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[Drama 2010 ] Road Number One 로드 넘버원


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Guest shuky

BTS fan share from Bucheon fantastic studio / credit on picture

Hey coco, thank you once again for the BTS :) For those who are interested, you can find the rest of the BTS from here: (loads of pictures! B) )



Here's a recap on the Bucheon Fantastic Studio, the main set of the drama. Info taken from the official site of Korean Tourism:

Located in Bucheon-si city, Gyeonggi-do, Bucheon Fantastic Studios is a movie and TV drama shooting set location that spans 39 square kilometers, with representation of Jongno, Cheonggyecheon, Myeongdong, and Euljiro, the most popular streets of Seoul. A favorite shooting location for movies and TV dramas that simulate life in the past, Bucheon Fantastic Studios is where movies like Taegukgi, Low-class life, and the TV drama 'Era of Opposition'(야인시대) were shot. The studio allows foreign visitors not only to experience the lively historical representation of the streets of Seoul, but also to take souvenir pictures at various filming locations.

Major attractions are the Hwasin Department Store, which was built by the Japanese during their occupation (1920-1945) and thus boasted the latest architectural style; Jongno Police Station, where so many members of the independence movement were tortured; Umigwan, the first movie theater of Korea; and the streetcar, which was a major means of transportation of Seoul. While touring these buildings, lucky visitors will have the chance to see famous actors/actresses shooting movies at the site.

After taking a journey into the past at Bucheon Fantastic Studios, visitors will not want to miss the theme park Aiinsworld where numerous scale models of some of the most famous architecture in the world are displayed.



The upcoming drama has created quite a buzz for the Fantastic Studios and locals have been flocking to the set to see up close the dream factory. For a detailed walk through of the studio, do click on the links below: (tons of pictures within! B) )





More BTS......



Source: (More photos within)







The child soldiers.....




Source: (More pictures within)


And the man behind the lenses...


Hey coco, this is for you B)




Source:(More photos within)


And finally......phew, sorry for the long post :):rolleyes:

"Road No. 1" - the novel


If you want a sneak peek at the story, the two-part novel is available for purchase and it ships out from the 14th of this month, almost ten days before the drama's premiere. However, the novel is in Korean and only part one is available now.


KHN's bar @tieba baidu and


Legendary ROK general recounts battles from the Korean War




You can read the full article here:



**EDIT** (1)

Overseas Korean War memorations start

By Jung Sung-ki

Staff Reporter

The government's ad hoc committee for commemorating the 60th anniversary of the outbreak of the Korean War began holding war memorial events abroad Tuesday.

The first "Thank You" event will be held in the Netherlands in cooperation with the South Korean Embassy there and the Dutch government, the Ministry of Patriots and Veteran Affairs said in a news release.

Similar events will take place in 20 other nations which offered a helping hand to South Korea during the war.

About 350 people, including Dutch Korean War veterans and South Korean residents, will attend the event at the post of the Regiment Van Heutsz, an infantry unit that participated in the war, it said.

"Through these events abroad, we'd like to express our deepest gratitude to the nations who fought alongside South Korea under the U.N. flag and honor the solemn sacrifice and contribution of their troops 60 years ago," a ministry official said. "It will also serve as an opportunity to further strengthen relations with the participating countries as well as raise the international profile of South Korea, which rose from the ashes of the war to become one of the world's economic powers."

On July 26, the committee will hold a ceremony at Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. with the attendance of U.S. Korean War veterans, he said.

"It's so meaningful to hold that ceremony at Capitol Hill because at that place, the U.S. participation in the Korean War was approved," the official said. The date also marks the Korean Armistice Agreement signed on July 27, 1953.

A ceremony in the United Kingdom will be held on the floating HMS Belfast Museum on June 25 and that in France will take place at the Arc de Triomphe and the Army Museum Les Invalides.



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Awwwwwww shuky shuky :wub: am very enjoy d link u provide :D

Thanks is not enough dear :wub:

Hi cut 33 , TKna , thephamle :D:) 21 days to go ^^

Hi coconut!

20 more days on my end..and it is too longgggggggggggggggggg..

thank for the screencap one by one..i just love the pix where sjs and sky looking at the small mirror..it is coupley..so cute.

i am waiting for yks's screencap with sky too..hihihi...

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Guest vudoolady


Thx so much for the updates and news!!!

I've found some HQ caps from the latest trailer of Road

Jisub and KHN are too adorable :wub: :wub: :wub:











From DC

More caps of KHN and YKS

The umbrella's scene is so romantic... Sky is so lucky... *envious*

Only 20 days left... I start feeling nervious ^_^

Btw, I've heard the press conference will take place on June 18 in Seoul








From DC

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Guest shuky

Hey folks, thank you all for the kind words and contributions.......tadah! The drama gods must have heard coco's request and today we have updated stills of....... B)






**EDIT** (1)


Source: (Bigger photo of SJS within :) )





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Guest shuky

From SJS, we turn to.....shoes! hahaha.....didn't expect to find many sponsors for the series, unless they are vintage finds. But, we actually have a shoe sponsor for KHN and very pretty flats too, if pink is your colour :)


Latest BTS....



KHN's bar @tieba baidu

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Guest shuky

that shoe is not my kind of taste that would make me want to go out and find more about it and buy it..hihihi..and pink is definitely not my kind of color for a shoe/sandal..

Hahahaha....by chance I spotted a pair of shoes of similar design in my local store (with heels) and had a smile on my face as I remembered KHN's in Road No. 1 :DB)

Anyway....more BTS....




Apparently the crew was spotted filming at the Bundang Memorial Park recently.......



More on the Bundang Memorial Park: (in Korean)





Last Friday, MBC released a series of six pictures of SJS as Lee Jang Woo, in uniform and in casual tee. Here's the chinese translation of the story based on the original story from osen.

In essence, the article lavished praise on SJS, saying he looked dashing in whatever he was wearing. Even in tattered uniform, he exuded masculinity, with rough and tough character traits.

MBC台新周三、周四电视剧《Road No.1》公开了苏志燮各种形象的剧照。苏志燮身着戎装,也像是特意拍的画报那样帅气迷人,他不愧是韩国顶级演员,穿什么都那么英俊萧洒。

苏志燮在6月23日开播的特别制作电视剧《Road No.1》中饰演主人公“张宇”。他穿着不带任何花纹的T恤衫和厚外套,再加上围巾的点缀,把他特有的魅力展现得淋漓尽致。就是不靠衣着打扮,仅凭苏志燮 高挑的身材,深邃的目光,矫健的体魄和迷人的外表就足以让人惊叹“不愧是苏志燮”。



朝鲜日报中文网 chn.chosun.com http://chn.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2...0604000018.html

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Guest shuky

The many faces of Road No. 1's SJS



With just a few more weeks till MBC unveils its Korean War drama Road No. 1, here's a look at star So Ji-sub in several of his guises as the main character, Jung-woo. The melodrama boasts a hefty production budget of 13 billion won, large-scale battle scenes, and heart-wrenching romance between the leads, So Ji-sub and Kim Haneul. (Rounding out the love triangle is Yoon Kye-sang, who falls for the girl and fights alongside the guy, playing the classic part of the third wheel.)

Filmed and produced almost entirely in advance, the drama has currently shot 90% of its footage. Road No. 1 premieres on June 23, just shy of the 60-year anniversary of the outbreak of the war on June 25.

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So... what are the chances of the female lead not dying at the end? haha.

good question..cause it looked like she was shot and fell to the ground and both of the men were screaming out for her..or maybe the scene where both men screamed are just collection of events but the trailer gives us a teaser for a heck of asking your type of question ..will the main lady dies to solve the triangle problem..LMAO

Shuky: may i ask which store did you find that similiar with heel? cause that would looks way better than flat..hihihi

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Guest shuky

Star-studded line-up of special appearances






According to the articles above, an impressive line-up of Korean stars will be making cameo appearances in MBC's upcoming war melodrama, "Road No. 1). As the articles are auto-translated, I could only identify Moon Chae Won and Oh Man Seok. Not sure about the rest though. :blush: :unsure:


Here's a translation of the news report on the cameos from Dahee's Plastic Castle:

Stills have been released of some stars who will be making cameo appearances in the upcoming MBC war drama Road No. 1. And some of the names making the list are quite surprising.

They are:

Choi Bool Am, Oh Man Seok (!!!!!!), Lee Chun Hee (!!!!), Jang Min Ho, Moon Chae Won, Hwang Bo Ra, Jung Kyung Ho, Kim Yeo Jin, etc.

They will each be appearing in one or two episodes, playing various different roles. First off, veteran actors Choi Bool Am and Jang Min Ho will be playing the older versions of Yoon Kye Sang and So Ji Sub's roles, respectively. (Whoa, Jang Min Ho as an older So Ji Sub? Interesting. I'm just glad there won't be any aging makeup involved!) The wonderfully talented Kim Yeo Jin will be playing a soldier's wife. The love of my life, Oh Man Seok, will be playing a North Korean soldier. Lee Chun Hee will be playing a (South Korean) soldier. Jung Kyung Ho (is he cameoing here for So Ji Sub's sake?) will be playing a boy selling supplies. Moon Chae Won will be playing a female soldier looking after Jang-woo's older self (Jang Min Ho). Hwang Bo Ra will play a girl living in Son Chang Min's character's hometown.

Oh, wow. I thought the main cast itself was good, but these cameos look like they'll be GOLD. I especially can't wait to see Oh Man Seok in something other than a daily drama again. (Heh.) Wow…So Ji Sub and Oh Man Seok, in ONE drama…PLUS Chunhee, Moon Chae Won, and Jung Kyung Ho…Am I dreaming? If I am, please don't wake me.


http://daheefanel.wordpress.com/ via newsen




Both part 1 and 2 of the novel (in Korean), "Road No. 1" are now available. Here's a look at the chapters, as translated by Google:

Book 1:


The eve of war

June 25

Rifle caught again

Suffers jefe

Their own war

We can not win the battle



Book 2:

Summary Judgments

Woo Company

Outskirts of Pyongyang

The edge of war

Savage love



The survivors of the hell

Return scratch

Unfinished War

The synopsis in Korean is available here:


**EDIT** (3)

Gaming "Road No. 1"




(Article's auto-translated. All mistakes are mine)

*Hmm...talk about movie tie-ins as a marketing tool to generate buzz and revenue, in this case, for a drama series :)

In addition to the novel of the same name, MBC's "Road No. 1" will now have an online shooting game called "Special Force". The partnership between MBC and the game portal service, Neowiz Games, with y Dragonfly as the game developer was announced on 8 June.

*What's next? Action figurines of SJS and YKS? B):rolleyes:

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i am for action figure of sjs and yks!!!

now this is interesting..if there are two actors who will be playing the older versions of sjs and yks's character..what about sky's character??? will she die??? if so..noooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!

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Guest sonicklism

The official cast list in Drama-Wiki :

So Ji Sub as Lee Jang Woo

Jang Min Ho (장민호) as old Jang Woo

Kim Ha Neul as Kim Soo Yeon

Kim Yoo Jung as young Soo Yeon

Yoon Kye Sang as Shin Tae Ho

Choi Bool Am as old Tae Ho

Choi Min Soo as Yoon Sam Soo (Commander of the 2nd Company)

Son Chang Min as Oh Jong Ki

Kim Jin Woo as Soo Yeon's elder brother

Julien Kang as U.S. Marine Corps Platoon Leader

No Hyung Wook as Young Soo

Lee Jin Sung (이진성) as In Je

Nam Bo Ra as Soo Yeon's younger sister

Shin Hyun Joon as North Korean officer Jo Sang Wi (cameo)

Lee Chun Hee as soldier in the Youngchongyo bombing (cameo)

Jung Kyung Ho as supplies seller (cameo)

Hwang Bo Ra as girl who lived in Jong Ki's home (cameo)

Oh Man Suk (cameo)

Moon Chae Won (cameo)

Kim Yeo Jin (cameo)

source : http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Road_Number_One

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