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[OFFICIAL] YongSeo/용서/SeoHwa Couple Thread 2 ♥


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♥ SWEET POTATO COUPLE ♥ Jung YongHwa ♥ Seo JuHyun

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•They first met a few minutes before midnight at MBC lobby.

•Had their first date eating dukkbokki at Shindangdong.

•Got engaged the same night, exchanged letters and bought their couple rings and mugs.

•The next day they showed off their rings at KBS Music Bank.

•Played their first impromptu duet, Falling Slowly.

•Arm wrestled in a café in Hongdae before buying a mini-guitar for Hyun.

•Yong reveals his wish for Hyun to play “What’s up” in a month.

•Hyun meets her family, CNBLUE in-laws and did a jamming session.

•Went to donate blood for their special 22-day and ended up watching Avatar.

Took the last train trip to Jeongdongjjin to see the sunrise, marking their last day as an engaged couple.

•Moved into their new house.  Hyun played “What’s up” as promised, Yong made a Forgiveness book, and the SNSD in-laws visited.

•Hyun meets Yong and in-laws, coming from Thailand, surprising them by appearing from the trunk of their car.

•Yongseo had their first grocery and dinner together and made a list of things-to-do on their marriage.

•Hyun wrote her first lyrics to the song. Both took a taxi ride in Han River to chill and then Yong piggybacked Hyun.

•Rode the train to visit Busan.  Yong presents Hyun a pair of glasses and told her a past story of the first time he saw her in a shop, reading. Hyun teased Yong about a past high school funny video.

•Mom-in-law met them for lunch.   Hyun impressed mom-in-law with her letter, and gave gifts for the Jung family.

•Yongseo fed seagulls in Haewondae, took a boat trip to Oryook-doh, and met with Yong’s childhood friends.

•Made a late night visit to Yong’s high school and left memories by writing their names on the field.

•Back to their home, Yong made breakfast for the still sleeping Hyun. Visited the hospital for check-up and capped the night over a couple spa session.

•Went on a snowboarding trip. Yong taught strictly Hyun how to ride and with muscles sore from all the fall, Hyun did a make-up session to Yong in return.

•Yongseo filmed a UCC video singing the Banmal song and uploaded it to youtube after several cute NG’s from Yong.

•Then came the day of the wedding photo shoot, with a theme that told their story.

•Took photos with gogumas, doing arm wrestling, being choding and their couple rings.

•Highlight was their first kiss! Yong kissed Hyun’s forehead light as a feather while Hyun cutely smacks Yong’s cheek.

•Walking through the snowy park, late at night, Hyun presented Yong with her gift of a knitted scarf with their initials woven into it.




cr: Nate, Daum


cr: sonesea, soshified, soompi, girlsshidae




I. No bashing of any celebrities/personalities or even any soompi members 

II. No quoting of pictures 

III. No one-liners

IV. Credit your sources

V. No spamming 

VI. This thread is for Jung YongHwa & Seo JooHyun only

VII. Please have fun while spazzing

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Guest soshisoshisoshi

yay first one to comment here!!!!! jealous? jealous? HA! let's make this new thread an exciting thread for us to spazz about YongSeo.... everyone! come here now!! :wub: :wub:

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Guest SeLeNe_Alai07

Well this is really exciting my great aunt use to said that when one door closes a new window opens so lets have tons of fun spazzing In-Go Paem  on our new Go-Chun. :rolleyes: Anyways exciting about the new episode looking forward to the bickering those anyone know if the report on the change time is till for 4:30PM instead of the regular 5:10PM KST

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Guest edluvsyen

Owh, finally I found it .  I was looking all over the site for the 2nd thread : )  Felt nervous when I saw it reach page 2000 but no links to the 2nd thread.  I guess its kinda difficult for others to find this thread, maybe this 2nd thread page link should be post on somewhere where all the gogumas can see?  : D : D : D : D

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Guest laila-chan

wow soshi3 you're so lucky!! now waiting for today epi and fancams :wub: I'm still wonder what did yong lose..<_< any guess gogumas???

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Guest chilipadi_22

I just have to comment on this new thread!!! CONGRATS TO REACHING 2000 pages!!! (Y) Today is the long awaited Saturday!! There are just too many things to look forward to today. DAEBAK episode, according to MCKim!!! A DEFINITELY DAEBAK performance for uri couple at MBC Korean wave in BKK!! Definitely looking forward to their first official duet of the banmal song!! Are they gonna sing yong's version or they version they made on wgm?! Today's gonna be a great day!! Have a good day fellow goguma villagers!! :) Keep the smile~

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Guest lizsch

Super excited with our new home! Let's keep doing amazing memories with Yongseo. Today is a special day! 2nd Home New Episode Duet in KMW Concert What more can we expect of this day? Surely this new home will be superpacked with all the things we are already waiting n_n WELCOME TO OUR NEW HOME I must say, the intro is amazing n_n LOVE YOU GOGUMA FAMILY! LOVE YONGSEOOO FIGHTING!

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yehey new page!! but i haven't said my good bye yet to the old one..( sniff sniff) anyways, let's enjoy the remaining chapters of our favorite couple and spazz to the best of our spazzing abilitie to our contribituors, subbers, translators, investigators, spazzers and gogumas around the world: THANK YOU!!!!!!! i may not spazz with all of you all the time but i am always here reading all of your posts and emphathize with you!! it's saturday so it's another GOGUMA day!!!!!!

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Guest wannabanana

Uri, In-Go-Paem! Our 2nd Go-chun! Keke. Just in time for the WGM ep later! :) Thank you so much to all the people that are always posting! I'm a lurker 99% of the time and just comes out once in a blue moon. Haha. But still, I love this thread like my home already. Congratulations, everyone! Thanks for making me love and be more attached to Yonghwa and Seohyun more. :) You guys are the only ones I have when it comes to news, stories, fancams & accounts, updates, and spazzing! HIMNAE! Let's all be strong! :) Congratulations again! :D *hugs*

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Guest luna21

congrats, gogumas!!! 2nd go-chun is daebak! can someone please confirm.... ys4466 posted that wgm might be starting at 4:30pm instead of 5:15pm (korean time) :blink: ...we wouldn't want anyone missing this episode that mc jake calls daebak. edit: thanks selene...ah, so wgm is on 4:30 instead (was this confirmed?). edit: want to share this MV by goguma1225...himnae yongseo, fighting!!!

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Guest SeLeNe_Alai07
Owh, finally I found it .  I was looking all over the site for the 2nd thread : )  Felt nervous when I saw it reach page 2000 but no links to the 2nd thread.  I guess its kinda difficult for others to find this thread, maybe this 2nd thread page link should be post on somewhere where all the gogumas can see?  : D : D : D : D
Actually I post the link there is on the last page uhhmmm...... Maybe I should do it bigger so others can see it  and find their way here easy. oh well:ph34r:  happy to be here though. :rolleyes:
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Guest Puge2

new home!! :) yeeiii!! cant wait for this day epi. what did yong lose?? hmmm... Jashik~~ making us curious like this :P hhe.. thank you for everyone whick make this 2nd thread happen :) [HUG] 2d760ic.jpg

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Guest justbulan

reminising old pages at first pages..  suddenly found this old post by silis.. Me: "I was so surprised this morning hehe" Seohyun: "Why?" Me: "You are going to be on WGM hehe" Seohyun: "Hehe I was surprised too hehe" Me: "Really?" Seohyun: "Yes~ Please look forward to it~" Me: "Of course hehe" Me: "Taeyeon talks about you a lot on Chin Chin. She checks your pictures on sites and she said you're the prettiest" Seohyun: "Really?" She was so happy when I told her it was daebak cute Seohyun recognized me~ Seohyun: "Oppa hello" Me: "Hello... you are still going to like sweet potato more than Jung Yong Hwa right?" Seohyun: "Of course~ ^^" There were people around who didn't win the fan sign ticket and Seohyun kept waving at them and they just go crazy every time keke c. silis7noy2@snsd thread i wonder what will her answer now.. :) i hope she learn a lot from WGM and will continue to grow :) YONGSEO JJANG!!! 

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Guest intoxd




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Guest itsprettybabyy

Waaaahhh!!! Congrats to us GOGUMA VILLAGERS!!  lets make more happy moments in this new thread. cant wait for tonight,Double dosage of YONGSEO. Stage duet and wgm new epi!!! 12am PALIIIII!!!

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Guest k.rivera19

Yay!! new thread.. new home for gogumas!! woohooo!! lets celebrate and have a party!! this is not the end of their love story because it is just beginning ..yea!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Guest uh-ohxev

Yay! Our new home! Let's fill it with happiness! Congrats to us for reaching 2000+ pages on the old thread. We share many memories there, let's make new and happy ones here! A lot to look forward to today! The performance AND WGM! ^_^

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Hi hi, I am so happy that we have a new thread, a new beginning. Just in time for another daebak episode. Life has been great for us and yongseo in the past year, I am sure life will be even better for everyone going forward. Saranghae! One a a goguma, always a goguma! I love Yongseo!!!

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