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[Drama 2010 ] Road Number One 로드 넘버원


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Guest inezjang

I hope that injured knee is being well taken care of..*kisses pain away*..take care oppa!

Korean War drama/movies are sure to drain the tears off your eyes..(last time i watched 'Taegukgi' i hid behind my darkest Gucci shades for day..LOL) Seeing the awesome cast makes me all excited..

So JiSub = sadness = tears = L.O.V.E...

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Thanks for all infos and pics. :)

In the drama, Yoon Kye Sang plays a role of a soldier who is graduated from Military academy (kind of Elite), his name is Taeho (태호).

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waves to Mariposa28 , dear coco, thephamle , liula540, inezjang

First stills from Road Number One

February 17th, 2010 // by javabeans

First stills are out for MBC's large-scale war epic, Road No. 1, which stars So Ji-sub, Yoon Kye-sang and Kim Haneul.

So Ji-sub said, "The script is interesting, and working with a director, staff members, and actors who are all so skilled makes me really happy. The atmosphere on set is really great, although these days there has been a lot of snow and the weather is freezing, so it's been difficult on the actors and production crew to endure the filming deep in the mountains. When we act, our mouths are all frozen so we can't even speak clearly."

Road No. 1 is filming much of its footage in advance of its June premiere, but the shooting schedule is still packed. So acknowledges that it's hard work, but he's enjoying the experience fully.

Kim Haneul said, "When I read the script, I felt it deeply. It's a period of time that our grandmothers and grandfathers experienced in reality, so acting their lives was a huge honor." About her character, she said, "Soo-yeon isn't just one person, but someone who feels like everyone's mother or lover. It's my first attempt at a period drama and because of the scope of the people's emotions, I feel a lot of anticipation. I'm filming every day with excitement. It's difficult on a physical level, but even more so, acting each scene with Soo-yeon's wide range of emotions is so challenging it leaves me breathless."

Yoon Kye-sang, whose character grows up with military parents and is fiercely patriotic, said, "It's truly an honor to be a part of such a large-scale drama. It's a wonderful opportunity as an actor, and I feel driven to work hard." Like his co-stars, he also commented on the tough filming conditions: "It's a little tough to film in the mountains and the cold, but ultimately it allows us to convey a realistic setting, so it'll be better for the viewers. There's a lot to see in this drama and the story is extremely interesting."

Road No. 1 boasts a production budget of 15 billion won and has been in the works for three years. It premieres in June.


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Guest kdramafanusa

Source: MBC AMERICA 2010.02.22 14:29:38


[Road Number One] So Jiseob, Kim Haneul, Yun Gyesang's first impressions

* First broadcast: TBA (estimated to be June)


Drama <Road Number One>

Leading actors So Jiseob, Kim Haneul and Yun Gyesang tell of their first impressions!

2010's most highly anticipated drama series is about the turbulent times of the Korean War, <Road Number One>. Its actors So Jiseob, Kim Haneul and Yun Gyesang took it upon themselves to introduce the production and talk about life on set for the eager viewers.

So Jiseob (Jangwoo) “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity."

<Road Number One>'s Jangwoo is a character who lives through the Korean War, his emotions of love just as desperate as his fight to survive the war. An empathetic character who finds himself agonizing between friendship with a comrade and a fateful love. The script caught my interest from the start, and I'm glad to be working with such a talented director, crew and cast. The atmosphere on set is good, but it's been snowing a lot and it's so cold. And since we have a lot of war scenes, we're always in the mountains battling with the cold, and it's been hard on cast and crew alike. Sometimes our faces are so frozen it's hard to deliver lines. Since we're shooting ahead of the broadcast, the schedule's very packed. Other than that, everything's good. I can't help thinking that a project like this won't come by twice in my life. So I'm tackling everything with a light heart and doing my best to create a good drama. Don't catch a cold and please look forward to our drama.

Kim Haneul (Suyeon) “I'm anticipating my first period piece.”

I felt numb when I first read the script. We'll be reenacting the times that our grandparents actually lived through; that in itself is a great honor and deeply moving. 'Suyeon' is a character who is more than an individual. She embodies the lives of all mothers and lovers. This is my first time taking part in a period piece. On top of that, Suyeon has such a wide range of emotions. I feel nervous yet excited all the time on set. The scenes are physically straining, but more than that I feel emotionally drained after every scene because Suyeon is such an emotional character. Since there are a lot of war scenes, the men are really going through a lot. This drama is truly moving and entertaining as well, whether it's war scenes or love scenes. Please look forward to it and cheer us on.

Yun Gyesang (Taeho) “This is a great acting opportunity. I will do my best."

It's such a great honor that I can take part in this grand scale project. This is a great opportunity for me as an actor, and I'm doing my best at every shoot. It's a bit difficult dealing with the cold or filming in the mountains, but these factors act to the realism of each scene so I think the viewers will enjoy it. Taeho is a character whose parents are nationalists and so he has a deep sense of nationalism himself. He's an elite who graduated from a military academy, but when he falls in love, he's willing to give up everything for that love. This drama will live up to expectations with its good visuals and strong story. Please look forward to it.

<Road Number One> is a drama about the friendship and camaraderie that arises amidst war and a pure love that transcends time with the 6.25 War as its backdrop. Produced in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the Korean War, it has a huge production cost of 13 million dollars and has been in development for three years. This blockbuster war drama boasts a solid storyline to be brought to life at the hands of a great production crew that includes directors Lee Jangsu and Kim Jinmin and scriptwriter Han Jihun. Add to the mix a great ensemble of actors, which include So Jiseob, Kim Haneul, Yun Gyesang, Son Changmin, Choi Minsu and more. This highly anticipated series about the turbulent times of the Korean War will make its spectacular appearance on the small screen in June.

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Why do I have a feeling that the female lead will be shot in this series? I've never seen a female lead survive a war drama. She even looks like a depressing character.

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