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New Kbs Variety Show Deals With Dating~ Kko Kko Tour

Guest Soy

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Guest kissyxfreshs2

I really like this show :]

the main reason i started watching it was because Tiffany was on there ~ [even if other people may not like her, shes still my fav. in snsd]

but now i also watch it because Shin DongWook is there !! hes sooo cute!! :P

i can't wait to see what happens in the next few episodes with them on it~

i missed watching shows like loveletter and xman :]

This is now my new favorite variety show~

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As much as it is unfair - it's just the shallow part of the business.. I mean, PD would naturally aim at those who are popular among the audience to bring up their ratings. Even though we hope to see more of the unpopular ones, because they can be equally-entertaining and unique...chances are unless they exposed themselves first and leave a deep impression, it'll be hard to get it later because the attention would have now been focused on that one or two person who did.

Not to be off-topic, SHIN DONG WOOK! I am so watching it for him...xD


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Guest Jessica Nguyen

i really like this show. ^_^

i first watched it cause my friend told me to and it turns out all these people i like are in there.

so can't wait for the next ep to be subbed. ^_^

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One question:

Does all guests chose one person to invite before going or some of the guests were only invited but haven't invited anyone or vice-versa?

he had a cute pink shirt on the first episode

Thanks!!! He looked so cute and funny! :)

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Guest hamdainvincible

OMGAH! I really need to watch this!

Tiffany looks so pretty, I missed her. (;


omgahhh. Shin Dong Wook? 0________0

going to die. (; though the plot isn't exactly

amazing, it's cool that the PD thought of

putting together 3 different shows' elements

to create this show.

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this seems to be VERY interesting!

shin dong wook caught my eye!

right when i saw his name, i just had to see this!

LOL. nothing could be better than shin dong wook!

Hehehe reading the comments from this thread and the other thread about this show, seems like most people decided to watch it because of Shin Dong Wook! :D He's a great actor, but he doesn't go to variety shows a lot so his personality is kinda misterious for his own fans. So it was nice seeying him on this show... he was so adorable, funny and cute.

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AHHH. Just watched the first two eps, they were very entertaining.

I want Tiffany to be with either Tim or the volleyball player, Sungmin. Tim because he was nice enough to remove the mud and because I feel like they would be able to communicate better, and Sungmin because he's always so adorably awkward and tall, and he looked so shy/happy when Tiffany held his hand and sung Kissing You to him... plus his face when he found out it wasn't him she chose was priceless... xD

I also want Minwoo with Amy. I was actually a bit disappointed when he didn't react at all after her confession, especially since he had been so nice/worried about her on the outing... x_x;;


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Guest yienyienyien

It's really nice to watch. haha. I watched it first for Tiffany, but then I realized that everyone (the guys..:D) are gorgeous! Shin Dong Wook, Tim :wub:, that volleyball guy :wub: :wub:... Very entertaining. And it was fun watching fany staggering on the hill cause she was drunk (?)

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