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  1. Dear All, Happy 1 year anniversary of this thread! I'm so grateful to find friends from the early days of our thread, and have loved Mineun for a year with everyone. I navigate mostly on twitter @ladylia257 these days. Speaking about Mineun, I was really happy during the day of KGE's IG live! I was teaching, but I peeked a little bit from time to time! I wish she could do it more often. Then I enjoyed reading the translations of everything she said. Mincho was interesting, and she sang a song by Sunwoojunga, who is also th
  2. It's been non-stop happiness this week. 1. TKEM's first anniversary 2. TKEM LED at Coex 3. LMH returning to Korea 4. Yumi's Cells started filming 5. The cast of Babi is announced: Park Jinyoung 6. KGE posts, looking so cute and happy 7. And Z releases a new video We're having a flood of updates!!! Also, everything motivates me to finally finished writing my main Mineun fanfiction, Romancing Miss Sunshine. It has reached chapter 18. https://www.wattpad.com/story/225525337?utm_source=android&utm_medium=link&ut
  3. Yup, so excited for this. But will be in class at that time. Hope someone will record it *sobs* Edited at 6.10 pm WIB Sooooo ecstatic that he's back in Korea! I'm not a certain actress, but I'm over the moon to see him back in Seoul! This is an HD video from News En of his arrival.
  4. Yup. Hello! I'm here and would like to continue my soompi forum journey. Ah, so many things to celebrate! He's finally flying back to Korea! I don't know why I can't attach pictures on my post when I'm posting from my phone, though! But I'm soooo happy to finally see him flying back! Also, BH Ent just announced that KGE will have an IG live to celebrate her debut on 23 April, 20.00 KST. I'll be in class, sadly, but I'm sure somebody will record it.
  5. Hello, All. The anniv has made me missed this thread. I was here on the first months it was created. I feel like coming back here and maybe post once a day. So many reasons to be happy about. The LED video of TKEM's first anniv was aired in COEX Seoul, the center of Seoul and it was seen by many Koreans, I'm sure. I'm so grateful and proud for everyone who have donated from all over the world and make the event possible. Koreans might be shocked because TKEM worths that huge for International fans. Now they know how much it means for
  6. Dear All, just wanna drop by on this 1 year anniversary at the place where it all started for me. When I started watching TKEM, I watched it just because I love Kim Eun Suk's drama. Didn't know I'd love the drama so much, ship Mineun so hard, and write so many fanfictions about them. TKEM helped me survived the first months of the pandemic, introduce me to my new dear friends, and give me a new couple to root for. I sincerely believe they're together. The BTS makes me believe it. And ever since the drama was over, I believe they have given us so
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