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[drama 2010] The birth of the rich 부자의 탄생

Guest conduongmuathu

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Conduongmuathu, thank you so much for posting the torrent link on the first page, it's a lot easier to find it that way, especially for people (like me :) ) who doesn't want any spoilers. Good thing I don't have to scan every page anymore just to look for torrents. And thank you Cute Girl for uploading the torrents.

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Guest quynhn

i wasn't expecting to like this drama, but i saw the first one and i loved! i loved son hoyoung's little cameo.

Me too. I wish Ho Young has more screen time or plays a bigger role. ^_^

So far the drama is interesting. I like how the lead female character has a strong/sassy personality. I can't wait to see the second episode. ^^

EDIT: Luv, hope you don't mind me sharing some of the episode 1 pictures at Son Ho Young's thread. Thanks!

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Didn't have any expectations for this yet i end up being intrigued by the first episode. The character setting are twisted cliches, haha.

JHW<33 LBY is SO pretty in that dress, i always think she's pretty but i just love that shot of her in the dress in ep 1.

I couldn't watch JHW's previous drama since it didn't interest me much.

And it's been ages since i saw NGM in a drama ever since one fine day. I love his character in that drama but i feel like he looks a little bit different now? His face shape especially became so thin, but still looks good. He got the "Shinwoo" vibe now, haha.

The characters relationship is pretty interesting with LSY acting as the annoying heiress liking NGM.., i actually thought LSY will be liking JHW's character but i guess not.

LBY's character is like SUPER duper stingy and frugal with everything, lol, i can't imagine a heiress like her... a huge contrast from LSY's character..

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