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[Variety] Quiz That Changes The World 세상을 바꾸는 퀴즈

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Guest adikkeluangman

JYPE explains miss A Min’s texting controversy on ‘Quiz to Change the World’

miss A’s Min is currently under fire for showing disrespectful behavior on a recent broadcast of MBC’s ‘Quiz to Change the World’.

In the episode, Min was spotted texting with her phone, legs crossed, while her senior was in the middle of speaking.

In response to the controversy, Min’s agency, JYP Entertainment, came forth to state, “It is true that she was looking at her phone during that scene.” They continued, “However, this was because at the time, the person she was meant to call for the ‘Sudden Phone Speed Quiz’ corner was not picking up. She was asked to find a new contact which was why she took out her mobile phone.”

The representative concluded with, “We are extremely sorry for making viewers feel uncomfortable, regardless of the situation.”


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Guest adikkeluangman

B2ST’s Junhyung reveals real name on MBC’s “Quiz to Change The World”

B2ST’s fierce rapper Junhyung recently revealed his real name on an upcoming episode of MBC’s “Quiz to Change The World”.

He admitted, “My name up until 6th grade was really Yong Jae Soon (용재순), however it was causing me to build so much stress, so I changed my name to Yong Junhyung in 6th grade.” He continued, “I was so ashamed that I didn’t even tell my fellow members of B2ST.”


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Guest adikkeluangman

After School’s Nana shows off her practiced facial expressions

Certain members of After School do take the easy way out when they have to showcase their talents on variety shows by either making facial expressions or posing adorably. Nevertheless, who’s to complain when they’re this pretty?

On the most recent “Quiz that Changes the World“, Orange Caramel’s Nana came on to promote their new track. While on the show, she shared some facial expressions that she has been practicing with. She first pulled out her surprised face, and then her expression after taking a bite of sour fruit.

She was trying so hard that people laughed with her, causing her to laugh with relief as well.


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Guest adikkeluangman

After School’s Lizzy clarifies rumors about plastic surgery

After School/Orange Caramel’s Lizzy clarified rumors regarding her going under the knife during a recent guest appearance on MBC’s “Quiz to Change the World“.

During the show, MC Park Mi Sun asked Lizzy, “You’re doing pretty well in variety shows these days. What do your friends from Busan say about that?”, to which she replied, “They said I hit the jackpot after moving to Seoul. They also said I got prettier.”

MC Lee Hwi Jae added, “Did you change a lot compared to the past?“, implying if she had gotten work done during her career. Lizzy answered, “I didn’t change. If you look at my past photo, you’ll know.”


After School’s Lizzy draws caricatures of Kim Gura

After School’s Lizzy showed her off her hidden artistic talents by drawing a cariacture of MC Kim Gura on MBC’s “Quiz to Change the World.”

After revealing that she had taken art lessons in high school, Lizzy confessed, “I drew pictures of Kim Gura,” and brought out three sets of drawings.

Although other celebrities expressed amazement at her skill, Kim Gura himself responded mock-angrily with “Wait, am I an old person?!”

Lizzy further explained, “I normally draw landscapes so that’s what I’m good at.” Despite her unconfident statement, celebrities pointed out how she perfectly depicted Kim Gura’s characteristics such as his wrinkles and his protruding chin.

MC Lee Hwi Jae added, “She even got his uneven teeth down perfectly too.”


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Guest adikkeluangman

T-ara members demonstrate their strength, vocal talents, and food preferences

T-ara’s Jiyeon joined the ranks of ‘powerful female idols’ yesterday on MBC’s “Quiz to Change the World.”

Jiyeon started off by revealing, “My body was so weak, I began learning Tae Kwon Do when I was five in order to get stronger. I took lessons for 7 years and am a level three.”

In order to prove her story, she got up to smash five pine boards stacked one on top of the other, and shocked the studio with her skill. Despite witnessing the feat from the very front row, 2AM’s Jinwoon refused to believe in her strength: “Did they cut it up beforehand?”

Jiyeon then went on to smash eight pine boards easily, making many wonder whether she could do ten. Although she showed confidence in her ability to, the studio became concerned over her safety.

MC Lee Hwi Jae later asked Jinwoon, “Jinwoon, you’re the same age as her. Do you think you can smash 10?” Jinwoon answered with a surprised tone, “Me? The only thing I learned in Tae Kwon Do was how to say, ‘Our teacher is so cool!,‘” putting the studio in a fit of laughter.

Fellow members Hyomin and Boram appeared alongside Jiyeon for the show as well.

Hyomin prepared special voice imitations for her segment, in which she imitated the voices of Kang Yoomi (“Kang Teacher in the Dressing Room”), An Sung Daek (“Hello, Francesca”), and Jung Jun Ha (“No Brain Survivor”).

She went on to state, “There’s a lot of seniors here today so I prepared a song that everyone would know. I would like to dedicate this song to Lee Jung, who was just discharged from the marines.” Hyomin then began playing a guitar and showed off her hidden vocal skills by singing, “I’ll Give You All of My Love.”

T-ara later received a question from MC Park Misun, asking, “Which member has the most old-fashioned tastes?”

Leader Boram answered, “It’s actually 18 year old maknae Jiyeon. You’d think that she’d like sweet foods such as cheesecakes or chocolates, but she actually likes heavy, spicy foods such as ’sundaeguk’ (blood sausage in beef stock) and ‘haejangguk’ (soup eaten for hangovers).”

2AM’s Changmin, who observed her answer, added, “Compared to our maknae Jinwoon, Jiyeon is on the more luxurious side. Jinwoon enjoys eating skate, marsh snail, and haejangguk as well. We always make fun of him by saying he’s 20 years old, but his eating preferences makes him seem like he’s 80.”


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Guest adikkeluangman

K.Will gets humiliated by a high school freshman trainee

K.Will suffered humiliation from being constantly ignored on this week’s episode of MBC “The Quiz that Changes the World”.

On the show, when asked why his album release was delayed, K.Will answered, “The company was trying to raise the popularity of fellow labelmate, SISTAR with their debut song “Push Push“, and put me on hold as a result. I then realized that my boss hadn’t been answering my calls for some time.”

After performing Se7en’s ‘Digital Bounce’, the MCs and guests became more interested in one of his back dancers, who also happened to be a trainee. K.Will introduced them by saying, “After SISTAR, it will be these friends who will put me on hold next.”

All four were wearing black masks which covered their faces, but the cast could not take their eyes off them. They commented, “When these kids debut, you will probably get pushed back”, “They’re so pretty looking”, and “I thought they were a rookie idol group”.

K.Will said they could not reveal their faces as they were a secret project group, however, the MCs could not resist their curiosity and got them to turn their backs to the camera and reveal their faces. The cast who got a peek at their faces were astounded by their good looks, and MC Lee Hwi Jae even commented that one of them looked like 2PM’s Nichkhun.

One of the trainees revealed that he was currently a high school freshman, and when Park Mi Sun asked if they were preparing for their new album, the trainee answered exactly the same as K.Will as he said, “The boss hasn’t been answering my calls…”, causing the whole studio to burst into laughter.

The trainees quickly became the #1 top search result after the broadcast.


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Guest adikkeluangman

JOO sheds tears during her performance of “Bad Guy” on “Quiz That Changes the World”

Overwhelmed by her emotions, JOO shed tears during her ”Bad Guy” performance on MBC’s “Quiz That Changes the World.”

On the show, JOO stood on center stage to perform “Bad Guy”, but suddenly stopped and said “I’m sorry” before taking a moment to cry.

JOO expressed, “A lot of thoughts came up as it’s been such a long time since I’ve sung on stage. These are all new feelings. To be honest, after I released my first album, I thought I needed more practice and went back to being a trainee.”



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Guest adikkeluangman

Seo In Young reveals her 30cm shoes

Singer Seo In Young revealed her infamous 30cm shoes while she was on the January 8th episode of MBC’s “Quiz to Change the World.”

The MCs asked her, “We heard that you wear heels even in your home, is that true?”

Seo In Young answered, “I wear heels while picking my outfit in the morning. The tallest shoes I have are the 30cm ones we made recently.”

The singer then brought out the sneakers that were supposedly 30cm in height. Gagwoman Jo Hyeryun tried them on for herself and put the studio in a laughing fit when she stood evenly against MC Kim Gura, who is 184 cm tall.


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Guest adikkeluangman

Tony An reveals Moon Hee Jun was caught naked by a stalker

On January 29th, singer Tony An guested on MBC’s “Quiz That Changes the World” and revealed a shocking stalker story from his H.O.T days.

He began, “One day, I was preparing to head out for my morning schedule and Moon Hee Jun was heading to the bathroom for a shower. I thought for sure that he’d lock the door so I didn’t bother checking.”

Tony continued, “Later, Moon Hee Jun came to me crying, asking why I hadn’t locked the door. He said he was washing his hair when someone came in. Thinking it was me, he didn’t think much of it until he realized it was a fan.”

To the shock of the studio, he concluded, “He was so surprised, he ran out of the bathroom crying!”


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Guest adikkeluangman

T-ara’s Hyomin & Jiyeon talk about attitude changes around boys

On February 12th, T-ara’s Hyomin and Jiyeon guested on MBC’s “Quiz That Changes the World” and showed off their witty variety skills.

The girls were first asked by the MCs to choose one member who changes her attitude when talking to boys, and Hyomin chose Jiyeon. “Jiyeon is normally very tough and candid with the way she speaks. But when she talks to boys, Jiyeon changes her voice to sound cute.”

Jiyeon retorted by picking Hyomin and explained, “Hyomin-unni is worse. When she’s just with us, she’s honestly very tough, but when there’s a boy around, she starts to talk like a baby – ‘Ah, Hyomin is hungry!’”

The MCs then asked for a demonstration of how her ‘cute act,’ and Hyomin responded with, “Hyomin’s stomach is saying growl growl~,” which caused the studio to howl with laughter.

When the talent show portion came around, Hyomin killed the audience with her hilarious acts. She began, “I was in Thailand and just returned yesterday, so I wondered what I should do for ‘Sebakwi’ today. I normally do this when I’m alone at home, so I might look like a crazy person.”

She introduced her talent by explaining that she would be re-enacting the story of ‘Cinderella’ by playing two roles. Hyomin acted the part of Cinderella slaving away, and then quickly switched parts to the evil stepmother barking orders at her stepdaughter.

Her castmates laughed while asking, “Do you really play like this at home?”, but Hyomin remained unfazed and continued acting out her two roles. The studio laughed harder as Hyomin suddenly sang, “Cinderella lost her parents when she was young~!”

Jiyeon, who’s also her roommate, commented, “This is my first time seeing this.. She must do it alone when I leave the room to wash.”

As a final touch, Hyomin then proceeded to emulate Kim Hye Ja’s famous scene from the movie “Mother” by suggestion of Jo Hye Ryun.

Netizens are praising Hyomin’s sharp wit and hilarious personality, so it’s likely that she’ll become a highly coveted guest for future variety shows.


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