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New Kbs Variety Show Deals With Dating~ Kko Kko Tour

Guest Soy

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i'm not a big tiffany fan, but oh well. i guess i'll watch for minwoo and park jungah! and of course the MCs<3

I don't like her either, but I'm watching for the other guests! :)

Can anyone tell me where Shin Dong Wook is from? All I know is that he's an actor.

I've never heard of him before and I'm kicking myself for not XD He's sooo cute ^^

He's a very good actor. He was star of 'Soulmate' and other dramas.

More info of him you find here: http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Shin_Dong_Wook

Ah! And he's also cousin of Kibum of Super Junior.

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haha Tiffany is the reason why this show has subs~

That's all I have to say.

I'm really surprised that it wasn't Tiffany that picked Sungmin since he's the closest to her ideal guy type. She's really into tall guys.

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Guest squallie

OMG, if Shin Dongwook is here, I'm definitely watching this. I adore this guy! I can't believe he's on here though. I would never have suspected him to be on a variety show. Kibum's cousin! LMAO

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it is so funny esp ep 2 when everyone do the Kiss thing lol

Tim soooo nice he always respond to Tiff but when it comes to M he teases her lol

i think sungmin dong wook and Tim likes Tiff but i want Tiff with Tim and M with Amy hahaha

her jealousy face soooo funny XD also Kil lol this guy having a fight with one of the gal lol

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I watch this show too and I think it's really fun~ thanks for the subs...

I was cracking my head up trying to understand what they were saying when I first watched it...I only could understand a little~ :tears:

Gonna watch it again with subs...My favourites are Min Woo, Shin Jung Hwan, Tiffany and Park Jung Ah...Tiffany is really pretty...

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Guest corazoncomplicando

not a tiffany fan but i guess that is the reason this show has subs. mehh.

this looks really interesting. haven't seen tim in a while and jungah on a variety show either. not to mention shin jung hwan who is hillarious.

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