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New Kbs Variety Show Deals With Dating~ Kko Kko Tour

Guest Soy

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Guest kriza_09

I suddenly got teary eyed when when watching the show last night...

I was totally caught off-guard when Minwoo went 'Eric-ah!!!!!!'

Totally didn't expect Minwoo would yell Eric's name...

I immediately felt all warm and fuzzy inside when he yelled 'Are you doing well in training???'

It was a very pleasant surprise... =)

*though nothing can top the element of surprise from hyesung's message to eric... now that's a surprise..^^*

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i love the amy&&minwoo couple

theyre so cute!

it looks amy has a lot of aegyo too! haha ^^

Gil is hella funny!!

so basically is it like sbs loveletter?!

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Guest pillowbox

im so happy. hopefully soshisub will be subbing this soon :D

yuri and tiffany (taeyeon, hyoyeon) are my favorite members of SNSD.

I don't like SNSD as a whole, but I love them individually<3333333

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