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[drama 2009] Give Me Food / What's For Dinner? 밥 줘!


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kinda old news....


Dramatic rise in ratings after just 6 episodes


MBC's daily drama 「What's For Dinner?」(script by Seo Young-myeong, directed by Lee Dae-yeong & Lee Sang-yeop) is seeing a dramatic rise in ratings after just six episodes, signaling the possibility of a new hit daily drama.

According to the official ratings research company TNS Media, the drama recorded a 12.9% (Seoul) rating on June 1st for its 6th episode.

The first episode had started off strong at 10.1%, but had temporarily faltered when the unexpected news of former president Roh Moo-hyun's death overwhelmed the nation. After a week, however, the drama has recovered its footing.

「What's For Dinner?」 is about the frivolous and slightly thoughtless Young-shim (Kim Hye-seon), the average housewife Young-ran (Ha Hui-ra) that finds out about her husband's affair, and the strong and independent Young-mi (Oh Yun-ah). It is about the lives, marriages and loves of these three distinctive women. It is also Ha Hui-ra's return to the small screen after a 2 year hiatus.

Furthermore, a lot of viewers have shown interest and curiosity regarding the title "What's For Dinner?" due to its apparent connotation.

In episode 7 airing on the 2nd, Seon-wu's (Kim Seong-min) first love Hwa-jin (Choi Su-rin) visits him at his work, coincidentally at the same time that Young-ran decides to show up. This leads to a lot of embarrassment and confusion on Seong-wu's part.


funny couple! :lol:


they're dancing to SNSD's "Gee"

Kim Sung Min

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