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[drama 2009] Give Me Food / What's For Dinner? 밥 줘!


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[MBC] Ha Hee Ra, Kim Hye Sun, Kim Sung Min, Oh Yoon Ah, Kim Byung Se

Give Me Food

밥 줘


Director: Lee Dae Young & Lee Sang Yup (이상엽)

Writer: Seo Young Myung

Also known as: What's For Dinner? (MBC Global Translation) / Serve Me

Episodes: 106

Broadcast period: 2009-May-25 ~ 2009-Oct-23

Air time: Monday to Friday 20:15

Cast: Ha Hee Ra, Kim Hye Sun, Kim Sung Min, Kim Byung Se, Oh Yoon Ah, Ha Suk Jin, Lee Hye Sook, Lee Hyo Choon, Han In Soo, Choi Soo Rin, Ha Seung Ri, Lee Byung Joon, Kwon Oh Min, Hong Soo Min, Kim Young Ki, Park Jung Soo

Official site: http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/bobjo/

Cast: http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/bobjo/cast/index.html

Preview: http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/bobjo/preview/index.html

VOD: http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/bobjo/vod/index.html

Photos: http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/bobjo/photo/index.html

Wallpaper: http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/bobjo/w...aper/index.html

Official English site: http://content.mbc.co.kr/english/drama/09/1741821_31154.html

Daum: http://movie.daum.net/tv/detail/main.do?tvProgramId=54016


Cho Young-ran is in a loveless marriage due to her aloof and insensitive husband.

Her shopaholic older sister desires a glamorous life,

but her poor economic situation leads her to frequently quarrel with her husband.

Young-ran’s younger sister has a well-paying job,

but is married to a mama’s boy.

This is a story about these three sisters and their topsy-turvy lives!

Young-ran is a pretty housewife with a sweet personality.

She married her husband after just dating him for a week.

But her husband lacks the warmth that she craves for in a loving marriage.

Whenever her husband comes back from work,

all he manages to ask is “What’s for dinner?”.

Later on, she is shocked to find out that her husband is having an affair

with his former girlfriend.

One day, her husband’s mistress suddenly goes missing…

Suspicions regarding the woman’s disappearance begin to arise...

(credits MBC Global Media)


(from left to right: Young Mi, Young Shim, & Young Ran)


(cast descriptions credits to MBC Global)


Jo Young Ran (Ha Hee Ra)

An ordinary housewife with a pleasant personality. She married Jung Sun-woo in an arranged marriage, but her husband turned out to be an insensitive person who doesn’t even remember their wedding anniversary. She later discovers that her husband is having an affair, and sinks into despair.


Jung Sun Woo (Kim Sung Min)

Young-ran’s husband, Sun-woo runs a health-supplementary food company. At home, he hardly talks with his wife but at work, he’s a suave businessman. He still has feelings for his ex-lover; they were forced to break up due his mother’s disapproval. So he keeps on seeing her even after his marriage to Young-ran.


Jo Young Shim (Kim Hye Sun)

She is Young-ran’s older sister, who is vain but simple in a cute way. She frequently quarrels with her husband but also makes up with him right away.


Bae Do Suk (Kim Byung Se)

Young-shin’s husband, Do-shik is a sensitive man who has mood swings at times. He tends to brag about himself, but he is generally a plain and gentle man.


Jo Young Mi (Oh Yoon Ah)

She is Young-ran’s younger sister, who takes charge of her life with a positive outlook. She has a more progressive mindset compared to her older sisters. She’s committed to her career and is an outstanding employee. But she’s married to a mama’s boy, which makes her consider divorce.


Kim Yoon Soo (Ha Suk Jin)

He is Young-mi’s husband. Even as a grown adult, he is unable to cut the apron string. He has neither worries nor issues that he dwells on, because he lets his mother take care of all the complicated matters in his life.

Supporting Cast


Park Soon Ja (Lee Hyo Choon)


Jung Eun Ji (Ha Seung Ri)


Jo Hyun Tae (Lee Byung Joon)


Bae Woong (Kwon Oh Min)

Cha Hwa Jin (Choi Soo Rin)

Im Jung Hee (Hong Soo Min)

Kang Hyung Sa (Kim Young Ki)


Yoon Mi Hee (Lee Hye Sook)


Hwang Jong Gab (Han In Soo)

Correlation Chart


Episode Ratings


Source: TNS Media & Dramawiki


servemewall.th.jpg castdldopefmn.th.jpg

c1gmf.th.jpg cjodue.th.jpg youngmiyongsoo.th.jpg






Ha Hui-ra, “This is my first time acting opposite a younger co-star.”

Kim Seong-min's third daily drama! This time he's "Seon-wu"!

Dramatic rise in ratings after just 6 episodes

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Oh Yoon Ah, Ha Suk Jin, Ha Hee Ra, Kim Sung Min, Kim Hye Sun, Kim Byung Se



Oh Yoon Ah, Ha Hee Ra, Kim Hye Sun


Ha Hee Ra


Kim Sung Min


Kim Hye Sun


Kim Byung Se


Oh Yoon Ah


Ha Suk Jin


Ha Hee Ra & Kim Sung Min


Kim Hye Sun & Kim Byung Se


Ha Suk Jin & Oh Yoon Ah


Source: TV Daily & Nate

Thanks for starting this thread. Seems like it should be an interesting show given what I've read about it.

^ thanks! i saw a lot of info/pics and realized nobody had made a thread yet.. it's not done yet but i'm still learning as it's my 2nd thread....

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Additional Cast Pics from conference (images in thumbnails to prevent page from loading slowly :))

Oh Yoon Ah-Ha Hee Ra-Kim Hye Sun


Ha Hee Ra

hhr2.th.jpg hhr3.th.jpg hhr4.th.jpg hhr5.th.jpg hhr6.th.jpghhra8.th.jpg hhra9.th.jpg

Kim Sung Min

ksm.th.jpg ksunm4.th.jpg

Kim Hye Sun

khs4.th.jpg khs2w.th.jpg khs3.th.jpg

Kim Byung Se

kbs2.th.jpg kbs3.th.jpg

Oh Yoon Ah

oya2.th.jpg oya4.th.jpg oya6.th.jpg oya5.th.jpg ohy7.th.jpg oya5.th.jpg gaspsoya9.th.jpg oyah8.th.jpg

Ha Suk Jin

hsj2.th.jpg hsj3.th.jpg hsjin5.th.jpg hsukj4.th.jpg hsjin6.th.jpg

Various cast members

3ppl.th.jpg nisi20090518.th.jpg nisi200905180001086176w.th.jpg lhucv.th.jpg

Source: Nate, Newsis, etc.

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Ha Hui-ra, “This is my first time acting opposite a younger co-star.”

Source: MBC AMERICA :: Global News


Already into the 29th year of her acting career, well-known actress Ha Hui-ra confessed that this upcoming drama will be the first time she's acting opposite a younger man.

In the new daily drama [serve Me!] (script by Seo Young-myeong, directed by Lee Dae-young and Lee Sang-yeop), Ha Hui-ra takes on the role of Young-ran, a normal housewife whose life is turned upside down when she finds out her husband is having an affair. Her husband is played by actor Kim Seong-min.

Ha Hui-ra has high expectations for her co-star Kim Seong-min, who is 5 years younger in real life. "I met him for the first time through this drama, and he has a great personality. We're going to get along great. And this is the first time I'm acting opposite a younger man since my debut. He may be younger, but he's actually very meticulous and looks after me well, so I think he'll be helping me out."

[serve Me!], airing May 25th, is taking over the timeslot of the soon ending [Don't Cry My Love]. It will honestly portray the lives of three very distinct sisters, as well as the ups and downs of their respective marriages.

It will be directed by Lee Dae-young, [be Strong, Geum-soon] [bad Woman, Good Woman], and scripted by Seo Young-myeong, [i'm Afraid of her] [My Precious Child]. Already the expectations are high because two great names in the sphere of the daily drama are getting together to bring a new project to the table.

Regarding the high expectation, Ha Hui-ra took on a positive mindset. "We're filming amidst a lot of positive anxiety and excitement because we're working with such big names. Actors shouldn't get swept up in a lot of talk. This is a good kind of excitement and a kind of anxiety we need."

She then cautiously spoke of her expectations, "The actors of this project are all great, and I get along great with the staff. I've noticed that when the first impression is good, the project ends to do well. This belief hasn't failed me yet, and I got a good first impression from this project. I think it will do well."

She added that her first priority is her acting, "The first thing an actor should think about is how much he/she can enjoy taking part in the project. If the ratings come out well, then that's just the cherry on top."

She hopes for a lot of attention and encouragement for the drama. "Daily dramas are a reflection of life. Everyone deals with a different kind of pain, and [serve Me!] isn't going to present this in an ordinary fashion. So please look forward to the drama."

[serve Me!] will start off observing the ups and downs of the marriages of the three sisters, and then it will delve into possible paths to happiness for its characters. This new daily drama will start airing on May 25th.


Kim Seong-min's third daily drama! This time he's "Seon-wu"!

Source: MBC AMERICA :: Global News


[serve Me!] Kim Seong-min's third daily drama! He wants to be remembered as "Seon-wu"!

MBC's newest daily drama [serve Me!] (script by Seo Young-myeong, directed by Lee Dae-young & Lee Sang-yeop) stars Kim Seong-min as Jeong Seon-wu, a reserved husband. Kim revealed his ambitions for the show before it beings airing.

Kim Seong-min debuted successfully as the upstanding, gentle reporter Ju-wang in the drama [Miss Mermaid] and went on to be Mu-bin, a man faithful in love, in the drama [Lotus Flower Fairy]. Now in his third daily drama, he will become Seon-wu, a reserved and curt husband.

Since his previous two daily dramas were so successful, we asked him if he felt a lot of pressure with the upcoming project. He answered, "I'm going to be working with a lot of more experienced, veteran actors in this project. When they stride forward, I'm going to be taking one step at a time in order to match their stride. Rather than shoulder the weight of responsibility, I'm going to try and really become the character Seon-wu so that his name is remembered by the viewers, instead of 'Ju-wang' or 'Mu-bin.'"

Kim joined the cast of [serve Me!] not long after his last drama [Family's Honor] came to an end, and it would certainly be no surprise if he were tired. But he showed his passion for acting when he replied, "You know what? When you're doing something that you love, you never get tired."

Kim Seong-min takes the role of Jeong Seon-wu in [serve Me!]. He's married to Young-ran (Ha Hui-ra) and owns and operates a health food company. He begins to stray off the path when he reunites with an old lover (Choi Soo Rin), the girl he broke up with due to his mother's insistence.

When asked about the character, Kim explained, "Seon-wu is successful in the public sphere. [...] And when he reunites with his old lover, he swears to love her enough to make up for all the lost time. The development of this is something the viewers can look forward to."

This is the first time he's working with Ha Hui-ra, who stars as his wife. Regarding her, he said, "She's exactly as she is portrayed on TV. She's older than me, but I think we'll get along well and I'm really looking forward to it."

Though this is his third daily drama with MBC, Kim says that the times are always changing and he first needs to adjust. You can catch his excellent performance on the new daily drama [serve Me!] on May 25th!

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Guest C51236

thanks dramaluv3r101 for keeping the thread up to date. So this drama is kinda like Queen of Housewives? 3 couples and their marriages. HHR-KSM couple will have marital problems due to KSM's character, Jung Sun Woo, cheating w/ a first love? (kinda like Dal Soo and Eun Hyun except DS didnt really return EH's feelings?) only difference is it's about three sister's marriages? well they both are MBC productions so i guess MBC is trying to keep up the success following QOH?

cast looks solid. they seem to get along w/ each other. here's two other press con pics!

Ha Hee Ra and her "younger man" Kim Sung Min


Oh Yoon Ah and her "hubby" Ha Suk Jin


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It's just the first episode and KSM's character is already experiencing memory lapses about where his bed is! I hope his wife uses a frying pan to restore those missing brain cells. B)

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[What's For Dinner?] First episode off to a smooth start with double digit ratings!

Source: MBC America

MBC's new daily drama [What's For Dinner?] met with a great start as it earned double digit ratings with its first episode.

According to TNS Media Korea, the first episode of [What's For Dinner?] that aired on May 25th brought in a rating of 10.1%.

Its predecessor [Don't Cry My Love] had the highest ratings among daily dramas as it came to a close, but its first episode had scored only 7.9%. This shows that [What's For Dinner?] is off to a better and more stable start.

The first episode drew out the marriages of three sisters, led our heroine Young-ran (Ha Hui-ra). There's Young-ran who leads a somewhat uneventful and dry marriage life with reticent husband Seon-wu (Kim Seong-min), the cute and slightly dense Young-shim (Kim Hye-seon) who is envious of Young-ran's more affluent lifestyle and has a perfect match in her husband Do-shik (Kim Byeong-se), and the bright and capable youngest Young-mi (Oh Yun-ah) who lives with her in-laws. The first episode quickly established these distinctive characters as well as their relationships.

In the second episode (aired May 26th), Seon-wu comes home late on their wedding anniversary and demands dinner, to which Young-ran finally explodes and releases her pent-up feelings. Meanwhile, Young-mi has a disagreement with her mama's boy husband Yun-su (Ha Seok-jin) and leaves him behind as she drives off.

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