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[OFFICIAL] YongSeo/용서/SeoHwa Couple Thread 2 ♥


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hello my lovely In Go Paem =) Yay!! We finally did it and to top it off we got to the 2nd thread on a special day! Group HUG :wub: So to celebrate this, I just wanted to post on of the things that I've spazzed the most last February


Yonghwa:  I don't have very specific requests/expectations  towards my ideal type:

Firstly, I hope she is the pure kind,

innocentk.jpg and has a feminine personality, femininem.jpg and someone who is honest. honest.jpg Also for appearances I like (girls with) long hair, hopefully wavy long hair. hairgv.jpg For size...I hope she is somewhat taller past my shoulders, height.jpg and I like clear and clean eyes.. eyesi.jpg and a girl who knows how to take care of herself / self disciplined. smessage.png So, who is the lucky girl, YongHwa? :lol:inshort.jpg

it's always good to look back at the memories that they have created together right? and to make it better, the time when Yonghwa gave this answer in an interview in THAILAND is after the wedding photoshoot :wub:

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Guest luckynew

Love! Love! Love! Everybody Clap! Clap! Clap! Let's make memorable memories in this new thread of uri YongSeo! YongSeo Fighting!

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Guest SeLeNe_Alai07

This is awsome this threat is already on is second page. I'm looking forward to details about the Thai concert and anyway anyone have information about links to the concert since is suppost to be broadcast in Korea and other countries.

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Guest YSLN0910

I'M IN HERE YAHOOO!! OMG I LOVE THE BANNERS & BIO <3 Anyway I love your GPX, intoxd. That's wonderful. Beautiful. And LOVELY :D Can't wait for today! So curious with.. the reason of Myeongdong's date HAHAHA

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Guest sconegirl


wow this is cool, i'm posting in new thread and i've never posted in new threads before especially one that reached 2000 pages. this is what i call a 'milestone'.

this is daebak, leave all those sad memories behind and let's start a new chapter. 

let's be happy for today's episode and smile cheekily tongue.gif

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Happy 2nd thread!

(There is such thing as that!)

I really wish that WGM will create or let Hyun and Yong, rather, create a memorable and epic closure. Some wish for the last epi[c]sode – I’m pretty sure these are 99% doable wishes:

  • Can they put Seulong and Jinwoon as co-emcees since they have witnessed our couple’s story?

  • Hope that SeoHyun would finally able to call her nampyeon ‘Yonghwa-yah!’.

  • Hope that in the BRI, SeoHyun would finally answer the question, “What is the difference between liking someone and loving someone?

And to post in our new thread, this is where it all started:


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Guest isdupt15


Congratulations everyone for the new thread.

you all guys did a good job!!

today is saturday. best day of the week for all of us :]]

let's all stay happy and enjoy the remaining moments!!! :]]

can't wait for the updates from thailand and the episode later !!

let's all spazz later :]]

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Guest iK_Fen

Finally.....we got a new thread.....WOW :w00t:

OUR SECOND THREAD....lets fil up with a happy,love,sweet....everything about our couple :wub:

to all of Goguma Villagers....Congratulation

hmm...its Sat...its YongSeo Time....its double YongSeo time (new epi and their on the same stage in Bangkok)

Thai Gogumas...still fighting....proud and love u all :lol:

someday...our couple will be announced,that they are REAL each other (still believe and pray)

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Guest lunasol

I am so happy that we have started our new thread!! 

In honor of this event maybe we can post some of our favorite potos/caps or write about our favorite moments while we wait for the performance and episode  biggrin.gif





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Yes!!!! A new thread.... Congratulations to us!!!!

I was worried that i will not be able to find the new thread!! But now i am here... A new home, a new beginning and its Saturday!

YongSeo day for us!!! 

Looking forward for the episode although i can't watch it live....

And thank you in advance to all the spazzers, screencaps, translations, and any infos that you are going to share on this thread later....


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I am beginning to feel like those bands that do multiple farewell tours and never retire but even though I said my goodbyes on the last thread, I wanted to say welcome on the new one.

Just a thought, I am so sorry for the people new to Yongseo, that discovered them due to banmal song on you-tube or other sources and are just now getting to know them just as they are leaving the show. Watch all the episodes and then stay here and you can speculate, talk and spazz about them and there will always be someone to share your thoughts with you. Even after they leave the show there will always be news about them. Stay here and just get to know them and the wonderful people that populate this thread. And now another 90 degree bow to  the translators, subbers, fanvid makers and fanfic writers, and all the posters. I love you all and wish only the best for all of you and hope that your dreams come true.

And for now a goodbye and as always

It is what we think and what we know and

Expect the unexpected!

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Guest uni343ver

I need to join in and spazz about the 2nd thread or else I'll miss my chance to do so when all the hype is gone....WOOT WOOT!!!


Epi 48

Thailand concert : YONGSEO + BIL + SIL = HAPPY FAMILY

2nd thread 

                BEAUTIFUL                VS             HANDSOME 

                       c10331996111.jpg        full1.jpg

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wowww..that fast...i think i just post something on the other page....YEAYYY...

feels like new home...:wub::wub:

Btw, have all of you check Banmal Song at youtube lately ( by sweetpotato4339)...it already 3mill viewer..>COOL huh....:w00t::w00t:

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Guest InTokgoguma


all my goguma cinggus and familes..

Finally we got our second thread..

im so excited now waiting for banmal song duet and today's WGM episode.. its gonna be daebak..

Thailand goguma are so lucky..

you guys are so daebak!! i got teary look at the pictures and fancams..

i believe Yong and Hyun are happy and touched..

By the way, i think many gogumas are difficult to find this thread..  there are some of gogumas who still spazzing in old thread..

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Guest dangshin

Wow..  It a Good feeling to post on the 2nd GoChun Thread.. (coz posting here is like visiting Heaven... hehehe)

and I can Feel a really positive vibe... few more hours and another Daebak Yongseo Episode.. and More Pix from Thailand pls...

wah.. I've been wanting to fly to Thailand right now.. HAizt.... IF only I can... Superman where are you??? hahahaha

Last month I was seriously thinking of Booking a flight to THAILAND just for a Vacation.. If only I know Earlier that there would be an MBC Concert..  Wahhhh.. i should have reserved a ticket... Hmmmm.. nweiz.. I'll save money again and Wait for the REAL YONGSEO WEDDING.. I PROMISED I'LL FLY TO KOREA!!!!!

is it Seychan who first thought of it??? hehehe.. I'll COme with you if that happens.. I SWEAR!

hahaha... Keep Spazzing Guys!

Mwah... ♥♥♥

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Guest soshisoshisoshi

Well this is really exciting my great aunt use to said that when one door closes a new window opens so lets have tons of fun spazzing In-Go Paem  on our new Go-Chun. :rolleyes:

Anyways exciting about the new episode looking forward to the bickering those anyone know if the report on the change time is till for 4:30PM instead of the regular 5:10PM KST

This question seems to be buried, on the previous page......... oh well, we are still happy about moving to second thread


thanks in advance^^

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Guest fabiistar07


A new thread for uri YongSeo has been born today :D

Let us celebrate this thread and our lovely couple! :D


Who have gone through many things together


Always playful with eachother :wub:


And always so loveable :wub:


These kids are seriously too darn adorable together<3


And we thought perfection didn't exist :wub:;)



YongSeo's Journey [One-Year Anniversary]

YongHwa's Ideal Woman

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