other as their ideals).

now, i happened to interpret that as an adorable reflection of how comfortable they are to request that of each other.  i'm not eliminating the possibility that there could have been another meaning to it, but i just happen to feel they have a very close friendship.  then again, this is coming from somebody who is staunchly pro-YS and pro-JGS/PSH.

- -

on a different note, congratulations!  i sincerely hope this place continues to grow even without wgm.  i know, i know - we're not supposed to talk about the end or think about things that might get us down, but i don't really see the fuss in acknowledging it.  as i was saying, i hope this place continues to grow.  it would be a sad sight to see this new thread lose traction just because YS is over.  i don't think we'll have as much news, but i fancy the idea that someday down the line there will be something to talk about - rumor or otherwise.

plus, it's just bloody weird to stop visiting this forum after having done so regularly for the past year.

(p.s. the calmness of this post is just a ruse.  still reeling, still huffing and puffing, but just toned down for now sweatingbullets.gif)

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Guest tinkershellsoompi


congrats my fellow gogumas....we let our love for Yongseo overflow on the other thread...let's continue doing the same here...

today is such a special day :)

-getting of new soompi thread

-broadcast of YongSeo's new episode

& last but not the least....BANMAL duet!

can't wait to see them together on the same stage...I know they will drive all my heartaches away..

let's enjoy these happy moments ♥

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Guest scatterbrain

new thread!!! :wub:

this week has been a roller coaster for us and the pages in old soompi thread jumped like crazy...

curious of what yong might have lost that caused hyun to be so angry? i usually don't like to see them fight...for example during the mildang period. but knowing that their time in WGM is nearly ending, i actually feel like i'm going to enjoy today's episode. i think i'm going to laugh at everything that they are going to do today...

and if yong really lost the scarf...

if anybody finds a beige scarf with YS initial on it, please return to the rightful owner.the owner has been kicked out of the house and left outside in the cold by his wife because he lost it. you will be rewarded with love from everyone in go-chun!

anybody knows when the concert will be broadcasted on TV?

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Guest JeanetteCham

 영원히 시대     laugh.gif

It's our 2nd thread alr!  Congratz everyone :DD Welcome to the new home (OF GOGUMAS wub.gif )! No wonder people say that Yongseo's Soompi Thread is the BEST PLACE to find out about Yongseo happy.gif Oh is it confirmed that WGM will start earlier today? Didn't the news come slightly to late? -.-" BUT its even better! We get to see Yongseo Mre :D Let's forget about the sad news and rejoice about the new thread and spazz about the new episode later , Shall we? :D 

Note: Everyone, let's pray for Japan (and Indonesia) . While we're here celebrating about our 2nd thread, Japan is in CHAOS now and Indonesia's volcano erupted. #prayforjapan sleep.gif

EDIT: Could anyone gimme a link for watching WGM pls? :) Tks

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Guest Seychan

Congratulation our big family Gochuns. This is a new house and our happiness will continue at here every day ...:wub:

Promise that we are always together as one big family, happy & smile with every sweet moments of YongSeo, happy to read the post with similar views to yours or give new perspectives, but very accurate, sometimes just happy we have something to share about YongSeo and this is where we first thought in our mind...♥

We - Goguma shippers & YongSeo couple were together go through a long journey, have happiness and the rumors as we are not happy, but we still stand together to encourage, comfort. I remember when all of us smiling together and spazz like crazy family when have new episodes or new pictures or spot couple rings ... and we still stand together at here after so many rumors have muffled heart ...

Let's celebrate because we have a new home for our big family ... to continue along with happy moments and memorable with YongSeo couple. Thank u guys so much so much ♥

Today we have a new thread, we will have an ep deabak YongSeo again, and tonight uri YongSeo will duet "Banmal song" together ... they can be together all day, practice and conversation, on guitar and singing and their eyes look at together sparklie like they always .... Today is a very meaningful date for me ... :wub:

Some my artwork from ep 3, ep 17.  I have made from YSInternational's project for YS 1st anniversary.  Hope u like it ♥




My artwork for YongSeo's wedding photoshoot :wub:

Just like heaven


"I still remember the day I proposed to you and you said YES..."


Sometimes happiness comes from little things like this ...

I love uri Gochun & uri YongSeo couple <3

*hug all my Goguma at here*

Love isn't a big thing. It's a millions of small things


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Guest bbblyzu3

YEAY 2ND THREAD  :w00t:  :P

welcome to uri 2nd home haha...

its feel like the first time I read this thread last year

before  I'm only  lurker at that time..^_^

lets fill this thread with happy  thought and spazzz :wub:  :lol:

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Guest gogumaaa.

WHEE! we've moved!:lol:

anyway. i was wondering about something last night before i slept.

the kissing shoot during their wedding photoshoot.

was that yong's first on screen kiss too? or did he have one before with PSH in YAB already?

AWW that will be such a pity!

1 more hour to go!! YAYEE! :)

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Guest jnj

pls..if we are here to discuss what he did with psh,

put it in spoiler pls.. -_-

this is after all a yongseo thread :wub:

1 hr more to go...

what grave mistake did yong make today?

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Guest jgz89

I'm really happy to come back to a new thread!! biggrin.gif


tbh, I'm trying really hard to stay positive at the moment. I'm very excited about the new episode, though I feel it's a bit bittersweet. I'm a bit emotional at the moment to begin with so... IDK, I'm trying to stay positive. At this point, I want to enjoy YongSeo while I can and send them off all the best energy and wishes for success. They need the rest and *fingers crossed* I hope they date IRL. Well... moving on. If there is one thing I love about Seohyun and Yonghwa it is their ability to throw some surprises at us, so I'm really anticipating this new episode. I think it looks all kinds of hilarious, while hoping it's not Mildang Part 2 scenario.

Anyways, for the purposes of celebrating this thread, the awesomeness of Goguma nation, and the couple fueling our fandom:


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Guest Melda1430270038

Congratulation for the second thread gogumas yorobun..

YONGSEO daebak, and you guys daebak too..


hihihi... ;)

and always pray for Japan too :( ... God Bless Them more and more..

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Guest sana_a

yayyyyy they're rehearsing now!!

wooo ill give cookies for fancams :)

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