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[drama 2010] The birth of the rich 부자의 탄생

Guest conduongmuathu

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So far i'm actually feeling more for NGM's character, because his screen presence is just TOO strong (I remember that way during One fine day even when his co-star is Gong Yoo..). Even though JHW did a good job her but so far i still think my favorite character that he played is the one from Over the rainbow..

I just hope JHW's character will be more interesting in the upcoming episodes because so far i'm liking LBY and NGM more together..

Most of the time, the 2nd male lead attracts me first, haha~ but i may just change ship later on

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Guest kim-weihe

안 녕 하 셔 요

저 는 aja-aja .com펜 인 대 요 아 이 디 와 파 스 포 드 가 없 어 사 용 할 수 가 없 어 요

어 떻 게 할 수 있 어 면 aja-aja.com 에 들 어 갈 수있 는 지 아 시 는 분 저 에 게 도 와 주 셔 요

감 사 합 니 다

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Guest clairebearz

I was just wondering if anyone has subs for this drama yet? I was able to watch the first episode on viikii but now its on that license pending...

Thanks in advance!!!

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Guest heeyobi

hello i am interested on this series too! where i could watch this with sub because Viikii is under license pending. i just start it last week i watch the episode 1 but the next no more (poor me)... anyway it make me smile when i so son ho young he is my favorite since GOD time era hehehe. he is really handsome.

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Guest lolly88

i really like how the drama started

at first when i read the plot i thought it was going to be another kind of typical drama

then i watched the 1st and 2nd episode in chinese sub and found out that the main character played by JHW has more character then i expected, seem to be a smart person with a good heart

i cant wait to see how the story between him and LBY develop

LSY acting is looking good to me so far , the only person that i haven like in the show is NGM,probably is because i haven seen him act yet

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Guest tayana

It's only 2 ep and i just can't wait for the next...

I agree that Ji Hyun acts way better here than in Invincible LPK...

i'm already addicted to this drama.

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Guest becksta

Direct Link For both episodes on MediaFire website with Pro Account

" plz use it fairly so the link keep working as much as possible "

here direct Links better than Megaupload sites ^^"

Episode 1 "

Here " :P

thanks sweet

Episode 2 " Here " B)

Soft sub : WithS2 are doing this show , you can Look @ their sub status Page " Here " they done of translation but still the timing things ! waiting for it.

both files are uploaded on the Mediafire , pro Account


and i will keep upload it every week , if i m not that busy :))

All right @ receive to AlriyG600 @ Soompi website :D

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lol i think i'm the only one who didn't like the second episode as much as the first, maybe because i'm confused with the plot, okay first i thought the story was going to be about Choi Suk Bong finding his chaebol father and falling in love in the process :D then in the second episode he has cancer (!!!) :o

But i'll keep watching since i think that Ji Hyun Woo and Lee Bo Young have good chemistry so far, and the cancer story might be not that serious.

and i'm not digging Lee Si Young at all, she's not funny and her acting is awkward most of the times but again is just the second episode so i hope she'll improve.

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Guest epixeltwin

Let's see if this is good! It's gonna be one of the new series I'm following this season, along with A Man Called God, Personal Preference and Oh My Lady.

getting eps 1+2 now, and I'll be able to watch it with the delightful quality subs WITHS2 graciously provide to everyone ^^

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Guest Sibiapple

Thank you guys for all the BTS photos.

I have a question, hope you guys have the answer:

The phone number in the book that Suk Bong calls is of NGM's character, why is that? maybe his father is Suk Bong's father.

I'm so confused here

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Guest adikkeluangman

OMG.... Son Ho Young half naked. :) I can't wait to see his appearance when this drama air on KBSW.

Some caps from Son Ho Young cameo in the drama.


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