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[Drama 2010 ] Road Number One 로드 넘버원


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[MBC] So Ji Sub, Kim Ha Neul, Yoon Kye Sang, Son Chang Min

Road Number One 로드 넘버원


Drama info

English title : Road Numbe One

Korean title :

Tv station : MBC

Episodes : 20

Broadcast period :  23 June 2010 to 12 August 2010

Airing time : Wednesday & Thursday 21:55

Producer : Kim Jin Min ( Bittersweet life, Time btw dog & wolf)

Director : Lee Jang Soo ( stairway to heaven, lovestory in Harvard)

Scripwriter : Han Ji Hoon ( Time btw dog & wolf)

Official Website :


MBC Synopsis

Based on the evenets ocuring around 'route 1' , which lies between Seoul and Pyongyang . The story about officer Lee Jang Woo who finds himself in a war he is not prepared for. However he is able to put it past him & displays extraordinary survival skills, friendship, coorperation and ieology under brutal war conditions.


Trailers Youtube links


So Ji Sub as Army captain Lee Jang Woo


Kim Ha Neul as Kim Soo-yeon


soompi thread

Yoon Kye Sang as Shin Tae Ho


Son Chang Min as Oh Jong-ki


Choi Min Soo as Yoon Sam-soo 


MOU signing ceremony 24-02-2010

Press conference 18-06-2010

1 2 3 4



MOU Vids 

News & Articles

Official Pictures

MBC's Airing Schedule 

source: MBC/Korea.com

Date & Episode

2010-June-23 - 1

2010-June-24 - 2

2010-Jun-30 - 3

2010-July-01 - 4

2010-July-07 - 5

2010-July-08 - 6

2010-July-14 - 7

2010-July-15 - 8

2010-July-21 - 9

2010-July-22 - 10

2010-July-28 - 11

2010-July-29 - 12

2010-Aug-04 - 13

2010-Aug-05 - 14

2010-Aug-11 - 15

2010-Aug-12 - 16

Links to downloads


1 2 3 4 5 c-sub Torrent


1 2 3 4 c-sub Torrent


1 2 3 4 c-sub Torrent


1 2 c-sub Torrent


1 2 c-sub c-sub Torrent


1 2 3 4 c-sub Torrent


1 2 3 c-sub Torrent


1 c-sub 2 3 Torrent


1 c-sub 2 3 Torrent


1 2 C-Subbs Torrent


1 2 3 Torrent


1 Torrent 


1 2 3 4 5


1 2 Torrent


1 2 Torrent 


1 2 Torrent


1 2 3 4 5 Torrent 


1 2 3 4 5 Torrent


1 2 3 Torrent


1 2 3 Torrent

EP 1-17 


Road Number One OST [Full Album]

Download link:  


Release Date: 4 August 2010

cr cjoey 


PLease take note before posting of the

Thanx a billion to those who constantly update the thread with new pics and info ^^

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So Ji Sub Cast In "Road Number One"

November 10, 2009


So Ji Sub has been cast in the upcoming war-themed drama Road Number One, whose PD is none other than the great Kim Jin Min (Shin Don, La Dolce Vita, Time Between Dog and Wolf). Also cast is Son Chang Min in a supporting role. Called the Korean Band of Brothers, the drama focuses on two men whose friendship is torn apart by war, and by their love for the same woman. So Ji Sub plays the role of Lee Jang Woo, a strong yet gentle lieutenant. He had grown up poor on a farm, and started out as a noncommissioned officer, but slowly rose up in the ranks to company commander. The reason he entered the military was so he could pay for the medical school fees of Soo-yeon, the daughter of the farm's owner.

They will start preparations next month, and enter filming in January 2010, to continue until May. Road Number One will start airing in June.

credit daheeblog

So Ji Sub eyes war epic for next drama role

November 10th, 2009


Although the news is not yet final, it looks like So Ji-sub will likely take on a role in a large-scale blockbuster war drama for his next project. The Korean War-set drama Road No. 1 [로드 넘버원] comes from Logos Films, with whom So is currently in talks to work out the finer details.

Road No. 1 tells the story of a military cadet who finds himself thrust into battle when war suddenly breaks out, and fights for survival alongside his rival. The title comes from the name of the No. 1 national highway that served as the main passageway used in 1950 during the outbreak of the Korean War, traversed by those from the North into Seoul, and from the South into Pyeongyang. In the drama, it also serves as a symbolic locale, which carries meaning as the place where the hero meets his first defeat and fights for victory.

PD Kim Jin-min (La Dolce Vita, Time Between Dog and Wolf) has been preparing this drama for the past two years with writer Han Ji-hoon of blockbuster war film Taegukgi and action drama Time Between Dog and Wolf. The drama boasts a 10 billion won production budget and plans to begin filming in January for a June broadcast, in time to commemorate the 60 years that have passed since the Korean War. If So Ji-sub is confirmed, he'll begin training in early December.

I've learned to be wary of blockbusters and large-scale epics, but I'm sort of in the mood for something hard and gritty, and this could be quite interesting. So Ji-sub's last Korean project was the high-profile drama Cain & Abel (which I hated for its ridiculous plot but which performed well in the ratings), after which he took on a Chinese-Korean co-production in Sophie's Love Manual (aka Sophie's Revenge) and the Japanese "mobile drama" I am Ghost.

Via Star News, BNT News , dramabeans.com

From dear Saturn's blog:

Jisub in MBC drama 'Road Number 1' aired from June 2010.

Jisub is casted as the main role of MBC drama.

The know schedule is, training is to be started at December, filming is from Jan. to May of 2010.

Road Number one is a big project of 10 billion won, story of Korean War, two men's love and tragic fate.

It is called as the TV version of famous movie 'Tae Guk Gi', because the same Korean War story, the same script writer Han Ji Hoon of the movie. And other main movie staffs are all involved in this drama.

The main director is Kim Jin Man of 'Time of dog and wolf', and is to be aired from the memorial day of Korean War, June.25.


The scriptwriter Han Ji Hoon also wrote the script of Time of dog and wolf.

I love both director and scriptwriter. (also the main actor of course )

I wonder who would be the another main actor.

Year 2010 is 60th anniversary of Korean War. It must be a memorable masterpiece.

Another news article.


So Ji Sub's character is Army captain Lee Jang Woo. He looks hard outside, but has tender mind inside.

He works as a farmhand in a small farmer's house. He enters Military Academy to become a professional soldier to earn school money of master's daughter, Soo Yeon.

Soon Korean War occurs, he enters the war. His fatal rival was the classmate of Military Academy. They try to survive in extreme situation like a war.

Scriptwriter Han Ji Hoon has been prepared this drama for 2 years. The office of director Kim Jin Min has been covered with countless pictures of Korean War since long time ago.

FYI: Road number 1 is Route 1, a national highway from Seoul to Pusan.

Kim Ha Neul Considering So Ji Sub Drama


Actress Kim Ha-neul is considering taking on war drama "Road Number One" opposite top actor So Ji-sub who has been set to play the leading male role, according to Kim's agency on Wednesday.

An official at J.One+ Entertainment said Kim was asked to star as the main female character in "Road" and is looking into the script with a positive outlook.

The official also played down reports that Kim has decided to play the part, saying they are still in discussions with the producers of the drama which is set to go into shoot starting January next year.

"Road", co-produced by Lee Jang-soo of Logos Film and Kim Jin-min at major broadcaster MBC, will be an epic war drama about the Korean War and a sixty-year love and friendship.

The 16-part series, written by Hahn Ji-hoon who wrote the script for Korean box-office blockbuster film "Taegukki", is also set to be sold to 21 countries which participated in the war.

Kim, 31, has enjoyed steady popularity in Korea since her debut in 1996. She has starred in numerous hit TV movies and dramas, including hit film "My Tutor Friend" in 2003 with fellow Hallyu star Kwon Sang-woo and SBS TV series "On Air" last year.

She has recently been gaining popularity throughout Asia with film "My Girlfriend is an Agent", a comedy action film co-starring Kang Ji-hwan. She wrapped up promotion of the pic in October in several countries including Vietnam, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Jessica Kim jesskim@asiae.co.kr

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So Ji Sub re-enters army training

December 12th, 2009


In order to achieve wartime verisimilitude in his upcoming MBC drama Road Number 1, actor So Ji-sub is re-entering army training. He had been discharged from his own two-year military service in 2007, but wants to brush up on his shooting and combat skills and will go through intensive training for several days.

Road Number 1 commemorates the 60 years that have passed since the Korean War, telling a story as "love, friendship, and promises are preserved" since the war. The drama is a sprawling epic that spans several generations and demonstrates how the pains of war are healed "through one fateful man's love, comradeship, and sacrifice." So Ji-sub and Kim Haneul portray the leads, and Choi Min-soo and Sohn Chang-min also appear.

The drama will begin filming in January and air in June.

http://www.dramabeans.com/ Via Star News

Road Number 1 casts Yoon Kye-sang

December 19th, 2009



Yoon Kye-sang has signed on to join So Ji-sub and Kim Haneul in MBC's war epic series Road Number 1, which is bound to be one of the big buzz shows of next year. With those three leads in place (as well as Choi Min-soo and Sohn Chang-min), the main cast is now complete.

Yoon Kye-sang and So Ji-sub will play comrades and friends, while the love triangle with Kim Haneul will additionally set the two up as rivals. The Korean War drama takes its title from the name of the road that served as the main passageway from North Korea into Seoul, and from Seoul into Pyeongyang, during the war in 1950.

The cast held their first script reading at the MBC Dream Center in Ilsan on December 19. The production begins filming on January 4 and airs in June, in time to commemorate the sixty years that have passed since the war.

Road Number 1 was already a drama to watch, but I LOVE YOON KYE-SANG. (So Ji-sub and Kim Haneul ain't too shabby, either, of course!) We can just purge Yoon's last drama from our memories (or at least from mine); while Triple certainly had its charm, his role was consistently one of the most frustrating of the bunch. I felt saddened at how ill-used he was by the wishy-washy writing of his character. As he said in a recent interview, he is more known for his more serious roles anyway (as in his most recent film, Executioners), so this is looking good.

Via My Daily

Credit: Dramabeans

quoting dear saturn from SJS thread@soompi

Jan.11 Road Number One filming is started.

It's very very cold here in Korea now. It's heavy snowing once or twice a week, snow never melts.

The highest temperature is -9'C in Seoul, the lowest is -16'c Seoul this morning.

They are filming in Hoing Seung, much more colder area than Seoul.

Road Number One seems to be finished filming before it is aired.

Because script of all 16 episodes is already out, the winter scenes they are filming currently are ep 12 and 13.


Supporting actors depose that Jisub never takes rest at his warm van, but stays beside fire with other staffs and actors.

another casting for Road Number One : Julien River


ive translated some parts of the article, so in brief :

Accordingly, he 's got martial arts training and is busy preparing for the drama. he's taking the role of a Charismatic & strong military. it' a serious & different look from the sitcom he acted in priviously.

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Guest kdramafanusa

Source: Twitch



Korean Band of Brothers in the Making

by X, October 8, 2009 12:53 AM

Action, Asia, Drama

...and just hearing who's helming it, I can't help but smile.

Those even only remotely acquainted with the K-drama cosmos might have heard of a project called 로드 넘버 원 (Road Number One) in the last few years, a Korean war blockbuster which would have allegedly spent 1.5 billion won per episode -- against your usual 300 million, when it's a big budget production, although the upcoming spy-action potboiler 아이리스 (Iris) will easily top every record, with the possible exception of Korean TV's own 디워 (D-War), Kim Jong-Hak's disastrous fantasy sageuk 태왕사신기 (The Legend). Now, the "Road Number One" of the title was the primary connecting route between Pyeongyang and Seoul which was used during the Korean War, suggesting the theme. But... no, it's not what you think. Whereas Iris is throwing huge stars (Lee Byung-Heon, Kim Tae-Hee, Kim So-Yeon, Kim Seung-Woo, Jung Joon-Ho, and a younger, Asian version of Spock from Star Trek, except they call him T.O.P.) and huge money at the wall hoping people will forget it's written by Choi Wan-Gyu (the laziest, most complacent writer in the entire peninsula), Road Number One will be a much more serious project, in line with HBO's Band of Brothers, focusing on an almost documentary-like prose, accurate research and, as the producer mentions in a recent interview with Drama webzine 10 Asia, "some dignity." Which is exactly what's been sorely missing from Korean Tv the last two years.

It all sounds like the pretty promises of many a blockbuster on TV (promises which very rarely are fulfilled), but knowing who's directing this... I think we're in the best possible hands: Kim Jin-Min of 신돈 (Shin Don), 개와 늑대의 시간 (Time Between Dog & Wolf) and last year's best drama 달콤한 인생 (La Dolce Vita) will in fact produce the show, which is aiming for a Summer 2010 broadcast. There were rumors the production went belly up altogether for lack of funding, but Kim and the writer combo (same as Time Between Dog & Wolf) are already location hunting and doing research, so the main cast will be announced shortly. Previous reports indicated Kwon Sang-Woo would take the lead, but considering how many production setbacks this went through, I'm not completely sure he's still in. I guess we'll find out soon. What's for sure is... with Kwak Jung-Hwan's 추노 (Slave Hunters) and Kim Jin-Min's Road Number One, 2010 already looks like quite the year.

[10 Asia]

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That's a movie by John H. Lee of A moment to remember. Nothing to do with this drama.

Taewon is the producer, Road no.1 is the first title which may be changed...

This war script orginally created last year about South-North war with the first star invited Kwon SAng Woo who will play the role of the national hero Lee Jang Woo...

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Guest MisterX

No, you don't understand. That's a film by Taewon Entertainment directed by Lee Jae-Han/John H. Lee. Road Number One is a completely unrelated TV drama directed by Kim Jin-Min and produced by Lee Jang-Soo's JS Pictures and Logos Film, and will not change its title anytime soon. Similar story, different production.

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Before getting confirmation fr producer, this article would be posted here.

The new thread to be created once official news comes out.

Cha Seung-Won and Kwon Sang-Woo to Headline Korean War Epic

October 30, 2009 11:57 AM

Kang Je-Gyu is preparing his big Hollywood debut, the Normandy blockbuster D-Day, which has recently cast Jang Dong-Gun in the leading role (so this time the 1% worked against Lee Byung-Heon's 99%. Ouch, sorry). The super talented Kim Jin-Min is preparing Korean TV's own Band of Brothers, 로드 넘버원 (Road Number One), which is set to start shooting in the new year. And now, since we're there, we get another one.

Bolstered by the success of TV blockbuster 아이리스 (Iris) - which is kind of watchable, if you forgive the nonsensical plot and the usual pitfalls of the Korean TV canon - Taewon Entertainment will in fact resurrect a project which wandered in development hell for quite some time, previously entitled 71. Seventy one was the number of student soldiers who tried to stop the People's Army's southward invasion, paying the ultimate price. The film will be entitled 포화속으로 (In The Crossfire), and is already aiming pretty high, having cast Cha Seung-Won, Ju Jin-Mo, Kwon Sang-Woo and Big Bang's T.O.P. (who also stars in Iris as the silent badass killer, with a rather thankful emphasis on silent). Cha would be the North Korean general, and Ju the southern lieutenant doing his best to save student soldiers T.O.P. and Kwon's bacon.

Directing the film will be John H. Lee of 내 머리속의 지우개 (A Moment to Remember), who's just made his debut in Japan with サヨナライツカ (Sayonara Itsuka), while Lee Man-Hee of 거북이 달린다 (Running Turtle) will write the script for the 6+ billion won war epic. After cast is completed, the film will start shooting starting next month, using the same set of 태극기 휘날리며 (Taegukgi). In essence, this means Kwon will not star in Road Number One (which has just cast Son Chang-Min in a supporting role), and considering what miserable flops his last two dramas were, it doesn't sound like too bad an idea.

Source: http://isplus.joins.com/article/article.html?aid=1258852


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Guest MisterX

미치겠네... ㅋㅋ What part of that being a M O V I E and this being a T V D R A M A you don't understand? Or maybe you don't understand the difference. You can fantasize all you want, but Road Number One and 포화속으로 have nothing to do with each other. And you don't need the "producer's confirmation" to hear that. Why? Cause the producers are different. See if you can find Taewon Entertainment here http://www.logosfilm.co.kr/main/portfolio_1.htm. Or see if you find any mention of Taewon, Lee Jae-Han or Lee Man-Hee here. http://10.asiae.co.kr/Articles/view.php?ts...100710102648898

No? Well... sure enough. Let's wake up and stop the cheerleading bonanza, you can keep fantasy casting to your diary.

For the last time...

포화속으로 (In The Crossfire)

F I L M - Taewon Entertainment

Director: Lee Jae-Han

Writer: Lee Man-Hee

Cast: Cha Seung-Won, Kwon Sang-Woo, Joo Jin-Mo, T.O.P.

로드 넘버 원 (Road Number One)

DRAMA - Logos Film / JS Pictures

Planning: Lee Jang-Soo

Producer: Kim Jin-Min

Wroter: Han Ji-Hoon

Cast: Son Chang-Min is the only one announced

meaning, nothing relating to In The Crossfire belongs here.

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February 4, 2010

Road No. 1drama thread have been edited upon request & goodwill.

Thread previously started by Huangsy and updated by TY_KSW will now be maintained by Woundedheart with related drama info, updates, etc..

Hope everyone will keep on posting and sharing positively.

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Guest Noelle_17

Woundedheart Thanks for opening/re-opening this thread...also for the articles and news.

I am definitely looking forward to this drama although it's a bit different from the genres of dramas that I've seen.

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thephamle, Noelle_17, Epic welcome ^^

coco dearest so glad to see u here *hug*

So Ji Sub got knee injury !!!

oh my!! ive translated in brief the article..

in brief

Recently So Ji Sub injured his knee , but fortunately after emergency measures it was revealed not to be a big injury . Now his knee is getting better.an official said that So Ji Sub had a knee injury, but fortunately he is not hurt. measures were immediately taken. the shooting didnt get interrupted, ther's usually cold weather, with snow scenes . all the cast had trouble shooting



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Guest Mariposa28

thanks dearie for re-opening the thread, anticipating the new drama of SJS, ^_^

thanks also for all the updates, ohh hope he's fine,

can't wait till the broadcasting of the drama, SJS dramas are always a hit, *fighiting*

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