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[Movie 2011] Detective K : Secret of Virtuous Widow 조선명탐정 : 각시투구꽃의 비밀

Guest piano_lady

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Guest piano_lady

Thanks for this! Good coz we only have the 35mb version :)

Joseon Detective Interview Video

We are currently working on the subs of the KBS Entertainment interview ;)


Tomorrow, Monday, another interview video will be aired - Mnet Wide News Broadcast

Like the KBS interview, it was filmed on November 29 at the Namyangju KOFIC Studio in Yangsuri, Gyeonggi-do.

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Guest kdramafanusa

Korea Times 12-21-2010 16:36

'Joseon Detective' mixes wit and tradition


By Han Sang-hee

Detective mysteries can be compelling in any period, and the new film “Joseon Detective” (working title) hopes that adding a bit of “hanbok,” Korean dress, and a traditional flair from the Joseon Kingdom (1392-1910) will win the hearts of viewers.

Starring Kim Myung-min (“Beethoven Virus,” MBC, 2008) and Han Ji-min (“Lee San, Wind of the Palace,” MBC, 2008), the period piece brings to screen the smart yet wacky detective Tam-jeong, who is on a special mission for King Jeongjo. He befriends a dog seller played by the talented Oh Dal-su (“Thirst,” 2009) and starts to expose a plot that revolves around the beautiful femme fatale Gaek-ju, played by Han.

This is the first time a detective story has been depicted in the days of the Joseon Kingdom, and while it may be easy to imagine a stylish thriller with secrets and mysteries hidden under colorful hanbok and behind embroidered folding screens, this film is a comedy.

“I don’t think I was influenced by the fact that I worked on comedy shows on television. I simply wanted to make a film that could be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of them being a fan of period works. Personally, I’m not a big fan of period dramas but I thought it would add a more interesting dimension,” said Kim Seok-yun, director and former producer of comedy shows including “Gag Concert” (KBS).

Besides the storyline and the overall vibe of the movie, the transformations of the two actors Kim and Han will be something to look forward to. Kim, who started acting in 1996, made a name for himself for the role of Admiral Yi Sun-shin in the television series “Immortal Admiral Yi Sun-shin” (KBS, 2004) and continued acting serious and charismatic roles including a cold-hearted doctor in “Behind the White Tower” (MBC, 2007), a picky conductor from “Beethoven Virus” and a dying patient in “Closer to Heaven”(2008).

“I wanted to do something different,” the 38-year-old said when reporters asked if he was sick and tired of all the serious roles.

“I didn’t choose all those characters purposely. Actors have to know how to depict various images and I thought I was just doing my job. Viewers and fans tend to stick to an actor’s image they come across most recently, and for the last couple of years, most of my characters were pretty stern,” he added.

In the short preview, Tam-jeong is far from the cold, serious role Kim depicted for so long, and it seems he has successfully broken out from his shell.

“I set Robert Downey Jr. as my role model for this film. I decided that detectives have to talk fast because they know so much and are curious about everything. I also realized that unless my character is working on a case, he should be a bit weird and wacky. I wanted to portray two very different personalities in one single character so I spent a lot of time working on the tone and color of Tam-jeong,” he said.

Kim may have gotten his character under control, (“he’s such a control freak,” the director said), but whether Han will pull off her role is highly anticipated.

The 28-year-old is known for her sweet, innocent and fragile image, depicting pretty, good girls. From cosmetics commercials to drama roles, she’s far from the sexy, femme fatale image, but photos and scenes from the movie prove otherwise. In terms of looks, at least.

Han successfully transformed herself into the mysterious lady Gaek-ju, complete with revealing hanbok, dark cat-eye makeup and blood-red lips. Will she be able to bring the sexy and mean character to the big screen, regardless of makeup and costume?

“To be honest, I don’t consider myself as a very sexy person, so it was so difficult to rehearse and even practice at home. But interestingly enough, as soon as I put my makeup on and got dressed, I transformed into this very sexy woman. I guess clothes do make the man,” she said.

So the big question is will the film be able to offer a heartfelt comedy despite featuring actors who have had staple images for most of their acting careers? It seems “Detective” will have more than just a mission from a king to accomplish.

Viewers will get to find out in theaters from Jan. 27, 2011.


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Guest piano_lady
Guest piano_lady

"Detective K" unveils new poster and videos at its press conference


New Detective K poster  

Upcoming Kim Myung Min movie, Detective K was officially presented to the media on Tuesday, December 21 at the Megabox cinema in Dongdaemun, Seoul. The press conference comes ahead of its theatrical release in South Korea set in January 27 next year.

In attendance were Kim Myung Min (Beethoven Virus, MBC 2008), Oh Dal Su (Thirst, 2009) and Han Ji Min (Yi San, MBC 2007) , the lead stars of the historical comedy-mystery movie. The trio were later joined by director Kim Seok Yun (Old Miss Diary, 2006).


The new poster and several videos were unveiled that day including The Making of Detective K video, which gave the audience a glimpse of the filming process. It featured the key actors responsible in the movie production – the director; lead actors - Kim, Oh and Han; author Kim Tak Hwan (who wrote the novel that the movie is based on); and the rest of the main staff - set designer, cinematographer and costume designer.

The individual character videos of the leads which showed an in-depth look at the characters were shown next: Joseon’s greatest detective (Kim Myung Min), witty dogseller Han Seo Pil (Oh Dal Su) and mysterious lady merchant Han Gaek Ju (Han Ji Min).Each video was followed by the fun “X and O” game about the respective actor which displayed their wit and sense of humour as they talk about the movie and their experiences during the filming. The game ended with a question and answer segment with the press.



Finally, the photo session officially ended the event. 



Detective K tells about the adventures of a top detective and his sidekick as they try to uncover the mystery of a series of murders in the late 18th century Korea. The movie is produced by Chungnyung Film in cooperation with Withus Film, and distributed by Showbox/Mediaplex.


Written by: michi

Special thanks to: ljubov

22 December 2010, MyungMin International


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Guest piano_lady

Check out the photoshoot video of Detective K!




The photoshoot took place 3 days after Kim Myung Min broke his rib.  :crying:

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Guest piano_lady

New videos released!


Detective K main trailer


Subbed videos will be available soon!

On the set interview with the set designer, cinematographer and costume designer.


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Guest piano_lady

Kim Myung Min promotes "Detective K"

Kim Myung Min is all set to start his promotional activities for his new movie, Detective K. The activities will kickoff in January 3rd with a Movieweek photoshoot and interview together with Han Ji Min.  Other magazines scheduled for the week are Allure (with Han Ji Min) and Bazaar. In addition to the magazine shoots and interviews, he will meet with reporters from online and print media starting January 10th.

Meanwhile, Delight, Detective K's marketing company has started its publicity blitz in Korean cinemas. Posters have been distributed nationwide on the last week of December 2010, and the pamphlets will be released within the week.The teaser is also being shown in selected theaters nationwide.

Here are some photos taken at CGV Yongsan on 28 December 2010



The teaser is also shown at the ticket lobby.




Detective K tells about the adventures of Joseon's top detective (Kim Myung Min) and his sidekick (Oh Dal Su) as they try to find the cause of the string of murders happening in the country. The comedy-mystery movie also stars Han Ji Min as the beautiful and mysterious lady merchant. Old Miss Diary's Kim Seok Yoon directs.


Written by: michi 

2 January 2011, MyungMin International


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