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[drama 2010] The birth of the rich 부자의 탄생

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Poster released for Birth of the Rich

February 20th, 2010 // by javabeans

The poster is out for KBS’s Birth of the Rich [부자의 탄생] and, as one may have guessed, the main theme of the drama is money. Similar to how its timeslot predecessor God of Study incorporates studying techniques, Birth of the Rich promises to show viewers secrets and methods for earning money.

The poster features, clockwise from top left: Lee Bo-young (More Than Blue), Ji Hyun-woo (Invincible Lee Pyeong-gang), Lee Shi-young (Loving You a Thousand Times), and Nam Goong-min (Beautiful Sunday).

Ji Hyun-woo is a young man who lives in a rented rooftop apartment, and diligently studies how to be a chaebol heir. He believes he is the son of a chaebol father and will one day meet him and take his rightful place as successor, although it’s not clear yet whether his belief is grounded in truth. For now, he’s called a “chaebol-in-name-only.”

Lee Bo-young, meanwhile, is an actual chaebol heiress who stands to inherit 400 billion won. However, she’s thrifty with her money and just spends enough to get by, opting to drink cheap vending-machine coffee and saving her pennies.

The drama’s “upper-class prince” character is played by Nam Goong-min — the perfect young man whom girls dream of marrying in Cinderella fantasies. Lee Shi-young completes the main cast as another chaebol heiress, a Korean Paris Hilton.

The producers don’t merely intend to show the lifestyles of the wealthy, but will also inject laughs as one man struggles along the path to riches. The comic drama is built on the theme that “Wealth isn’t acquired through blood but through hard work.” It’s probably not going to be a very realistic guide to making money, but as with God of Study, it looks like it’ll strive for an aspirational tone.

Birth of the Rich premieres on March 1.

Via Break News


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Guest kazenai

LSY is absolutely gorgeous here! I can't wait to see her here. Too bad she seems like a third wheeler, but it also seems that she'll be paired up with the other dude.

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can't wait to watch thiss!!

great casts..they all look gorgeous..can't complain who end up with who.... :P

one thing....what's wrong with JHW's pants? just don't click with me... :huh:

but, still loves him! ;)

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