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[OFFICIAL] YongSeo/용서/SeoHwa Couple Thread 2 ♥


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Guest heartbreak_warfare22

I have a question. after watching the preview, they went on an ice skating rink. then the next scene was them sitting on a bench. Yonghwa brought out something for Seohyun. but on this scene, Yonghwa's hair is now black. when did he dye his hair black? does anyone know? thanks in advance for those who will be answering this question. I asked it to know what date was the next episode filmed.

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Just posting to say HELLO to our new home:wub: .

Thanks gogumas for move here, let´s make this thread as daebak as our first one ^^... wait, let´s make it even daebak!!!

It is ad for me that I couldn´t say bye to our first home, but since I don´t like to say goodbye, is better this way ^^.

Thanks for the reviews and links fabi, hacker, I´m so going to watch our beloved Yongseo right now!!!!

To our Japaneses gogumas, hope you all are alright, please be strong. We love you guys.

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Guest LalaCAKES

Haven't seen the episode yet, but here with preview translations~

As always, please do not take out of Soompi without permission. Thanks!

Y: Should we go out to Myungdong?

H: Should we?

<In order to ease Hyun's heart>

H: It's my first time walking through here.

<Let's go outside today>

Y: I'm seeing this for the first time!

<Their first revealing Myungdong date together>

H: It suits you!

Y: Looks like sweet rice cakes!

<I will treat you a thousand times better than I do now>

Y: I will do a thousand times better.

<Honestly it's been a bit hard lately>

Y: It was very hard.


H: Really?

Y: I wasn't going to take this out but..

<Yong's inner feeling that is cautiously taken out>

Y: It's a present.

H: Why?

H: Wow, you really bought this?

<What is the surprise present that shocked Hyun?>

Ok, to be honest.. this preview is killing me so much.. With the background music, them going out in public to display their relationship, and Yong's "I will treat you better" and "It's been hard lately" lines.. sigh.. :(

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Start of Open Letter

To: My Beloved Goguma Family,

It has been a great journey together for 2000 pages and now we are here in the 2nd YongSeo thread to start a new chapter!

redtulip chingu: I hope you don't mind that i updated our goguma pledge.

The Goguma Pledge (Version 1.0) - redtulip

We, the aliens of Goguma planet, pledge ourselves as one united family, regardless of nationalities, languages and gender, to support our Goguma couple with love and sincerity, so as to achieve unforgettable dreams and beautiful memories.

Go-Chun Pledge (Version 2.0) - redtulip, woollylamb

We the citizens of Go-Chun

Pledge ourselves as one united Goguma Family

Regardless of gender, language or nationality

To carry on giving YongSeo much love, sincerity & strength to continue what they have begun

So as to achieve many beautiful dreams and everlasting memories to come.

Seo Joo Hyun's Motto: "People with good hearts are the ultimate winners"

Let's take a leaf from Seo Baby's book to treat everyone well. A little patience and a lot of love will do wonders. Let's work together to keep this thread a happy place for everyone, existing or new gogumas.

Humbly Yours,

woollylamb (Loyal Go-Chun Citizen)

End of Open Letter

Thoughts on today's episode:

Watching YongSeo always brings laughter. About the scarf, I'm waiting to see if there is another part to it because as always, expect the unexpected from our unique goguma couple. Ice-skating & a surprise next week! *YAY*!

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Guest Cjbaby12

@ bubbly and jnj: thank u for clearing that up. I just didn't want to be violating anything or offending anybody so it worried me. Thanks again! :) you goguma friends are the best! :)

As for today's episode: I did see that people were bashing yong at the chat room, but I didn't care... Coz I know that those are simple minded people. I'm sure they've lost something at one point, right? So don't mind any of them. Besides, they are just jealous they are not with hyun and our yong is... :) so for the antis keep talking because that's all you can do. You have to start looking deeper into them. Can't you see hyun smiling after? She knows herself that yong feels bad and that he didn't mean it. He was so out of it that he couldn't think straight so I think he deserves to be forgiven, right? :) I'm sure they'll fix it. That's how relationships are... :)

They are so cute even when they are arguing because they understand each other's heart. :)

I'll be back later.... The preview with yong and his black hair!!! I wonder what he had prepared for hyun.... Anyone want to guess? :)

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The preview made me sad. I don't know...might be because of the BGM. T____T

Teared up after seeing this:

*quoted image*

They look so happy... T____T

*quoted image*

Congrats on thread 2! ♥

did you know about the bgm in the preview

also i noticed yonghwa hair is black,so they have had a shoot when yonghwa hair already black which is when cn blue go to thailand.

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with lalacakes translations, why does the preview

looks more like the E.. :)

shoo sad thoughts..shoo..

abt the clothings that yong chose for buin...boy oh boy..

this guy sure does like bling bling

but the silver blouse does look good on hyun!

reminds me of the silver dress she had on the Intel vid.

and what is that again abt yong's ideal girl having long and wavy hair..

that is soo seohyun...she is gorgeous in the preview and so is he looking handsome with

the hairdo.. :wub:

i was hoping that they would meet again after yong changed his hair colour

back to black..an i'm happy that they did.. :w00t:


wolly, daebak! a new version of the pledge is awesome as the first..

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Guest ikekeyou

thanks maybe07 for the cute gifs of hyun! ahahah i thought that was the cutest scene ever!

poor hyun disappointed for the lost scarf (which she worked so hard on)

but at the same time poor yong feeling horrible losing it and the fact that hyun is sad.

awww its not his fault that he lost the scarf... he actually brought it to japan with him to wear!

todays episode is making yong feel like the bad guy.... please don't accuse him!

(at first i was like why? why did you loose it?) then i realized how sorry throughout the episode.

waiting for the translations (:

thank you DDuk ahead of time :D

for the preview -- ice skating looks so fun! awwww holding hands having fun (:



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Guest Hao87

Today's episode is putting Yonghwa in a bad light, there could be more anti comments as compared to last week which kay77 has mentioned that many antis were bashing yonghwa after the wedding photoshoot episode.

DC Seohyun gallery is celebrating about the breakup news yesterday as they said that it is the end of slavery for Seohyun. Did yonghwa even treat her like a slave?

Some anti comments have appeared during the broadcast of the show and after the show today, with many people saying that they are disappointed with Yonghwa for losing the scarf which he is supposed to cherish. Some wants the divorce episode to broadcast as soon as possible as they said that Yonghwa treated Seohyun badly, with his jokes getting too far, too childish for Seohyun and not being serious.

How I wish that Yonghwa would not tell her the truth that he has lost the scarf, he is attracting more antis and many die-hard seohyun fans are really angry with him now. I think Seohyun is really disappointed but Yonghwa is feeling really guilty about it, he is not being himself in the episode today.

Everything you do you wont make all people happy, there will always a bunch of people don't like it.

As for those die-hard fans of Seo Hyun, sorry to say but for me they are acting childish. They don't like it because they cant get the people they want/like so they are angry/furious on people that able to.

For those ANTI's, continue to be Choding. We Goguma will still be strong together with the Couple!

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Guest SeLeNe_Alai07

Love the way that Yonghwa is trying super hard to cheer up his buin~ I think it lifted up Hyun's mood for a moment until she saw the shop that sells hand-knit scarf ^_^ Aigoo, how real and how cute can this couple be? Looking forward to next episode - Black Yong made an appearance and it seems like the rumored park date is true afterall.

Sorry for cutting you post but I'm not sure what rumor park date are we talking about I may have miss this because I'm completely lost...

On the other hand as much as I don't want to get mad at Yong for losing the scarf with out all the facts and a perfectely good explanation {(translations) which remins me Thank You DDuk for the translation} I can't help feeling really dissapointed with him. I also know that he didn't do it unporpose  but still is frustrating I really feel for Seohyun and all her hard work.

Yong I love you to death I think you are such wonderful guy and a gentleman, I admired you music and your talent and God knows that now I holed guys to a higher standars because of you, but I swear I could kill you for loosing  such a priceless gift.  As contradictory as this whole statement may sound that is how I feel right now.

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Guest uh-ohxev

Please guys let's not be harsh on Yonghwa.. OBVIOUSLY he did not lose the scarf on purpose. I felt so sad for Hyun and also Yong, because he genuinely felt bad. When he kept apologizing, the way he looked at Seohyun made my heart.. :tears: I can imagine being in both of their positions and it would hurt equally as bad. For him, to know he lost something his wife worked very hard on and spent her precious time. And for Seohyun, who worked hard and put in all the love and time to make it for him.

I think he's just a forgetful person.. some people are like that. He forgot to pay for the coat for example! And in a fan account, I read that same day he had to run back up the escalators cause he had left his wallet. Oh Yong! ^^

Look at the bright side.. he took the scarf with him to Japan. If it meant nothing to him, he would've left it at home. He cherished it so much, he took it with him while traveling..really touched! :wub:

I wonder what he got for Seohyun? Maybe that was valentines? A chocolate? But, it seems to be something more meaningful by her reaction... hmm.. wonder what it can be.

I almost cried when I saw the preview and them laughing and iceskating. Now it really hit me that I only have a couple weeks left to see that.. and I also got teary when Yonghwa said he'd work harder and it's been very hard lately. Aigoo.. I'm looking forward to next week!

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Guest Puge2

the more i see the preview more i dont want them to leave wgm :tears:

Oh, God.. they are so happy in ski arena ..

agree with cjbaby12 Yong is human too he can made a mistake.. we can dissapointed its normal :)  and i think Hyun understand.. I think couple must be like that right. Understand each other:wub:

what is the preview title song? its so touching :tears:

wait the news from Thai Goguma.. Fighting!!

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Guest ellwiy

Hello~! Just watched the preview.. Just listen to the song makes me cry :tears:

About Yong lost the scarf, ya.. kinda feel disappointed too for how Hyun make it with laboriously..blush.gif:blush:

But hey!! Come on cheer up!!! The preview seems to be awesome~ It seems like Yong buy the ring for her?

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Guest deeana55

oh my god yong hwa ya....

you lost it....

but that's what couple do....or man do for particulary they tend to lost stuff...no matter how valuable that stuff is...

and that relationship in the real world.....not all about sweet thing...

and yongseo is real....and all we can do just support them no matter what...

screw the anti.....the most important is them being happy....

anti doesn't know anything...


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can we just spazz abt today's episode and not talk abt the fans(hyun's or yong's)

reactions? if need to be...its better to put into spoiler..

don't want to see any fanwars into this new home... :)


he looks sorry that he lost the scarf, not in Korea but in Jpn..

he brought that scarf with him even to Jpn, gogumas. :wub:

see how he cherish whatever that she gave him...

too bad it is lost now..or is it? ;)

maybe07, tks for the gifs..

i keep replaying the part where hyun doesn't want to get up from the bed..

if that is how she cries..that sad sound of a child..

i dont know what will happen to me if the E is really here :tears:

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Guest k.rivera19

THanks LALACakes for the translation on preview! Pls. dont be too harsh on yong tears.giftears.gif You can see from his expression that he felt really bad .. how could anyone hate him with that face... I think he made it up since Hyun did wear the cape to Japan... remember guys ... the preview is daebakk .. it makes me sad tho especially with the background music tears.gif They look sooo happy! :wub:


oh yea Thanks in advance Dukk for translations!

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Guest kasia3goguma

semi-fly - Thank You for links - always love them! :)

While waiting for translation (Thank Youuuuuu! :wub: ) something came up to my mind :P


Don't You think that Yonghwa must love this Seohyun's outfit with all his heart? It's totally SILVER ! B)

It's driving me crazy, cause we can clearly see that in next week's preview there are some scenes we have no knowledge about... I mean they met when Yong has already BLACK HAIR!

I still don't know what to think about the SCARF, that's why I'm waiting for translation!

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Guest b229b24k

i cant't help but feel disappointed too

he did mention that he always loses things

when he first wear the ring

he said that

that's why he always wear it

how i wish he didnt lose it...

i hope next ep he said bbongggie ya...lol

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