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Having A Bad Day? Wanna Rant? Right This Way!


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Today is not my bad day. Instead it is a good day. 

But this is still in the series of my bad day. HAHAHAHA :joy:


so me and my office bffs went to the korean restaurant near my house and gossiping there about politics thing in the office in the lunch time. Gossiping at a lunch time like this is something I miss very much in this pandemic time. HAHAHA.


and we talked and talked and talked and disscused about what should I do, and we conclude that I just need to be patient and enjoying my position now which is very strategic for the situation and condition there. Uncle T is the head office now so there is a hope for the future hahaha. 


See this is what you called bffs. People who are there for you in your BAD times. 


I so love our secret talks while enjoying lunches in the restaurants. Sitting there for hours until lupa diri hahahhahaaaa.. 

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I closed my bad day series and end it on this post HAHAHA


because we have just pray together and my mom, mamakku already pray for my shining shimmering splendid future. Nothing in this world as powerful as a mother’s prayer for her children <3


I believe in as what always happened through my entire life, that God’s plan for me always better and the best. Even Better than my own plan for my life. So how come others bad plan for me could effect me? No no.. Hahaha


Happy New Year 2022 :innocent:

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Today I was just shocked by what I saw, today when I received the gas bill, for me it is a lot and I also owe my energy, I rent a small apartment for my day, I work almost every day. I need something to change, I found a site where there is a choice to change the energy carriers that will help me but I do not know what to choose, maybe there are those who have faced with this problem and be able to tell me how to solve this problem.

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Today wasn't my best day. i got broken up with and the person i dated fell in love with someone else WHILE DATING ME. I tried so hard to be feelings better but nothing seems to work. After that, the rest of my day just went down hill, it felt like i was the only one who had eyes. Everyone was ignoring me i sat alone as if i were an outsider. At the end of the day, i got slammed into the lockers by the older kids at my school. Went onto my bus crying 

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