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[Variety] Quiz That Changes The World 세상을 바꾸는 퀴즈

Guest baqinardo

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Guest High Kick

my parents have stopped watching this show weeks ago because they can't stand park kyung lim. now i'm beginning to think today's episode might be my last, too. i was able to ignore park kyung lim up to this point but now she got on my last nerves. is it me or does she cry in every single episode she's been on? jeez. i'll just tune back in when jo kwon is on.

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Guest adikkeluangman

Tony Ahn was scouted by a gang?

Former H.O.T. member Tony Ahn revealed that he had once interacted with a gang.

Tony appeared as a guest on the November 27th episode of MBC’s “Quiz That Changes the World“, and said, “When I was a student, I went somewhere I wasn’t supposed to go. I got scouted by gangsters once. I knew it was dangerous and scary, so I rejected it.”

When MC Lee Hwi Jae heard this, he replied, “I know something about Tony“, making Tony nervous. Lee joked, “In America, the police is very scary. One day, a police officer asked Tony about a gang’s nickname. Naive Tony thought the officer was asking about his own nickname, so he answered, ‘Noodle’“.

Tony recalled, “I didn’t know I was being asked about a gang nickname. It was just because my nickname was ‘Noodle’ because I had curly hair when I was in school, so I told the officer, ‘Noodle‘”.

He admitted, “The police searched for a gang named ‘Noodle’ but couldn’t find any. When the officers learned about what really happened, they started laughing, and I got to go home safely.”


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