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  1. I watched it already. It's beautiful and heartbreaking. My favorite scenes were when he burst out to his dad and that last dance. He's so awesome there that it's so mindblowing to think that he didn't receive a cent from it TT_______TT But I mean a Joseon period historical drama, filled with political intrigues, the fear of getting poisoned by someone close, battle scenes on a horse with a sword and archery. Maybe one day if there's a historical drama script that could move him. Also, is there a compilation of English translations for Na Tae Joo's works? I really want to read it.
  2. I haven't watched The Face Reader. I will, soon. I believe he's just being too hard on himself when he said that, though. I love historical dramas. It always brought different sides of the actors, something we couldn't see in modern dramas. Even the language is different. It's always more formal in historical dramas. I want to see him as a crown prince or an emperor too, fighting off politic rivalry or go to war, be in a battle scene. It would be really interesting to watch, I'm sure. But it's just my personal wish. Whatever project he'll do after he's discharged, I'll be grateful and watch happily. I just finished watching the movie As One, about the table tennis international competition where the North and South Korea joined forces for the first time. Lee Jong Suk-ssi played a really uptight and innocent North Korean athlete. The movie was a bit boring at first, but it catches up towards the middle and the end, thanks to the amazing acting skills of the two main actresses, Ha Ji Won and Bae Doo Na. Lee Jong Suk-ssi was memorable here, looking so innocent with a basic haircut and black hair. I especially loved his romantic (though tragic) scenes here. He really could express himself well as a North Korean who was used to hold in all his emotions, including to a girl he liked. Loved his acting here. He's already good even then TT___________TT And he already played with Ha Ji Won twice. In As One and Secret Garden. She's one of my most favorite actress. Would he be able to star in one movie/drama with her as the main actor? I'd love him to act alongside Song Hye Kyo as well. I know they are both a lot older than him, but they're like the best South Korean actresses for me. He could play with Lee Na Young, so maybe Ji Won and Hye Kyo are possible as well. For his generation of actresses, I love Jung Ji Eun and IU. It's definitely my wish to see him acting with them. You are right. He is really an exceptional actor. When he acts, he's not only saying dialogues. Even his body language differs from one work to the other. I think it's really fantastic. He said all his work were not based on instincts but careful and hard work. Well, I say he must be born with the natural talent of acting. I pray that he can always stay in the acting industry, even until he grows old, and be South Korea's Al Pacino, getting award winning quality material for the rest of his life.
  3. Hello, All! This time I am here to share my feelings after watching While You Were Sleeping for the second time. Like I said before, watched the drama for the first time the year it aired because I like Suzy from Uncontrollaby Fond and Lee Jong Suk in W. Was not a fan of him yet, but I already acknowledged his great acting skills. Watching it for the second time is more meaningful. Will it be even more meaningful the third time around? Everytime Jung Jae Chan was in pain, I feel for him as well. It hurt when he got shot. My heart breaks when he held Mr. Choi for the last time. And I am in love with Nam Hong Joo as well. When watching a drama, the most important for me is the story has to excellent. The second, the actors must have good acting skills for me to finish it. Honestly, if Lee Jong Suk has his current acting skills minus his Grecian God looks, I'd still love him. The fact that he's an incredible actor WITH his dream-like appearance makes me have no choice but to be his fan. He's really, really incredible in his art. It's also obvious with every piece of his work that he loves his job. He's not acting because he wants the money or the fame. He loves acting itself. As advised, I watched the SBS Drama Awards acceptance speech and found out that he improved a lot from his previous speech at MBC Drama Awards the year before. He did great, and rather than responding to criticism about him, he seemed to simply wanted to be better as himself and for his fans. I also have followed the career or many Korean male idols and actors, but it's rare that there are the highly talented ones with such humility as him. He said he's thankful for his fans, for making someone so ordinary like him special. It might not be his exact words, yet that's the gist. He's so humble to the point that it's worrying. May he always be surrounded with good people. A heart that is so good breaks easily. I don't mean to be depressing, just......you know. Nice people are not always treated nicely. I will pray that Lee Jong Suk-ssi will always be safe and have people around him with equal good hearts. He seems to know well who he should be close with, so I guess he will be safe. In the future too, may he always be that humble. Because these are the characters of people who reach the stars, so to speak. As in, reaching the best he could ever be. In the future, can he act in a historical drama? It will be nice to watch. His roles are always different. However, a historical drama would be entirely different. Next, I'm going to embark on his movies. Watched his cut in School Ghost, a movie from 2010. His role was small and the movie was obviously a low-budget one. Ah, he really started from the bottom, didn't he? I feel touched when I think that he's now one of the top Korean actors. Thank you so much for letting me share my thoughts about him, and see you on my next post.
  4. Hello, All So I'm back after a week. I just finished watching W for the second time. It's more intense and better than the first watch. I'm trying to be objective. I definitely don't have to wait for the next episode this time. Watching everything in one go is so convenient, especially for a drama that has lots of plot twists and cliffhangers. I'm proud because now I can say that I have watched all Jongsuk's dramas where he got major roles. W is definitely my favorite in terms of story and writing. I guess I should watch the other dramas by the same writer. Of course, the drama is so alive, believable and hypnotizing thanks to Jongsuk's incredible performance. He could make me spend most of my free time in a busy week watching W. Another thing that is also memorable is watching him get the Daesang award for Best Actor in MBC's drama award Ah, Lee Jongsuk-ssi, you are really one of a kind, aren't you? I like watching dramas and movies. I have watched lots of award winning speeches from many actors and actresses. It's a big deal for them, no matter how many times they win. They would always say amazing things, or try to impress audience by saying moving speeches. But Lee Jong Suk? He said he's not good in saying great speeches like the other actors and that he was really grateful. His speech was so short that the MC had to stop him from leaving. When he was asked to say something more, since he won the Daesang after all, he said he had two pills to stop him from feeling anxious (obviously legal pills for anxiety or else he wouldn't mention it) and that he was sleepy overall. He only added once more that he was really grateful. I think he also mentioned his fans twice. This behaviour could be interpreted in various ways, but for me, it's endearing. He didn't write or prepare any speeches as if he didn't expect or even think he could win. He's unpretentious and was nervous, and couldn't think of anything amazing to say on the spot, therefore he only said he was really grateful. The way he behaved makes me think he wants to escape the stage as fast as possible, because it's nerve-wrecking for him to be there and on the spotlight, in front of so many people focusing on him. And last but definitely not least, I'm shocked because he said he took two anti-anxiety pills before the awards and was feeling sleepy. Like I said before, South Korea is an extremely perfectionist country. Idols and actors would do a lot of things to cover their flaws, even the smallest things. And here we have Lee Jongsuk admitting he took two anti-anxiety pills on stage, on a major award show, broadcasted live and streamed by viewers around the world. He's really one of a kind, isn't he? He really doesn't filter himself. He doesn't mind being honest and showing his flaws. He didn't enjoy spotlight much, and would rather escape as fast as he could, even when he's the biggest winner of all that night. Why is he so adorable I just can't TT_______________________TT Sigh. I do regret starting to be his fan when he's enlisting. My timing is so bad. But then again, better late than never. After finishing W, I jump right in to rewatching While You Were Sleeping. It's amazing how in my eyes he morphed so fluidly from the character Kang Chul to Jung Jae Chan. He's really an incredible actor. Now that I claim myself to be a fan, I wish to have some of his merchandise. Ah, if only his collaboration with Na Tae Joo has an English version......What I really wish is to buy his season's greetings, since I love to write diaries and they have one diary per year. It's ok even if I have to change all the dates. I might pour all this feels to a fanfiction soon, since it's my way to express my feelings when I fangirl really hard, but I still feel not sure of what story to write. Either way, I'm really grateful that Lee Jongsuk-ssi exists at all. Thank you for coloring my days with your excellent dramas. May you always be healthy and happy during your enlistment!
  5. @kembie thank you for the warm welcome. And yes, he's an actor with amazing talents and admirable personality. I hope he'll continue to have a brilliant path in front of him. @frozentundra thank you as well for welcoming me. Yes, I feel from his interviews that he's actually an introvert. There are two sides of being an actor of his level. The job and being a superstar. It's obvious that he's in the K-ent world for the job. He loves acting to the point that he's obsessed with it, working in several projects per year and often criticized himself too much. He doesn't seem like he's enjoying the superstar part much, though. He reaches out to his fans in quirky, adorable ways, but he's never the "I'm glad I'm famous" type. I am a bit sad because he said in his past interviews, the real Lee Jong Suk never had much personal experiences, but recently he's reaching out more to certain friends, especially from his school years. Hope he's happier now. Another things I'd like to tell is, I'm not ready to take a break from watching his dramas yet. Though I've watched all his dramas, I'm now watching W for the second time. After that I'll repeat While You Were Sleeping. After that, maybe I'll explore his movies. Also, because of him, I tried Sum37, lol. Oh Lee Jong Suk, the power you have over me!
  6. Hello, I'm Lia from Indonesia, and I want to share what I feel and think about this great actor we all love.
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