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[Movie 2011] Detective K : Secret of Virtuous Widow 조선명탐정 : 각시투구꽃의 비밀

Guest piano_lady

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Guest piano_lady

"Detective K" official site unveils a new look!

  The official website of Kim Myung Min's new movie, Detective K has a new look in the new year!

Uncover the secrets of the site using this English guide.

Main page

main.jpg   Press "Trailer" and the full length trailer will pop-up. Press "Enter site", you will be take to the pages below.

Read more

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Guest piano_lady

Movieweek features Detective K's Kim Myung Min and Han Ji Min

Surprise! The results of Monday's Movieweek photoshoot and interview is already here!


More here: http://mmi.myungmininternational.com/node/2198


'Detective K' Free Pre-screening in January 20!


Info here: http://mmi.myungmininternational.com/node/2197

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Guest piano_lady

Character videos

Joseon Detective (Kim Myung Min)  http://mmi.myungmininternational.com/node/2136











Han Gaek Ju (Han Ji Min) - http://mmi.myungmininternational.com/node/2137








Han Seo Pil (Oh Dal Su) -  http://mmi.myungmininternational.com/node/2138








Credits to MyungMin International for the caps!

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Guest piano_lady

"Detective K" cast at SBS 107.7 FM

As part of the promotional activity for upcoming movie Detective K, lead stars Kim Myung Min, Oh Dal Su and Han Ji Min were guests at a live SBS radio talk show today.  The show was hosted by celebrity radio host Choi Hwa Jung in her special programme, Choi Hwa Jung's Power Time. The programme aired at 12 - 1 pm (KST) at SBS's 107.7 Power FM.

Here are some photos taken at the station:




The lady next to Kim Myung Min is the radio host.






This is the second time that Kim Myung Min joined Choi Hwa Jung in her show. The first guesting took place in 2007 right after the airing of hit medical drama, The White Tower.

Photo credits: SBS 107.7, DCinside Mingall and Daum Cafe

12 January 2011, MyungMin International

More photos here: Official SBS radio photos of "Detective K" Guesting at Power Radio 107.7 FM

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Guest kdramafanusa

Scene of the preview of Detective K

January 20, 2011 9:58 pm / jangsk24


Seoul, Korea — There was a press screening of the movie Detective K on the 17th at the Megabox in Dongdaemun, Seoul. The movie stars are holding a meeting.

Detective K starring Kim Myung Min, Han Ji Min and Oh Dal Su is the first Joseon detective movie about the best Joseon detective who, as an immature genius, tries to solve a huge scandal disturbing Joseon with his characteristic cunning and wit and will be released on the 27th.

By Kim Min Hyo (idsoft3@reviewstar.net)

Source: ReviewStar (Original article in Korean)

Photo from ReviewStar DB

Translated by Sung Kyu Chang / Korea.com


Korea Times 01-20-2011 16:32

Actors enliven uncanny period adventure


Actors Oh Dal-su, left, and Kim Myung-min in a scene from the Joseon-era crime adventure “Detective K”

By Lee Hyo-won

Equipped with an eagle eye and undyingly loyal sidekick, he’s something of a Sherlock Holmes storming through 18th-century Korea. But Kim Myung-min’s “Detective K” in the namesake film is often mistaken for a quack — even his mustache serves not so much for stroking gracefully while perusing keen insights, but rather to highlight his offhanded quirks (and perhaps a comical resemblance to Salvator Dali).

Director Kim Sok-yun (“Old Miss Diary”) brings an uncanny detective story that follows in the footsteps of such pioneering films as “Private Eye.”

Though based on a mystery novel, “Secrets of Yeolnyeomun,” the film offers a new script and, moreover, relies on the talent of its cast members: Kim ditches his emotionally-trying roles of a dying patient or torn maestro conductor for a goofy detective, while Oh Dal-su, who stole the spotlight in his supporting role in “The Servant,” appears by his side, showing off his knack for unassuming wit and humor. To top it off, popular actress Han Ji-min casts off her demure, lady-like image to bare some cleavage as a sultry femme fatale.

The film is set during the reign of the Joseon Kingdom’s (1392-1910) so-called Renaissance leader King Jeongjo. The monarch suspects that taxes are going into the pockets of corrupt officials and hires the dutiful Detective K (Kim) to investigate the situation.

High ranking officers implicated in the case are found dead one after another, and only our fast-talking K is capable of performing an autopsy using acupuncture needles and mysterious herbs to show that it’s a homicidal, rather than natural, death.

Though capable in many ways, K is always getting himself into trouble; this time he is mistaken for the killer himself as he extracts a long iron needle from the deceased’s head and ends up behind bars. There, he meets a canine-lover named Seo-pil (Oh) who helps him escape, but the two soon find themselves being chased by the police and setting off on a trail of chaos.

Seo-pil tags along with K on his journey to Jeokseong — on probation for setting buildings on fire and the like — which is actually an undercover mission to continue the work commissioned by the king. Detective K discovers that Jeokseong is run by a powerful merchant Han (Han), who employs all the local slaves to work on a lucrative herb plantation.

He learns that a young visionary widow was actually the one who created the plantation, before her untimely suicide. K begins to suspect that Han may be directly related to not only the widow’s suicide but also the swindled tax money, but will he be tempted by Han’s seductive allure?

Though its strengths lie in its cast of colorful characters like the Hwang Jung-min franchise, “K” opts to find ticklish humor in introducing deliberate anachronisms that makes works like “Forbidden Quest” seem all too proper (even Sophia Coppola’s sneaking in a pair of blue Converses into Marie Antoinette’s shoe collection seem trivial).

But like “Private Eye,” the film inevitably weaves the political dramas of the period into the story, including bloody persecution of Catholicism and other new ideologies and trends. Yet such serious themes are introduced in a rather haphazard manner, and only seem to weigh down the comedy.

The film bursts with laughter and invites viewers to solve a puzzle in a way that is light, enjoyable and far from mind-boggling, but it fails to tie the disjointed episodes into one seamless narrative.

In theaters Jan. 27. Distributed by Showbox/Mediaplex. Three out of four stars.


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Guest piano_lady




Which comedy movie will top the charts in the New Year?


Thursday, January 27 is certainly a New Year's treat for comedy movie fans in Korea! In addition to the screening of Kim Myung Min's comedy-mystery film, Detective K, period movie Pyongyang Castle and Hollywood's Gulliver's Travels will also premiere on the same day.


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Guest piano_lady

"Detective K" easily stays at the top spot on Day 2


Detective K continues to hold the top spot in the box office on its second day with a 10.5% lead against Hollywood movie, Gulliver's Travels.




"Detective K" supports "I Love You"

Kim Myung Min and Han Ji Min attended the VIP Premiere of Oh Dal Su's new movie, I Love You at Megabox COEX, Seoul at 8pm today.

I Love You is the movie adaptation of manhwa-turned-play of the same title. It also stars Beethoven Virus' "Grandpa Oboe" Lee Soon Jae, and other veteran actors Yoon So-jeong, Song Jae-ho and Kim Soo-mi







Photo credits as indicated.

27 January 2011, MyungMin International

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Guest piano_lady

“Detective K” crosses 2 million viewers mark on Day 9


Detective K has crossed the 2 million viewers mark on the 9th day of its run in Korean box office.

According to data from the Korean Film Council, Detective K has attracted a total of 2,033,144 moviegoers on February 4, bringing in 15.5 million KRW in ticket sales.

February 4 also marks the highest admission for a single day at 418,686. The movie was screened at 632 venues.


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Guest piano_lady

Hi there! So far, I've only seen 3 reviews in English - 2 from Korea Times and 1 from Asianmediawiki

"Detective K" mixes wit and tradition

Actors enliven uncanny period adventure

From AsianMediaWiki - http://asianmediawiki.com/Detective_K



"Detective K" claims almost half of Korea's moviegoers on its 11th day

posted on Feb 8

"Detective K" entertains 3 million viewers in 2 weeks

posted on Feb 11

Korean blockbuster "Detective K" takes number 10 spot in international box office


Posted on Feb 11

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Guest piano_lady


Hi there!

Did you know that MyungMin International

is celebrating its second year today, March 1st?

To commemorate this event, MMI is inviting you to celebrate with us this whole month of March!

First of all, check out Kim Myung Min's 2nd anniversary greeting for MMI here.

We also have a first-hand account of Ika of her experiences in MMI. She's been with us since we started in 2009!

 And for a better and improved service for our dear MMIers, we have launched our Chinese and Japanese subsites today.

Not only that! More improvements will take place in the future so please don't forget to check out the announcement section!

Of course, since we are celebrating, we have prepared fun activities for everyone! The prizes are really cool so join the games now!

Don't forget, before you leave our site, do sign in our guestbook

and have a chance to win a movie poster autographed by Kim Myung Min himself!

So, what are you waiting for!?!?  Visit our 2nd Anniversary page and celebrate with us!

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