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  1. @partyon 1. Will we get a happy or a sad drama ending? HE or else I will swear off kdrama til 2021!!! No amnesia HE but a start over as the Do family; living in the countryside where no one knows them. CJ's police family can visit them on holiday. 2. If Do Hae Su survives, will she rekindle her romance with Kim Moo Jin? Why not? I believe in second chance love. They both can heal each other heart and wound. 3. BONUS: Kim Ji Hoon plays a hot serial killer I am not into bad boy
  2. You ask too many why this morning my love go with the flow.
  3. excuse my language- Hell yea! but we won't have the egg tart and her parents so he did something right!
  4. He was recording while walking down the DO basement. In the video shows that he saw a body bag that is wiggling (assuming the person in there is much alive) and was caught by the freaking scary father. yikes!!! why didnt he report it to the police back then?!?!?
  5. Wow we know the content of the video clip that MJ has been hiding.
  6. I am sure! I want to take that the poison pill and let it be the end of me than wait for two weeks for epi 16.
  7. I say let flood tvn message board and tell them to give us epi 14 because they owe us one from last week. While they at it we need 15 and 16 too. Seriously how am I going to work , eat and sleep for the next 6 days?!?!?
  8. after this ordeal i need them to cut ties to everyone they know and live in the countryside overlook a beautiful hill. start over and live happily as a family.
  9. Based on the preview- I think Hyun Soo and Ji Won have plan this so they can investigate behind the scene. Otherwise who can prove his innocence if not them?
  10. @Sleepy Owl This is not like any other kdrama. I choose to believe that the side character dies than one of the four. @kdrama god- don't make me eat my words!
  11. @Sleepy Owl Since you put it in that way. I can see her protect Eunha. Goodbye mama Baek! I rather it you than the four main lead.
  12. I think so too. the way he looks at her is like a killer giving a stern warning to his victim not to push his button. One more and her nail is gone!
  13. I hope so or else I will her to nether land. They can mess with the parents but not Egg Tart.
  14. The real BHS better not come after our Egg Tart or else he has to deal with me?
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