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  1. Jasper Liu Shares Fond Memories Of His First Reality Show ‘Twogether’ https://www.forbes.com/sites/joanmacdonald/2020/07/01/jasper-liu-shares-fond-memories-of-his-first-reality-show-twogether/amp/?__twitter_impression=true Adventures can bring you closer together and that’s just what happened to Taiwanese actor and musician Jasper Liu and Korean actor, singer and reality show veteran Lee Seung-gi while filming the series Twogether. The duo traveled to six Asian cities, Yogyakarta and Bali in Indonesia, Bangkok and Chiang Mai in Thailand, and Pokhara and Kathmandu in Nepal, completing missions that led them to the fans who recommended the locations. Having engaged in both cooperative and competitive challenges during the series, the actors now share memories of some extraordinary adventures Liu is known throughout Asia for his roles in films such as More Than Blue and Take Me to the Moon, as well as the TV dramas Before We Get Married and Triad Princess. Known as “The Face of Asia” Liu is not camera shy, but appearing on his first reality show was a different experience. “First of all, there are cameras recording you at all times, anywhere, as they want to capture the very real side of you,” said Liu. “It’s only one shot, there is no re-taping. They want to capture the first reaction at the moment. There’s no script for this reality show. Or maybe the director’s team might have the script in their mind and hope we would follow their lead. Yet, during the shooting of the show, we have no clue what’s going to happen next, therefore, our reactions are the most direct and real.” Not only did cameras record the duo 24-hours-a-day, during both mundane moments and struggles to accomplish seemingly impossible missions, Liu and Lee had to overcome a language barrier. Both actors could speak a little of each other’s language, but their communication often relied on English phrases and a flurry of gesticulation. “Though my partner, Seung-gi and the entire production crew are Korean, we both tried our best to learn each other’s languages,” said Liu. “Gradually we built up a good team spirit and chemistry. We took care of each other, took up all the challenges and accomplished all the missions in order to meet our fans at home. Those are very precious and unique experiences.” Meeting his fans was Liu’s favorite part of making the series. “I love the moment when we meet our fans,” said Liu. “They know about me through my film and TV drama work. Because of this show, I got to learn about their cultures and try their local cuisines. It’s a touching experience for me to interact with our fans in this way.” Series director Cho Hyo-jin also found those meetings to be a very moving part of a fun production. “The fans didn’t know at all that they would be welcoming Seung-gi and Jasper to their homes,” said Cho. “So, very often they were very emotional upon meeting the two of them, which moved Seung-gi and Jasper as well.” Although Liu was familiar with Lee’s films, dramas and variety show appearances, the two had not met before agreeing to co-star. “I thought we would just get to know each other before the shooting started,” said Liu. “Yet, when I arrived in Seoul, I found out we had to accomplish several missions in order to meet each other. There were missions lined up at various locations and we had to accomplish them. Then, finally, we got to meet each other for the very first time. We were both so very touched when we finally met that we gave each other a big warm hug. Our first meeting was very special.” Cho had observed Lee’s intuitive skills when working with him on the variety show, Running Man. He thought Lee’s experience and Liu’s easygoing personality were a good fit. “Jasper is a very famous actor in Asia, but he didn’t have a lot of experience with variety shows before Twogether,” said Cho. “The first meeting with Jasper wasn’t anything too serious, but I had a very good first impression of him. I found his smile very charming, which I thought resembled Seung-gi’s. I was also impressed by the fact that Jasper was willing to admit that he is inexperienced in doing variety shows and was eager to learn and work with us.” Cho enjoyed watching the actors’ friendship deepen as their journey continued. “They don’t speak the same language, and they were awkward around each other at the beginning, but Seung-gi’s friendly energy and Jasper’s adaptability really brought them closer to each other as the trip continued, and you’ll see how they develop better understanding of each other as the show progresses.” Throughout the series, the traveling companions engage in challenging missions, mastering activities such as paragliding, harpoon fishing, axe throwing and exploring a vertical cave, learning to endearingly and hilariously rely on each other to accomplish goals. “Twogether took me to places and activities that I’d been dreaming of, yet never had a chance to do before,” said Liu. “For instance, places like Jomblang Cave, where we got to see Heaven’s Light, and paragliding. Because of the trip with Twogether, I got to enjoy those fun experiences.” The nature of travel has changed dramatically since Twogether was filmed. Liu hopes the show’s viewers will enjoy his travels vicariously now that so many are limited by COVID-19 travel restrictions. “Even for me, when I watch the show, I am brought back to the moments of our travels,” said Liu. “It makes me want to watch it again and again. By watching Twogether, the audiences can learn about different cultures, cuisines, the beautiful scenery. Friendship is beyond the language barrier. And I hope through this show, the audience can feel the fun, the laughter and the warmth we want to convey.” Liu had so much fun that he hopes one day to reunite with Lee for a second season of Twogether. Meanwhile, viewers can catch him in two upcoming TV dramas Twelve Legends, and Use For My Talent, both of which are scheduled to air at the end of 2020.
  2. I actually finished the whole show on the first day, LOLS. It's now my 2nd rewatch to see some more details. It exceeded my expectations, I was thinking when the show was first announced that it might be an awkward show with the language barrier but they're both so friendly and their "limited" way of communicating, mix in with basic English and body language just add a lot of cuteness!!!!! Pacing is on spot, it's so easy to digest and gobble at one go. Jasper even though is a noob in variety, he's a fast learner and is super good with outdoor sports, water sports in particular, while Seunggi is better with those in high air. So I saw a c-netizen comment saying Jasper shouldnt go up (height games) and Seunggi shouldn't go down (water), lols You'll understand better once you watched all episodes. Jasper seldom go on variety shows but he's super cute and humorous in those he guest and in interviews, he got the "sense". Seunggi grown after 2D1N when he used to be the one getting fooled, now he's the one in charge of fooling, lols! Also the phrase "GAME IS GAME! GAME IS CRUEL" is still stuck in my head, lols!!! It already hit top #10 in 8 regions Malaysia, Taiwan, Hongkong, Korea, Phillipines, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore We'll get to see Seunggi in silk pyjama and Jasper's 5 selfie shots with hearts. Season 2 Let's GO!!! It sounds like there'll be season 2 judging from how Jasper and Seunggi communicate during Naver Now live broadcast and also PD Go's instagram post talking about the success of season 1 and mentioning season 2!! PLEASE DO SO!! If not for covid-19, I feel filming for season should happen this year, sigh. Also to answer question on Jasper's fisherman hat, I made a compilation thread on twitter, haha! Spoilers on Jasper's part mostly: Spoiler GIFS - Major spoilers alert!!
  3. As reported by news site, it's gonna be 8 episodes, all released at one go. Usually Netflix do this for their originals unless the show is concurrently airing on TV stations, then it's another story.
  4. @JenL I ranted about the production team's selection on twitter already, lols. I know several of Jasper fans who got selected to be in the chatroom but had no chance to ask him question and I saw some holding Jasper's name on the small windows, but the production team did not have a backup plan to of what will happen if one gets disconnected, poor Singapore fan, also not even-ing out the selection of fans, making it awkward for Jasper and MC had to conclude and wrap up, cleaning up their mess. It was like a mini Seunggi fanmeeting, rather than a fanmeeting for the two. I thought it was unfair to Jasper's fans and a bit disrespectful (I've nothing against LSG, he's nice, just ranting about the production team's planning). The translator in press conference yesterday morning was also better in Korean so her Chinese translation is only 50%, a summary to Jasper, she lost a lot of the nuances and meaning while translating to Jasper. But the translator in fanmeeting was much better. I guess there's hits and miss of the whole event. The miss of the fanmeeting was really annoying though. Eye rolls. Several Jasper fans have already ranted their annoyance on twitter and instagram. All in all, I love the interactions between the two big boys, they're fun people but I wish the production team could put more care towards the fanmeeting fans selection. I heard that only 6 fans were chosen to the final question time, however only 4 was shown, 5th was disconnected and the 6th had no time left for her/him. There was no "rehearsals" for the fans too so they waited in a chatroom for an hour doing nothing... This is the story I heard from one of airen I know that got selected in the final 6. Each fan has prepared 2 questions to ask them, 1 for Seunggi and 1 for Jasper but they only allowed for 1 question in the fanmeeting due to time constraints I think, thus the awkwardness. Okay, end of my rant.
  5. Saw some posts saying that the press conference is gonna be held online on 23rd June and Jasper's name is listed as the guest, so here I'm hoping they'll livestream the whole conference. If it's online, then Jasper should be able to attend. Excited!!! Posting some stills and promotional poster spotted in Korea
  6. I don't want to annoy other LSG fans here, lols so I'm gonna keep my gushing minimal :p Anyways, if their chemistry is more like LSG being the tease and Jasper being the helpless noob, it'll be quite funny, hahaha Oh I topped page 3 I thought this image of them resembles dumb and dumber duo (in a cute way of course). Meme worthy, with both of their faces going "Oooooh" This one sums up their chemistry? Haha
  7. Hi @wallflowersforjane back In terms of fluffy, I think him with Before we get married's lead actress another drama Pleasantly Surprised/Love Myself or You is more fluffy and sweet for first 12 episodes, although I think his acting is green here. He showed range in Before we get married and More than Blue imo. He's also pretty good in My Goddess, comedic chops and serious portion all quite on point. Although I watched all of his works since I'm such a big fan, I like him MOSTLY for his personality, his acting used to be green during the first few years of his debut but his improvement is apparent in recent years, he matured. He's known as Taiwan's nation boyfriend for many years due to his positive image and he have a cute and nice personality. Anyways, enough of me gushing over Jasper, haha. I thought the production team is quite genius in thinking to pair these two up because they both give me similar vibes, boyish, sunny and overgrown boys with mature mindset. Nice and friendly guys. I like LSG more in variety but I did watch a couple of his dramas like Shining Inheritance, Gumiho, the one with Go Ara, all that I like, etc. But I definitely like him most in variety shows, he's witty and he got the ability to carry a show as MC, so definitely can help Jasper as he's the variety noob. Lols. Thought this scene is funny, hahaha
  8. I'm not active on Soompi anymore but thanks to people reposting my tweets here Oh, I'm running a Jasper Liu's English translation account on Instagram, please follow if anyone of you is interested https://www.instagram.com/jasperliu.engsub/ Although it's really more of an occassional update as I'm pretty busy with other things to make it a full blown thing, am looking for more translators to help. He's currently filming Use for My Talent since May 20th, a c-drama along with Shen Yue, his 4th cdrama btw. Some stills from his latest drama. It's an adaptation from k-webtoon (which was also adapted to kdrama Clean with Passion for Now). He still have another upcoming fantasy republican c-drama Twelve Legends that would be airing on Youku, planned for release on 4th Quarter of this year
  9. Almost lost my soompi password since it's been a while I logged in. But here I'm excited for this show, anticipating Jasper Liu's first full variety (aside from those tw-variety and k-variety (Superman returns) of him being a guest). I also love LSG in variety shows, it's a good match. Oh, saw comment about Jasper seemingly calm and sweet, I agree on the sweet part but he's really quite 4D and humorous. I was quite worried that the language barrier might make him not going full out but the trailer seems so fun and exceeded my expectations. Just so excited! Oh @JenL Long time no see! Just wanted to give a shout out. I doubt Jasper would be able to join the 23rd June press conference as he's currently filming his new drama with Shen Yue in China. Maybe just a video message? As for Jasper's drama, I personally like My Goddess the most because of the scenery and how warm the overall vibe is but there's no English subs so not many international fans can discuss this one with me. Before We Get Married is probably the most popular choice because of the "cheating" provocative theme, it's quite realistic in terms of execution although female lead annoys me so much in 2nd part that dropped ratings for me for this show :[ (Edit: also warning that male lead character setting is also "provocative" as in a bit borderline disturbing in first few episodes, although it reverses in 2nd half) His box office hit movie More Than Blue is also quite the tearjerker although it gets mixed review, but he's sporting a long lock in this one so he looks quite different.
  10. Liu Yi Hao (Jasper Liu) ♥ 劉以豪Model - Actor - Guitarist ♥ PROFILEName: 劉以豪 / Liu Yi Hao English name: Jasper Liu, Ryu (Japanese stage name) Previously Known As: Max Liu (he changed it to Jasper after hearing that Max is usually a dog's name, lol) Profession: Actor, model Birthdate: 1986-Aug-12 Birthplace: Taiwan Height: 180cm Weight: 68kg Star sign: Leo Family: Cousin/actor Xie Cheng Jun Instagram: http://instagram.com/ryu19860812 Weibo: http://weibo.com/u/1893118355 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/%E5%8A%89%E4%BB%A5%E8%B1%AA/109078869110302 Korean Daum Fancafe: http://cafe.daum.net/LiuYiHow Chinese Baidu Tieba Page: http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kw=刘以豪&fr=index&fp=0&ie=utf-8 Morning Call Band Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eelin.Morningcall?ref=br_tf Eelin Modeling Agency Page: http://www.eelin.com.tw/page/ArtistPage.aspx?ID=155 Source: Dramawiki Page & Wiki Page ♥ FUN FACTS- Cousin of famous Taiwanese TV actor, Xie Cheng Jun but nobody knows about it until he mentioned it in a variety show. - Majored in Visual Communication in Dayeh University. - He's quite a good painter, donated some of his paintings for charity and gifted his painting to his Pleasantly Surprised (喜歡.一個人) co-star, Puff Kuo as a birthday present. - Won 3rd place in Eelin Agency's modeling competition when his school senior signed him up for the competition. - He then sign a contract with Eelin Model agency.- Started out as a model, starred in various MVs and CFs and appeared in tons of magazine spreads. - Gained many fans through his broccoli hair + cute smile image (refer to [x][x]), earning him the nickname of "Taiwan's cutest boyfriend" & "Village Chief of Broccoli Village". - Guitarist of a Taiwanese Indie-band Morning Call (輕晨電). - Slowly transitioned into acting and made his "official" debut as an actor through In Time With You (我可能不會愛你). - He became the lead of various dramas after catching the industry's attention through his small role in In Time With You (我可能不會愛你). ♥ TV WORKS2009: Magic 18 - 魔女18号 - Cameo Role 2011: In Time With You - 我可能不會愛你 - Supporting Role -Zhao Mei Nan 2012: Once Upon a Love - 原來愛·就是甜蜜 - Cameo - Tian Yi Xiang (the grown up version of the Female lead's son, appeared in the last episode) 2012: Confucius - 智勝鮮師 - Supporting Role - Zheng Yuan Bin 2013: Amour et Pâtisserie - 沒有名字的甜點店 - Lead Role - Hou Yan Ren (Allen): Facebook Page 2013: IUUI - 我愛你愛你愛我 - Lead Role - Luo Jia He (Sky): Facebook Page 2014: Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo Gokumon Juku Satsujin Jiken (Japanese Drama) - 金田一少年之事件簿 獄門塾殺人事件 - Supporting Role - Chen Jian Long 2014: Pleasantly Surprised - 喜歡。一個人 - Lead Role - Fu Zi Jie (Louis) : Soompi Thread | Facebook Page 2015: When I See You Again - 他看她的第2眼 - Lead Role - Xia You Qian : Soompi Thread | Facebook Page 2015: My Ghost Friend (Unoffcial English Title) - 我的鬼基友 - Lead Role : News | Facebook Page ♥ MOVIES2013: 72 Hours - 72小時莎到你 - Supporting Role (Co-starring with Vivian HSu) 2014: Second Chance - 逆轉勝 - Supporting Role - Hei Lun (Love interest of Female Lead) | Facebook Page 2014: Live@Love - 活路:妒忌私家偵探社 - Lead Role - Yan Su Jun ♥ MINI-MOVIES(*click on [x] to view videos) 2010: Da Yeh University Visual Communication Department Short Film - Swimming Boy 2011: Shi Xin University Radio, Television, Film Department Graduation Showcase - The Trip [x] [x] 2011: Gui Guan 桂冠 - Love Needs Warmth Everyday [x] 2012: Yi Li Milk Candy 伊利牛奶片 - The Girl Who Can't Speak [x] 2012: Xin Zhu Bridal Shop: 預見の幸福2014: Kang Shi Fu Milk Tea 康師傅經典奶茶 - The transformation of a girl [x] ♥ MV APPEARANCES(*click on [x] to view videos) 2009: Zhang Jing 張婧 - 我不了解 MV - Male Lead [x] 2010: Lara Liang 梁心頤 - Everything MV - Male Lead [x] 2011: Tanya Chua 蔡健雅 - Letting Go Mv - Male Lead [x] 2011: Lin Yi Ting 林依婷 - 平安夜 MV - Male Lead [x] 2012: Abella Leung 梁佑嘉 - 好人好者 MV - Male Lead [x] 2012: A-Do 阿杜 - Valentine's Day MV - Male Lead [x] 2012: Amber Kuo 郭采潔 - 該忘了 Mv - Male Lead [x] 2013: VOX 玩聲樂團 - 朱古力 MV - Male Lead [x] 2013: Kimberley Chen 陳芳語 - 分手說愛你 MV - Male Lead [x] 2014: Rainie Yang 楊丞琳 - 點水 MV - Male Lead [x] ♥ CF WORKS(*click on [x] to view videos) 7-11CITY CAFE-幫忙篇 [x] 女神online-我要當英雄篇 [x] 統一純喫茶-日出篇 [x] IBS-牛仔褲 必勝客-廣告 麥當勞-無敵豬肉滿福堡 DHC營養補助食品-蝴蝶篇 DHC營養補助食品昆蟲系列-螞蟻篇 7-11思樂冰-就是要你凍凍腦篇 [x] mos burger-摩斯漢堡廣告阿奇儂-雪糕篇 [x] 阿奇儂-冰沙篇 [x] DHC-五月週年慶廣告-郭采潔主動篇 Sony Ericsson-手機廣告 YAMAHA-GTR機車 [x] Canon-音樂祭篇台灣大哥大-最新通訊篇 [x] 台灣大哥大-Samsung S5520 約會篇 [x] 台灣大哥大-Samsung Galaxy SII [x] 新安東京-黏在一起篇 [x] 遠東FET-發熱內衣 [x] 卡迪那德州薯條-樂團篇 [x] PayEasy-美肌天后篇 [x] PayEasy-彩妝天后篇 [x] PayEasy-時尚天后篇 [x] 桂冠蝦仁炒飯-愛妻便當加油篇 [x] 桂冠蕃茄肉醬義大利麵-愛妻便當生氣篇 [x] [x] 桂冠起司海鮮飯-愛妻便當幸福篇 [x] 黑松FIN-森林浴篇 [x]黑松FIN-賞螢篇 [x] 黑松FIN-刺青篇 [x] 中銀集團人壽-父子篇 [x] 小林眼鏡-禪定篇 [x] 全家Rody-魔法樂園篇 [x] 全家Rody-RODY x MOLLY 可愛袋著走 [x] 全家Rody-RODY x MOLLY 限定存錢筒 [x] 小林眼鏡-紓壓篇 [x] 曼秀雷敦-男士洗髮精 [x]