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[drama 2009] Give Me Food / What's For Dinner? 밥 줘!


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Guest ^HaSeokJin^

Seok Jin not suitable for comedic role. I prefer the previous dramas. But as an actor, you have to suit for every role, right?. ^^ Thanks for the information. :D

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OMG! I just watched the latest episode and couldn't help but cry on those last 10 minutes....seriously i hope there will be a man that will appear for our main married heroine, it's just not fair.

Does anyone know if the drama is showing in the states yet? I cannot wait to watch it with subs.

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this drama got into a bit of trouble.

in episode 29, the scene suggesting wife rape.

So, this is no longer a family drama but....so on


:huh: :huh:

Well i can see why, am not usually one to cry watching a drama but that was just raw and brutal....really can't wait for the mistress pinkberry to disappear though and if someone can just hurt her husband a bit i would be one happy camper.

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