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[drama 2010] The birth of the rich 부자의 탄생

Guest conduongmuathu

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Guest Bradamante

Source: http://www.asiae.co.kr/news/view.htm?sec=e...022414014943280

[PREVIEW] KBS TV series "The Birth of the Rich"

Reporter : Wee Geun-woo eight@10asia.co.kr

기사입력2010.02.24 19:52최종수정2010.02.24 19:52


"The Birth of the Rich" - KBS2 TV, Monday/Tuesday evening

- Written by Choi Min-ki

- Directed by Lee Jin-seo

- Starring: Ji Hyun-woo (as Choi Seok-bong), Lee Bo-young (as Lee Shin-mi), Lee Si-young (as Bu Tae-hee), Nam Goong-min (as Chu Woon-seok) etc.

- In one sentence: A story about the main character achieving success on his own after trying to meet his biological father, a conglomerate who had a one-night stand with his mother

- Premiere date: March 1, 2010, 9:55 PM

TV series "Master of Study" said that anyone can get into Cheonha University if he knows how to study. And the following drama "The Birth of the Rich" says that anyone can become rich if he knows how to make money. "The Birth of the Rich", which held a press conference at Seoul's Palace Hotel on February 22, is literally a story which shows the process of how one becomes rich rather than having been born rich. But the main character is a blue-blooded offspring of a business conglomerate, not a random guy who wants to be a rich man. Perhaps such strange off-beat element is what makes this drama interesting.

Main character Seok-ho (played by Ji Hyun-woo) is like Korea's historical royal prince who was fathered by a king, raised by his mother and later becomes a king himself. Seok-ho's father, who is one of the richest conglomerates in the country, brought him into the world by having a one-night stand with his mother but left no name, contact information or money. Since his only evidence of his connection with him is a pendant his mother gave him, he works as an employee at a top-rated hotel where Korea's richest conglomerates stay, hoping for a miraculous reunion with his father. But instead of going the conventional route by having the character search for his biological father, the drama takes a turn here -- it shows Seok-ho meeting the frugal conglomerate daughter Shin-mi (played by Lee Bo-young) rather than his father and creating his own destiny by jumping into the world of the rich. In other words, "The Birth of the Rich" is a drama which stands in between two motifs -- blood relationships and self-achieved success. Can the drama be able to show its unique and distinct colors when it deals with the obvious rich-boy story and the predictable success story?

Anticipation Quotient (1-10 points)

If you want to watch a fictional character achieve success - 7 points

If you feel all this is pressured by a neoliberal society - 5 points


Director Lee Jin-seo has stated that he "wants to depict a rich man who would be good for the society" and show that "what makes one rich is not his bloodline but his efforts" through the success story of Seok-ho. It is fine to gain wealth through fair and square efforts and to spend that wealth for the good of the world. But with such positive message, one cannot help but ask the uncomfortable question -- then did people who are not rich fail because they did not work hard enough? The same question was raised by previous TV series "Master of Study" regarding the subject of academic success. Whether viewers like this drama or not seems to depend on how well and how convincingly the show has prepared its answer to the question.

Reporter : Wee Geun-woo eight@10asia.co.kr

Editor : Lee Ji-Hye seven@10asia.co.kr

Editor : Lynn Kim lynn2878@asiae.co.kr

<ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved>

Source: http://english.kbs.co.kr/TVRadio/Behindthe...iew.html?No=398

‘Becoming a Billionaire’ to Succeed ‘Master of Study’


A press conference was held at the Palace Hotel in Seoul on February 22 to announce the production of the new KBS2 drama “Becoming a Billionaire.”

Succeeding “Maser of Study” from March 1, the drama will deal with the true meaning of being rich through the stories of four young people.


▲ The director and lead cast members pose at a production conference. From left, director Lee Jin-seo and stars Lee Si-young, Namgoong Min, Lee Bo-young and Ji Hyun-woo

Ji Hyun-woo plays Choi Seok-bong, a hotel bellboy who is trying to find his billionaire father whom he has never met. He believes that he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and prepares himself to be qualified as a billionaire’s heir.

Lee Bo-young takes on the role of Lee Shin-mi, a stingy heiress of a conglomerate who believes that one should strive to remain rich.

Namgoong Min plays Chu Un-seok, a son of a rich business man who worked his way to success, and Lee Si-young plays a typical arrogant heiress named Bu Tae-hee.

Director Lee Seo-jin said that he wants to deliver the simple message that one must work hard to become rich. He said, “So many dramas have featured billionaires and their families, but I want to set my work apart from them with more realistic characters.” He added, “I hope the drama will provide an opportunity to think about what being rich means and how wealth should be used.”


▲ Ji Hyun-woo (left) and Lee Bo-young

Ji Hyun-woo said, “Seok-bong may sound like a man chasing an unattainable dream, but actually he has strong convictions about being rich and works hard accordingly. I think he can set a model and provide hope to many people.” He added, “And that’s why I decided to appear in the drama.”

Lee Bo-young, who is returning to TV after a four-year absence, chose the show for her comeback due to the unique character she plays. She said, “In other romantic comedies, male characters are usually rebellious or tough and female characters are obedient and lovely, but it’s the other way around in our drama. I found it very different and interesting.”

Featuring other veteran actors such as Yoon Joo-sang, Sung Ji-roo and Park Chul-min, “Becoming a Billionaire” will air on Mondays and Tuesday at 9:55 p.m. on KBS2.

Writer: Jin Yeong-ju

Photo: Lee Min-gyu

Copyright ⓒ KBS & KBSi - Illegal reproduction & distribution is banned.

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Guest aureliahicks

Translation from official website

credit : www.allkoreandrama.com


A man also dreams Cinderella

Here is one man. Man who wants to make his dream a real situation by finding a conglomerate business owner as his father. Do not blame him as a man of low taste. He is same to you. You also may have dreamed a scientist or novelist since you were 7 year old. For him, to become rich man is his hope, dream.

Even a rich man feels heart-breaking when he spends his money.

Korea is a little strange country. Everybody blame rich man, but everybody dreams to become a rich man. We learn at early age that loving money is not so good attitude. But loving money is not a sin. I will break up your prejudice about rich man. Do not think that rich man spend his money without hesitation. Nor a rich man is generous about money. This is the story about rich man who knows the worth of money. Actually good rich man is more than bad rich man in Korea.

Cinderella also can wear sneakers than dress shoes.

If Cinderella wear sneakers than dress shoes, she could be happy more earlier without giving price difficulty. I will daringly take off another side of dress shoes from a man who is wandering searching his lost side of shoes. I will show you the way how to be a rich man through the man who found and wear his sneakers by himself. Through the man, who, at last, become a rich man by himself when he try to find rich father, I want to help to make korea the place where your child can brightly say “My future hope is the rich man”


credit : www.allkoreandrama.com


“I am the right conglomerate business man.”

Choi Sukbong /Ji hyunwoo

Bellman of Osung Hotel.

He is studying by himself for preparing to be successor of conglomerate business owner. He repeatedly say to himself “Blood is in the mind” So, He is trying not to lose dignified and elegant attitude even his real situation is harsh. He like

to order high level expensive wine with his small salary, and drink it with half broken wine glass. He does everything to find conglomerate owner father, but, he never lose his warm heart.

“I can put up with rain leaks in my house, But, I cannot bear money leaks.”

Daughter of conglomerate owner, but, she acts stingy/ Lee Sinmi / Lee Boyoung.

Regardless it fit her or not, she likes to wear jin because it is strong. As she do not like to waste money in restaurant, she likes to eat in free service eating corner for new trial food in department store. If my story has no fun to her, she directly stands up and go away. Is the real successor of conglomerate owner? She always likes dutch-payment. She always uses samples for her make-up. She drinks coffee always from automatic vending machine with her secretary’s coin. She is stingy on her money, but, she also has warm heart.

“If caviar is cheap food, who would like it?”

Paris Hilton in Korea/ Bu Tae hee/Lee Siyoung

Successor of Buho group. Her nick name is “ In the car within three step” She never walk except shopping time and exercising on running machine. Her best weapon is her beauty and sexual attractiveness. For her, nothing is impossible. There is nothing which cannot buy with money in the world. But, there appears one thing that is impossible to her, love. How dare there something exists that I cannot own?

“ Sorry, I love you”

Prince of misfortune. Chu Woonsuk/Namgung Min

Successor of Frontier group.

He has character that can marry with Cinderella. But he has distress that he must succeed his father’s business. He has anger and sense of revenge in his deep heart as a successor of his father. Because he saw many times that his father is humiliated by other big businessman as his father’s business is relatively small.

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Guest NeaVanille

Woot, this is airing today!

Anyone else going to watch this live?

I already have KBS 2 tuned on, even though it's only in just under 3 hours. I hope this will be similarly interesting as God of Study was (yeah, I'm one of those few people who were totally enarmored by GoS and didn't think it dragged :P ).

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Woot, this is airing today!

Anyone else going to watch this live?

I already have KBS 2 tuned on, even though it's only in just under 3 hours. I hope this will be similarly interesting as God of Study was (yeah, I'm one of those few people who were totally enarmored by GoS and didn't think it dragged :P ).

and?....how was ep 1?

I watched Wish Upon A Star live. Forgot this one. Wished I watched this one instead now <_< . Hope there will be a dl link soon. :)

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Guest NeaVanille

Overall, I liked it. Here are some impressions of episode 1:

- The 2 second leads seem painfully wasted thus far. They only had a few minutes of screen time in the end, and Lee Si Young's acting as a snotty Korean Paris Hilton was rather cringe-worthy. Goddamnit, Korean women, is it so hard to play snooty? Han Ye Seul did is fabulously in Fantasy Couple. XD

- As for the lead couple, I can tell the chemistry is going to be good already, and I find them both likable. I always considered them both good actors (Ji Hyun Woo perhaps in the 'okay' category juuuust tipping over into 'good') and they have not disappointed me so far. Their bickering is standard KDrama fare, but they deliver their lines well, and once again I can't wait for the romance to start (famous last words of a KDrama addict XD).

- The plot is very typical KDrama fare. All the cliches are there: a treasured pendant, chaebol heirs (the entire cast, lol), a clingy second lead who doesn't get the hint, birth mysteries, K-ballads, the lead couple starting off bickering, lots of clothesporn, ugly but loveable sidekicks (there's the actor of Boo-san, Goo Soo's character's brother in Christmas!) -- it's all there. So far it doesn't remind me of GOS at all, sadly.

- The directing is good, overall. There were a few nice shots at the hotel's pool, although again, KDramas have not yet learned how to do underwater filming (drops on the camera again, sigh).

Overall, rather typical, but it was charming, fast-paced and humorous enough that I'll definitely tune in tomorrow.

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