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[drama 2005] Resurrection/ Rebirth 부활


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[KBS] Uhm TaeWoong, Han JiMin, Go JooWon, So YiHyun
started June 1st 2005, 24 episodes total official HP: http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/lifeagain CAST & CHARACTER DESCRIPTIONS credits to prisci cast_img01.jpgSuh Ha-eun/ Yoo Gang-hyuk (Uhm Tae Woong) - Older of twin brothers, he loses his memory after witnessing his father's death. He is adopted by Suh Eun-ha's father, and falls in love with his step sister. Outspoken and daring, he becomes a cop and he often gets in trouble trying to save the world. Then, while trying to uncover a murder case, he starts unraveling a layer of dark secrets pertaining his father's death, his family, and his own identity. His own life becomes in danger. Later, he 'resurrects' into an angel of revenge. cast_img02.jpgYoo Shin-hyuk (Uhm Tae Woong) - He is introverted and during childhood, he was a silent follower of his more adventurous twin brother. When he is 7 years old, his father and his brother dies of a car accident. He grows up to be the Vice-President of a Construction Company, with a very cold and calculative exterior. A loner and a compulsive perfectionist. However, deep down, he is tormented by guilt, blaming himself for his brother's death. cast_img03.jpgSuh Eun-ha (Han Ji-min) - Kind and warm, she was like a lighthouse for the men of the house, making them happy in spite of their financial hardship. Ha-eun and Eun-ha are like the ends of the same pole, understanding each other without words. They are like soulmates. But since they grew up like siblings, it's hard to express their feeling for each other. Then... she finds out that Ha-eun has been murdered. cast_img05.jpgLee Kang-joo (So Yi-hyeon) - Daughter of Congressmen Lee Tae Joon, she is an ambitious reporter, outspoken and independent. Although she considers Shin-hyuk like an older brother, she thinks he is unable to have any feelings for anyone. So when Shin-hyuk proposes to her in very business-like manner, she turns him down. Later on, after Shin-hyuk changes dramatically, she starts feeling for him. Meanwhile, she gets caught in the web of intrigues while trying to uncover the dark secret pertaining Shin-hyuk's family. cast_img04.jpgJeong Jin-woo (Ko Joo Won) - Vice President of J&C Construction Company, he is friend and rival of Shin-hyuk, but he always looked down on Shin-hyuk as his own company was larger and he thought of himself as the more attractive to women. He gets a crush on Eunha since the first time he sees her. ----- ENG SUBS HERE: http://d-addicts.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=20419
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Guest thesarahchong

Boy am I glad. I was freaking out for a sec, because I'd forgotten about all the drama threads I had actively gone on for streaming links. Especially this one.

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Guest bonababy

any news regarding the DVD release yet? i'm anxious to have one.I bought one from e-bay but the english subtitle is really bad.The worst grammar and sentense construction i ever read. :unsure:

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Guest makemyday

aww. i loved this drama.

made a uhm-tae-woong lover out of me.

anyone has any ysi links from this drama?

episodes as well as specials (interviews, NG's, etc.. pretty much anything)

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Best Plot/Acting I've seen in years... Ressurection is a must see. To bad it had to run with its rival My name is kim sam soon... xP

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Guest Priscilla


As you must have noticed, I copied lots of information you posted before, and I changed some, and started my own little resurrection thread at another site: http://www.jisubaddicts.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1380#1380

Photo credit KBS


My Short Review (posted originally at the What are you watching Thread)

Like Shirley mentioned, I find tis a pity it suffered low rating (although it has great reviews) because this was competing against MY NAME'S KIM SAM SOOM, cuz I found this so much better than I've expected. I’m talking about the drama RESURRECTION, starring Um Tae Woon (Sassy Girl Choonyang).


Actually, I remember Misa fans were writing at SJS’s café while this was being aired, saying how this drama reminds them of MISA. Several of my friends were hooked on this one, so I decided on trying this… And hey, I am pretty impressed (more than so, but I’m trying to keep myself kull!). Shirley already said that the plot may not be too original as it has many of the common K-drama ingredients, but it was very well executed especially considering how complicated the plot is! It does have a few episodes that gives me the dejabu feeling… as if I’ve seen that in other dramas (especially MISA, but which drama nowadays isn’t a shadow of previous works?).

This drama begins with Ha-Eun, an ordinary looking cop with a big smile and a big temper, trying to investigate a case of suicide. Although his superiors tell him to take his hands off the case, his gut feelings don’t allow him to do that. For him, this was rather a case of murder. As the story unfolds, we find that this ordinary looking cop is rather extra-ordinary, an orphan boy who suffered amnesia, and didn’t remember his own dad, who was a cop and was murdered… and that he has an identical twin… and that the case he was so innocently going after will reveal dark secrets that will shake him and those he love most.

Most dramas begin well but drags on later on. In this one, I found the beginning episodes are so full of question marks and clues thrown to the audiences we’re not sure what to make of those clues at first, or if we like it or not. But as the truth unfolded one by one, I began realizing this story is so much bigger and darker… So horrendous that the agent of justice Ha-Eun dies and… he RESURRECTS into an angel of revenge, taking the identity of his twin brother. And before I knew it, I found myself ‘caught’ up emotionally too, in this game of cop & robbers, political intrigue, friend’s betrayal, revenge… and forgiveness. Somehow, I was also reminded of the recent movie Batman Begins…

In the drama, those who know Ha-Eun cannot dare see him becoming so bloodthirsty, knowing that revenge will hurt him most, and yet they understand… He himself does not want to show his thirst for revenge to his loved ones… and yet he says he’s like a car with no break! As we watched such transformation, our hearts begin to pound for him, while our minds try to follow his many, many, many schemes and games he plays against the rich and the powerful.

I just read Shirley’s review on this drama, and I agree with most of her assessment. But while I feel she gave an OK to Um Tae Woong's performance, I actually feel he did an outstanding job here, and I really like how he portayed the “later” Shin-Hyuk character… the insecurities we may see there was the ‘clue’ thrown to us the audience so that we can remember his true identity. I'm hoping to see him win some acting awards for this~ I’m almost sold to be his fan but I haven’t have time to check him out yet!


actually i was suppose to start on Lawyer .while on my 2nd esp .someone mentioned got the DVD out and while waiting for the arrival i went to

watch this Resurrection

the drama was quite unfortunate that it went against MINKSS during it boardcast time hence suffer from low ratings but i heard good things about this drama it is really pretty good script ..suspense is there and the theme thought not entirely original but there is a challegene and refreshing way in how the script link everything and everyone up ..like what in the drama say ..everything is link by a rope .

the story is about a police detective name is Haeun

when he was young met with a terrible car accident where his father was dead and the son had lost his memory and come to be adpoted by this family .with a father and daughter only

he grow up with this family for the last 20 years .

he was brought to their doorsteps in quite mysterious way .by a stranger to the family who only briefly had some connection with the stranger ..and this boy grow up and become close to this family like their own son .

and how Haeun got his name ..is because of her .the daughter in the family ...her name is Eun ha ..see how it is just the reverse of their names ..haha ask why they give him the name of Haeun ..she say to him because Haeun is the angle to Eunha .. :wink: really this drama had some very beautiful scenes between these two ..when they were young as well ..how it go back to the past .....and the light house ...ah very important icons here ...

okie the main story apart *as you can suspect* the love between these two ..is also the tale of how Haeun come to reveal his own secret of identity ..soon you find how he realise he had a twin.....seriously when you had a twin it is so easy to find your family back haha ..someone who look exactly the replica of you ..no DNA check required ..

and his memory return .but then there is an even bigger secret behind what happen to him and his father 20 years ago that ended Haeun with a stranger ...and as he come closer to the secret ..some people are blocking his way .

his real name is Gang-hyuk and his twin brother is Shin-hyuk ..20 years later .his twin brother is the vice president of a company ..their mother had remarried and bring her son to the family who own that corporation ..both mother and son thought Gang hyuk was dead

Shin Hyuk had a certain guilt relating to his brother death 20 years ago and forever he was not able to recover from it .he grow up to be a man of few words and hidden emotions .while Haeun is the exact opposite growing up without knowing his past ..but retain such cheerfulness and kind nature .always with such wide simle .on his face ..

and as the plot thickens ..the story progress into a point where Haeun make a choice for revenge ..and turn into someone he is not ..and hence the conflict within himself as well as the hatred for those who had done him and his family wrong ..forcing him becoming someone that he cannot even know who he is anymore ..

major spoiler

actually .quite early in the drama ...the two brothers met and know each other exist ..but then .their reunion was only for brief moments ....Shin-hyuk was kill in his brother place ...Haeun in his grief ..and to seek revenge ..took over his brother identity and become him ..

i think it is quite interesting to have a plot which finally had certain amount of suspense in it .though .for me ..it was not extremely diffcult but i do appreciate the script is delivering some challegen as well as there is certain humour in it too haha ...

i will think the cast of the veteran actors do play a role in here to make this enjoyable .. actors like ..Kim Kap Su play the gang of three whom Haeun is seeking revenge against ..and i think they are such good casting.

but there are also some miscasting which was not really too satisfactory .there this evil man in it that i really want to take a gun and blow his face off ..--;;....really get quite irriatable with his acting sometimes .

.and the second male lead Jin-woo he .suppose to be the love rival to Haeun ...er ..okie i think i read he did so poorly his scenes were cut --;; poor guy ..

and then for the main cast

Uhm Tae Woong in the role of the twins .i will say he did quite a good job though at certain times i cannot really understand his facial expression it was rather awarkard at times -;; not sure how to describe .but er ..well i prefer him simling to his sorrow ..he did really well in Haeun ..but .when it come to the point he become Shin-hyuk .well sometimes he tried too hard but overall i think he did rather well .. i admire his ability to handle this very conflicting role ..based on his experience ..

the other one i want to say is eun ha ..by Han Ji-min .she so beautiful in this role .such gentleness and ah i think the perfect angle to this tormented man who seek sanity in the mist of his revenge quest.

every moment he has ..he steal glances at her seeking for comfort and peace .by looking at her ..he still know who he can return to as ..after he finish his revenge .that she is the lighthouse amist the stormy sea where he is losing direction but as long as he look at her and know where she is ..he know where to return to ..and the route to home .

..they work together at the same company ..but she did not know who he really is well she does know he is twin to her obba ..but not that he is HAEUN ...she is also confused at the way he sounds, smell and act so like her obba since their are twins we can omit mentioning about the resemblance that is too obvious ...

.she is perfect for this role i think she matured quite well from the last i see of her ....

and the other female cast is So Yi-hyeon i never see her before ..she play the woman whom Shin-hyuk (haeun brother ) loves but never really express his love ..when Haeun become SHin hyuk she realise that she has feelings for him ...i find her quite refreshing ..cheeful girl ..but though at times she dont really express the depth of emotions in certain scene .but i kinda like her presense in here..actually Haeun is using her too as a tool for revenge using her role as a reporter to reveal the crimes done 20 years ago and also 20 years later ...

but also he find it diffcult at times to harden his heart ..since ..she is also the love of his brother ..

i still got 3 more esp to finale ..

oh ya i like the theme song ..can get addicted to it ...oh and the dices ..haha very important icon too in the drama ..



whoopee!! a resurrection and UTW thread!!! oddball #1-MOI comes rushing in to report!

am only at epi 3 now...but at this stage..shallow me like the cool aloof suit-clad shin-hyuk more... :lol: (reminds me a lot more about dodo sajang in Choon Hyang more...)

ODDBALL #1, HA HA!!! Well, at least you admit to be the oddball, unlike moi who though being oddball, keeps a low profile of my oddness 8). And honestly, I thought 'shin-hyuk' looked so much better than Ha-eun too. Ha-eun smile way too big for my taste, and I didn't like his hair style~although that was who he was, the warmest and simplest kid on earth. But yes, my heart's with Haeun of course... or should I say rather his resurrected character?

BTW, in an interview done during the beginning of the drama, he said he was anxhious at first since this was his first main role in a drama, and since he was playing two completely different characters. But he said that ones shooting started, he was able to relax and feel like Ha-eun... then, blushing, he said that, as for Shin-hyuk, he wasn't too sure... just pretending to be the same guy from Choonyang. And he laughed hard.

More on what I posted:

In an interview Uhm Tae Woong laughingly said that this drama was good because you can find all elements in here, from romance to friendship to pay-backs & teachings on how to live a good life! :P

Oh well, I did find so many element in this drama, but one of them was the fact that Kang-Hyuk/Shin-Hyuk was like a super-hero character (that's why I thought of BATMAN), hiding his identity before others, playing the cold and ignorant Shin-hyuk, but reading his enemies with magnifying glasses to hit them unexpectedly, like Il_Mare said... one at a time.

I found him to be like Robin Hood too, because he takes ex-convicts and change them for the better by recruiting them into his own camp. Usually, assistants are just paid for their work, no questions asked. They're not supposed to talk back. But in this drama, I thought it was interesting how Ha-Eun's assistants are portrayed with emotions, and they asked him questions of the 'why' he was doing certain things... even his personal secretary did so... and he gained true loyalty out of those down-to-earth moments...

More than once, his personal 'spy' (the popcorn guy), touches the 'human' side of Kanghyuk, telling him that Kanghyuk's too good of a man for him to go all the way, that he was sure Kanghyuk will stop before dropping the last bomb.

To this, Kanghyuk responds he won't be able to stop even if he wants to... although he knew... that all this brewing revenge was killing him...

oH WOW !! HIGH FIVE PRISC .you also got hooked on it ..OKIe i sort of want to ammend the assessment on him now after i finish the last three esp ..i would say he did an excellent job of the last three esp !! and then i slowly begin to miss his hae eun and his shin hyuck and even kang hyuck hahah ..okie well maybe not to extreme fan .but i would love to talk about him and this good drama !! it such a pity ppl are missing out this drama .. just last week i talk about this t o someone and they were like er ....him ? they did not really think well of his acting but i manage to interest someone to watch and the person is now hook too haha ...and was like what happen in the next esp .!!

..oh really u have to paid so much attention to all the details throw out in each esp .it make it so exciting !! .to admit sometimes i watch it too late in the nite and fall abit aspleep defintely not from the drama okie !! but due to tiredness and when i wake up i rewind back to the part when i doze off ....because otherwise i know i will be abit lost --;; so many things to connect up ..and especially the ending of the last three esp ..

i love the way he like to touch eun hae nose bridge .one of the most endearing guesture of romance .i see ..!! haha .

OMG DONT u love that last scene ....... how he wipe the blood off the knife that was a brilliant ..scene .it was like he once also had the heart of revenge .and know how it feel for his stabber to do that to him .and hence he attepmpt to protect him is like such instant forgivenes . ...

oh ya and the lines he said ;to me i remember now so clearly he said once ..the enemies of my enemy is my friend .and i was like wow ..

and the way when his mother find out the truth and ask him to tell her since she is so scared to ask and he said SORRY and i was like wanting to cry ..!! ..it was just so sorrow .sorry for being him and not his brother

and then his stepfather ..gosh .when he said that forgiveness belong only to those of the fittest .and i was like ..U DO NOT DEMAND FOR FORGIVENESS AND YOU SHOUlD BEG FOR IT !! ..



OH AND I LOVE THAT POPCORN MAN ..anyone know who that man is ..

oh ilmare too haha ..i did not know ..i thought i just want to tell u all how good this drama is .really a pity that it got such poor rating but i heard it got a mania following

Yah Shirley, GIVE ME FIVE!!!

As this drama's plot very complicated, I think I'll do a re-watch, but this time slowly. But before, I've been reading through soompi RESURRECTION thread, watching some clips and reading articles on this one. In one article published after like the 7th episode was aired, it mentioned that in spite of its low rating (around the 10% mark), the PANIC fans love discussing this drama all so much that the number of posts at the site board went over 500,000 already. Kim Sam Soon (35% back then, and which started at the same time), had 350,000 post. Another article mentioned that this drama was like one or number 2 drama with the most internet search. And in another article, it mentioned that although this drama has low viewership, 'if you ask any Panic fans' what RESURRECTION's about, they'll give you a lecture long of an answer, open their wallets and jot you down the notes! :D

Meaning: I wonder how come there's no RESURRECTION thread in here... My tongues burning right now which so much I want to say... Maybe I'll take Goosie's suggestion and start a Uhm Tae Woong's Resurrection thread! But I need to do my homework first...

I love this part too... Really, it high-lights what the popcorn man kept telling him... that he's too good to be a true angel of revenge. I didn't really like the Hee-soo guy, so I was sooooo mad when he stabbed Kang-hyuk, thinking our man would die... but I too forgave Hee-soo when I saw the end...

puhahaha ..i read about that too and they were like comparing to damo number of messages ..and then how they talk about the viewer trust the writer so much that when they ask not to show them any preview for the last esp the producer did just that .haha make a preview that show not much of anything and keep the suspense till the end .!! ..

seriously me too also want to jot down things that are reveal and things they said also make you realise why they said that before haha ....like you have to wait a minute then go back to the previous esp and oh .so that was what he meant .--;; .... the stepfather i already suspect him in the eariler esp at around esp 10 or so ....he said something werid or maybe his expresion ..or just my instinct he was too nice guy ...!! well he was my main suspect !! and hate him for being what he is at the end ..so arrogant ..and so fulll of himself still thinking he will be forgiven .....

okie maybe i try to help you with the thead ..i had some question for the last three esp because ..the subtitles i had were not very satisfactory .i know it is not the complete stuff of what was in those scenes ...

haha i really like the way shin hyuck or should we say kanghyuck look at eun ha when he is at meeting ..such a little boy ..simle so on cue .when he see her and try to hide it when she turn to him and how the two express of love for each other is so siimple always asking the other if they eaten and dont skip meals ..hahaha ...

.and then his secterary is so cute too hahah ..i like him too that mr ahn ..

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Guest Priscilla



The written words: "If God exists... He won't blame me for this..."

Photo credit D-addicts resurrection thread



creidesca posted the following relationship diagram at Soompi Resurrection thread:


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Guest Priscilla

BY 'creidesca'

Prisci, this would be a good starting place for translations of things related to Resurrection...it discusses the "symbols" within the drama:


and here's a good article (in english) on Picasso's secret Guernica:


Hi Creidesca... I finally got to do this... Wow! It was soooooo hard I'm sweating! :sweating: I feel like Park Heesoo, mumbling things I don't understand... :wacko: Some parts, I ain't sure if I'm right... just going with my gut feelings...

But at the same time, I was soooo excited translating this article. I keep on thinking of this drama, and after this article, I think I'm able to tell more WHY I love RESURRECTION soooo much! And whoever wrote this article must be a RESURRECTION PANIC too... although I did find the reporter made a few mistakes in terms of name (calling UTW Shinhyuk when it should be Ganghyuk...), which I only took the liberty of fixing it only once.... it's understandable why the mistake, right? It's so hard for us at times, to know how to call him... I also wanted to add... that in another article, it talked about how the word "die" also pointed to death... not just fate.


[August 11th, 2005]

*Translated by Priscilla

The viewers are starting to wonder~ Why is it that well made dramas do not get high rating? MBC “LAWYERS” could not get pass the 10%, still fighting a lost battle, while for KBS “RESURRECTION,” the rating may have doubled after the nationally popular drama “MY NAME’S KIM SAM SOOM” ended, but before this, the rating could not pass the 9% either. However, regardless of the low rating, presently these two dramas are the possessors, especially “RESURRECTION,” of tremendous fan following. These fans are strong not just because they post a great number of writings at the public board. They re-watch their drama again and again, and they rehearse the plot, writing reviews, meeting at the internet board to discuss about the drama all day long. “Tremendous fans” mean this type of loyal fans. These are a special type of viewers which rating itself could not measure, so it may be the wrong question to ask why the ratings are not higher. Rather, it would be better to divide the category of viewers and analyze those who like “RESURRECTION” and those who do not… Personally, I believe what differentiates “RESURRECTION” from other dramas are the hidden symbolisms.

1. Special Hidden Images and Symbolisms

The images presented in “RESURRECTION” belong to a different category, not what we typically would call beautiful. The way those images are presented, are more like what we see in movies. The pictures or frames, the lighting, are not meant to pictorial beauty but rather they are used to reveal a truth within the story. The sketches in the drama are tools that hid symbolisms and metaphors to help decipher “RESURRECTION,” or key words that make the viewers desire to solve the mystery.

Symbolism of Sky Blue: -The color theme of Resurrection is blue, a dark, ultra marine sky blue. At the beginning when we see Uhm Tae Woong in the small town, often surrounded by blue lights, it was not in order to point at the dead living or the after-life. The symbolism in “RESURRECTION” of the sky blue~ which signifies truth, devotion, revelation, wisdom, loyalty, integrity, purity, prudence among others great virtues, such as contemplation or cool-headedness~ points to Uhm Tae Woong’s Suh Ha-eun or Yoo Shin-hyuk’s personalities and their destinies. The irony is that in the Mayan culture, sky blue signified “enemies death.” (ChamCho~ World Culture Encyclopedia, Jean Cooper/ Lee Yoon-gi, Lee Ha Dong Il)


Truth, devotion, revelation, wisdom, contemplation, cool-headedness, prudence

Symbolism of Yellow: The place Uhm Tae Woong frequents a lot, or in the background lightings, there is the sky blue contrasted in yellow. The yellow color means two things. It points at the brightness of the sun, while at the same time it also means betrayal, rebellion, jealousy, ambition, greed, secrecy, defection, mistrust. Therefore, after officer Kim betrayed Shin-hyuk, there was the yellow when Shin-hyuk met officer Kim. Also in the scene where the ‘hidden’ evil, President of Mooreung Construction Company, was looking at Secretary Ahn, they were in a place were the sky blue was contrasted against yellow because of the symbolism of such colors. In addition, the scene where he was struggling over the Congressman’s (who betrayed Uhm Tae Woong’s father and who killed brother) fate, drinking alcohol, the yellow there pointed at their destiny or their present psychological estate.


When Yoo (Gang) hyuk meets the friend who betrayed him, Officer Kim


Conversation between Mooreung Company’s president and Secretary Ahn...


While meeting reporter Lee Gang-joo, who is indeed his enemy’s daughter


Congressman Lee Tae Joon, who betrayed his friend, and whose daughter is after that secret...

DIE- The set of dice which Yoo Shin-hyuk carried like marbles in his hands has deep significance. The throwing of the dice mean destiny, one that cannot be reversed, or it can mean change.


GUERNICA: The picture of Picasso’s Guernica that is hanging in Yoo Shin-hyuk’s room is shown quite often. Generally Guernica is understood to be a portrait of a tragedy in the Civil War in Spain, but as a cubic art, Picasso’s images are open to many interpretation. The three women that appears in Guernica~ the woman that cradles a child and wails hysterically, the woman carrying a lamp, the woman that is running away from a burning house~ we can find these three women’s emotions expressed inside the drama.


Shin-hyuk’s room, painting of “GUERNICA”

Yoo Shin-hyuk’s mother, Lee-hwa, after mourning the lost of her son, her first born, she will eventually suffer the loss of her second son. She is the wailing woman holding the child. And Suh Eun-ha, who always believes Yoo Shin-hyuk will return to the ‘lighthouse,’ being a lighthouse herself, she’s the woman holding a lamp. And reporter Lee Gang-joo, the woman who uncovers the secret that will destroy her father and her entire family, she is the woman escaping from the house that’s on fire.


The Three Women inside GUERNICA

This is an arbitrary interpretation, there are many other possible interpretations beside these. Every picture hanging inside the main character’s room, or each character of the drama are somehow connected with the story, which makes the drama “RESURRECTION” all the more fun to watch. Moreover, it’s very full of cryptic symbolism and images. This is the world of “RESURRECTION,” where all the pre-arranged images are like a game of cross-words, that helps unveil the hidden crime. Negatively speaking, could it be that these metaphors and symbolisms make the generally straightforward audience to lose interest?

2. The opposite side of the same coin

It is right to say that “RESURRECTION” feels like a well made movie. The minute detailed movements of the character doing the revenge, the script, the visual images, the cryptic symbolisms inside the “RESURRECTION” world, they are all cast under the same perfect mold. Uhm Tae Woong’s final end is decided when he follows his destiny, walking towards pre-arranged points. He follows the yellow path of inner conflict, confusion, hatred, mixed with emotional love. Positively speaking, in no way we can blame the character, but negatively speaking, this character could be so suffocating as if we were hurt by the tip of a needle. The character is presented to us with enough faults for us to call him abnormal (the same goes with the other characters in Resurrection). This can be the spell-bounding power of “RESURRECTION.” The audiences who were getting irritated by watching dramas with overly idealistic characters, they may have been overjoyed in finding more realistic characters through this drama. Besides, learning the clues thrown towards the beginning of the drama, and the lineup of the different images one by one, these are things we could not find in Korean dramas before

In the later episodes, the strength of “RESURRECTION” can become the reason one likes Resurrection, or they can also be the reason Resurrection becomes too overwhelming. Regardless of the quality, since even very well made movies divide the audiences. For although “STAR WARS” is a great movie, for the audiences who feel overwhelmed by the world inside the STAR WARS they could care less if Ana and Padma are in love or not or who’s whose abbi. They just don’t like STAR WARS. And although “THE LORD OF THE RINGS” was able to show a fantasy world with incredible visuals, and although Legolas was very handsome indeed, there are those who refused to watch this for the mere reason this is a fantasy movie. The same goes with “RESURRECTION.” The fact that the audience had fun tasting the different dramas and choosing, that means the audiences were blessed. However, the drama “RESURRECTION” was too molded into a special genre, it was hard from the beginning to become a nationally popular drama that could surpass the 50% rating. Like the two faces of the same coin, the strength of Resurrection became the cause of its downfall~ but so what? There are those genres that are pioneered, and then overturned, that eventually creates a new one. This kind of movement always start from the non-mainstream. This means that what the dramas that tasted the sweetness of going over the 50% rating (and those that tried to adjust to such a system) couldn’t do, the 10% rating of “RESURRECTION” has already started it.



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AHHH!! thanks for the repost.. I was about to repost it, but yeah.. hahah.. I wouldn't know what to write about..


I just started this drama.. I really like it so far.. Um TaeWoong plays the good guy this time. not only that, but there's TWO of HIM! :D

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Guest Priscilla

I was quoting from old posts... but they looked too long! So I decided to post pictures instead, lest I intimidate curious lurkers...

Yoo Shin-hyuk... (I think.. )

(Credit to Bokshiri @ResurrectionCafe)







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Guest Priscilla

Here's more...

Yoo Shin-hyuk's older brother, Suh Ha-eun:

(from Galdaehyangi @ResurrectionCafe)








*pictures posted by "Kutcheun kot shijak" @http://cafe.daum.net/uhmsky

*Uploaded by Priscilla






AND... this is on his long journey BACK to finding himself...

(by Mutjiuyo@ResurrectionCafe)


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Guest sincerelydolly

I was really interested in this drama after I read a summary about it. I want to start watching it soon. I also like Uhm Tae Woong after watching him in Nine Tailed Fox. =]

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Guest speedlimitER

I was really interested in this drama after I read a summary about it. I want to start watching it soon. I also like Uhm Tae Woong after watching him in Nine Tailed Fox. =]

yea this drama is really good even though i haven't finished it

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Guest Priscilla

Cool...at least we have some information back :)

Anyhow links for Part 1 and 2 of the fan meeting:

THANKS Sam18q FOR THE DOWNLOAD LINKS! These are a MUST WATCH for all PANIC FANS!!! It's soooooo fun I've written a summary, and I was trying to do a more word-by-word translation if I must... although there's too many jokes I couldn't get... But really, this is such, such, such a FUN SHOW to watch!!!!

****Speaking of downloads, can we all support Creidesca's Clubbox and go download many files till the 18 of this month? That way, she can turn gold and upload files without them getting deleted automatically. LET'S ALL DO IT TOGETHER!!! For united, we can do it!


"820 Resurrection Panic Celebration Night"

*Sponsored & organized by PANIC FANS

*By Priscilla

(Photos posted by Shirley@hotelier2002)



Before writing a summary, let me acquaint people with many of the terminologies they use, which dahmi did explain before too... The RESURRECTION FANS call themselves REVIVAL PANIC (or Resurrection Panic). These are not fans, but addicted ones, head over the hills, like in Damo Pyens and Misa Pyens. And the number of post in the internet went over the million post on the night of the final episode, making their 'fanaticism' comparable only with DAMO and with MISA...

These fans also named UTW UhmForce, like in STAR WARS. I don't need to tell you how popular he is among this Panic Fans, right? ;) For he is the heart and soul of this drama. Next to him, they called Han Jimin "Princess Jimin." Gangjoo's called 'Butterfly.' And they called the popcorn guy... "Guardian Angel" and Shinhyuk's secretary, they call him "Secretary Ahn, TotalTreasure"~ LOL! Park Heesoo... he's called "Nice Crook." I also remember reading articles mentioning the minor characters of this drama was receiving lots of love, Secretary Ahn being one of the most beloved. The netizens loved him so much some posted asking that Ganghyuk end up together with... Secretary Ahn~ :P

Oh well, my minds blurred so I can't think... here's what I remember though. They divided the event in two, and the guy who played UTW's partner Soochul(being a comedian) was the MC of the night. There was lots of recorded interviews of the cast and lots of personal introductions on stage, where even the staff was introduced to the fans, one by one, among the many screaming fans. They also showed highlights of the drama, etc.

PART II followed. They introduced the real couple of the drama next to the 'hopeful couples.' :P . The showed Clips of the Main Couple, Suh Ha-eun and Suh Eun-ha, cute and funny moments, with romantic ones!!! They then showed Clips of the 'unreciprocated lovers' Gangjoo & Jinwoo. Afterwards, they were all called on stage. There, they asked Eunha who she prefers between Ha-eun and Jinwoo.

Jimin: Well... (looking from one to the other... she picks up the mike) I actually prefer... Secretary Ahn. (People rolling on the floor!!! Secretry Ahn was called on stage.)

So they asked the Secretary who he would prefer, between Eun-ha & Gangjoo. He answers "I love UhmForce!" ( :w00t::w00t::w00t: )

Then they asked UTW who he prefers, Eunha or Gangjoo, since he kissed them both. He says he likes them BOTH, but the MC wouldn't let him go with with that. Then, UTW goes: "Ok, I like them both... but I actually love Secretary Ahn!" Secretary Ahn was blushing all over!!!!

This went on like this, where 'everyone' ended up loving "Secretary Ahn" instead...

I think it was after this that they showed CLIPS of the 'would be couples.' Those clips were hylarious in that you can see 'sparkles' like chemistry flying between these 'potentials.'

POTENTIAL COUPLE #1: Ganjoo with the shorter cop (friend of Soochul)

POTENTIAL COUPLE #2: Guardian Angel Mr. Chun with Park Heesoo.

POTENTIAL COUPLE #3: Yoo Ganghyuk with Secretary Ahn.

Next, these potential couples were 'personally interviewed' asking them how 'far' they went emotionally~ They even called on Shinhyung, who had chemistry with Jinwoo.

They also asked the producer and writer to give their speech, which I felt emotional though I couldn't hear well what they were saying. (I just luvvv the writer!!!) And they had that Truth or Dare thing with UTW... The fans were supposed to write their questions and hand them down. Soochul guy would pick among the bunch, and he said he was going to pick the 'really good' question to see how he answers... that he was hoping UhmForce wouldn't answer well so that he could take his clothes off.

After opening the first question, 'Soochul' started reading: "To Mr. Uhm Tae Woong, whom I admire..." He stopped. He went like "What? This is supposed to be a question sheet!" He threw away the question and the next one, and the next one... Then, UTW was asked when he had his first kiss and after thinking, he went like... 'when I was 21?' With his first love and girlfriend whose now married and with kids. "Do you still think of her some times?" "Yes." I couldn't hear what they said next but people were cracking up and Soochul took one button off Uhm's shirt. (I was actually waiting to see MORE ACTION but I guess they didn't dare....)

The night ended with more CLIPS... this time showing the CLIFF-HANGER moments... Woo woo woo!!!

Ah, they also showed Clips of HA-EUN'S GUARDIAN ANGELS!!! ~ Secretary Ahn, Mr. Chun & Park Hee Soo... And another section for the EVIL PEOPLE, the TRIO of friends... and Choi Dong Chan! But don't remember its chronology...

This is as far as I remember...

***BTW, after watching so many interviews and behind the scenes, I'm gathering Uhm's a very funny guy. In interviews, he said he was more like Ha-eun but that he always played dark and serious roles so people mistaken him. Even Han Jimin, she was like 'she thought he'd be scary at first because of the characters he played,' but that he's always joking and clearing up the air.

During an NG party, UTW was saying... "I'm trying to be serious here," but Jimin responded... "That's something he can't be!!! He's NEVER serious!!!" Wow! How could he have played this role 'playing' all the time???? Even Secretary Ahn, he said in an interview that UTW jokes a lot, just like Ha-eun, saying corny jokes...

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Guest Priscilla

here some new articles from kbs site


Um Tae-woong to Play Lead in KBS Miniseries "Resurrection"

Actor Um Tae-woong, who has drawn much attention for his latest role of Byun Hak-do in the KBS miniseries "Sassy Girl Chun-hyang," has finally landed a lead role in a television drama. He will play the male lead in the new KBS TV2 Wednesday-Thursday series called "Resurrection," which will premiere on May 25 following "Emperor of the Sea."

In "Resurrection," Um will demonstrate just how honed his acting skills have become by playing the double role of identical twins. In the story, his two characters are born as identical twins but become separated due to a childhood mishap, and have to grow up in completely different worlds. Um will portray two contrasting characters: the easygoing and warmhearted criminal detective Seo Ha-eun, and the weak-minded but merciless Yoo Shin-hyuk, who has managed to become a successful entrepreneur.

"I feel so excited and nervous because it's my first lead part in a miniseries. I will do my best to gain recognition for my acting," said Um.



Um Tae-ung Scouted by Five Japanese Talent Agencies

[ 2005-06-22


Actor Um Tae-ung may emerge as a next-generation hallyu star, as he has recently been scouted by five Japanese talent agencies. According to Um’s agency, representatives of Japanese agencies visited Korea in person and showed great interest in the actor after the first five episodes of the KBS Wednesday-Thursday series “Revenge,” in which Um plays twins, aired on national television.

"Representatives from three Japanese talent management agencies have visited us recently, and two other agencies contacted us through their Korean offices. They invited the actor to Japan and presented detailed propositions," said a person from Um’s agency.

He also added that the Japanese agencies are apparently trying to scout Um before the two series “Sassy Girl Chun-hyang and “Revenge,” both starring Um, air in Japan. Um has shown strong potential to emerge as a next-generation hallyu star by portraying ideal male characters in the two dramas.

Um’s role of twin brothers in “Revenge” - one a hot-blooded detective and the other a cool-headed entrepreneur - has earned him an ardent fan base.


this one got too much spoilers so i highlight it :roll:

Final episode of "Revenge" records series' highest viewer ratings

The final episode of the KBS TV2 Wednesday-Thursday miniseries “Revenge” recorded nationwide viewer ratings of 22.9 percent, according to estimates by TNS Media Korea.

Earlier episodes of the series significantly lagged behind its MBC rival “My Name Is Kim Sam-sun,” recording ratings of only 10 percent, but the situation changed completely on Aug. 17 -- one day before the final episode of “Revenge” aired.

On that day, the series’ ratings exceeded 20 percent, and the number of messages posted by viewers on its bulletin board surpassed one million.

The episode that aired Aug. 18 started with the character played by Um Tae-ung, the series’ lead actor, revealing his true identity to his uncle (played by Kang In-chul). Um’s character had been determined to take revenge on “Lee Chung-kil,” “Ki Ju-bong,” “Kim Kap-soo” and “Kim Kyu-chul” for killing his father, “Ahn Nae-sang” (played by Yoo Keon-ha), 20 years ago.

But the most recent scenes showed him agonizing over the revenge because of his beloved mother and younger sister, revealing a more humane side to the character.

The wrongdoings of all those people are finally brought to light one by one, as if vindicating Um’s character when he says, "Everything in life goes back to its roots. Now it’s time to bring things to an end." Kim Kap-soo, whose illegitimate son “Park Hee-soo” mercilessly takes revenges on him, finally kills himself by jumping off a bridge, while Lee Chung-kil, whose favorite saying is "only strong people can forgive,” shoots himself to death when his wife leaves him.

The scene in which Park mistakenly stabs Um with a knife upon learning about Kim Kap-soo’s suicide was apparently one of the most nerve-racking for viewers. The final scene showing the superb acting of Park, who continued to keep the true identity of Um’s character secret even after one year, and Um, who continued to protect Park even after being stabbed, was especially heart-moving.”

Here's another article which brings more light to UTW's 'awkward' acting. Like I was saying... in some scenes... he had to be.

Translated & Posted at soompi by dnLaNgeL10 on May 7th, 2005

(Seoul-Yonhap News) Through “Sassy Girl Chunhyang,” Uhm tae woong has broken from the shadows and has quickly moved up as a star actor. Following after “Hae shin” on June 1, KBS 2TV 1 will televise “Resurrection” (Scenario writer kim ji woo, dramatists pak chun gohn, jun chang gun) uhm tae woong has taken two roles. He will have to play twin brothers, Suh ha eun and yoo shin hyuk. Uhm tae woong said “I believe I will prove my acting skills soon. We are filming with our lives.”

Suh ha eun was 7 years old when he lost his father. Then, he grew up in Suh jae soo’s house and became a successful detective. He falls in love with Suh jae soo’s daughter, eun ha. When Ha eun investigated a suicide report, he discovers that he has a twin brother named yoo shin hyuk. He meets with shin hyuk but the killers who wanted to kill ha eun do not recognize shin hyuk and then meeting after 20 years, shin hyuk is murdered. Because of this, Suh ha eun tries to get revenge by becoming yoo shin hyuk. This drama is a thriller and melodramatic.

After Shin hyuk’s death, ha eun will appear as only one character but acting will become more difficult.

Uhm tae woong said “The PD mentions as ha eun becomes shin hyuk, the indecisive character ha eun needs to be shown which worries me.”

“I’m very happy because this is my first miniseries as leading actor but it is also a problem,” says uhm tae woong. “Playing two characters worries me. I will pretend that I’m doing a different drama and play as two characters. Worrying about playing as two characters will not help me,” said uhm tae woong

“Thankfully, Ha eun and shin hyuk’s appearances are greatly different. Ha eun can appear as a successful detective who is easy-going and casual. Shin hyuk can appear as a good son, clean, and stylishly dressed. I stressed thinking when I played as shin hyuk, it would feel as if I was Byeon hakdo from “sassy girl chunhyang” If I continue to worry, I don’t think I will open up so I am thinking of showing what I can during filming.”

He’s feeling the pressure because this is his 1st miniseries as leading actor and also this drama is competing with “My Love Kim Sahm Soon” starring established cinema actress kim sunah. He nervously started filming and he is encouraged by fans who are cheering, saying “I really want to see Resurrection.” “All I can say is that I will try my best. I will believe in myself.” For 10 years identified as nobody, he is in shock. “ Now, I will only work on my best at acting,” says uhm tae woong who is suddenly feeling avaricious.

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