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Which K-Drama would you want to have a Part 2

Guest ~LovelyGirl~

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Guest minminfish

Love Story In Harvard ~

would love to see more of Doctor Lee Soo In (Kim Tae Hee) wif her husband Lawyer Kim Hyun Woo (Kim Rae Won) after that family portrait they took wif their new born triplets ~~ :P

YEA, longing for a continued sequel of their family life.. that must be megaa sweeter, cuter, happierrrr!! :D


definitely the beautiful, cutest, best chemistry Love Story in Harvard Couple ~~~~ :P:lol:

The Lovely Couple with their triplets in the drama ---- :wub:


heee.. & we LSIH lovers even made an imaginative sequel pic of the couple with their 3 kids ~~ :rolleyes::lol:

lovestorycontinued.jpg credit to akie ^^ for the photoshopped pic ~ :D

lol.. how cuuuuuutee!!! i hope SBS will hear us!!!!!

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Guest AzNxSwtAngeL

MNIKSS--hyunbin and kim sunah make the funniest couple out there..i wanna see how they end up spending their time together =P

Goong--part two is coming up in a while ^_^

My Girl--lee da hae and lee dong wook make a cute couple, too..but i also wanna watch it for lee junki <3

Full House--bi and song hye kyo were great together :]

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Guest xx-outsider-xx

terms of endearment!

han ga in and song il kook were such a nice pairing.

and i wanna know what happened to ji sung and song il kook's sister in the drama.

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Guest karkaren88

look at my siggy on the left ---- Love Story in Harvard !! ^ _ ^

and the one on the right --- Which Star are U from

(thou it's not finished yet, I hope for the KRW-JRW couple to be in a Part 2!! :P )

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Guest lo_xl0ucH

Undisputabely - "The Sweet Spy." The ending was very shady and there were many unsolved parts, which calls for something else to happen one day.

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MNIKSS and Sweet Spy

really wanna see hyun bin and kim sun ah being paired up again on screen ...it doesn't matter if this time kim samsoon is back with her slimmer figure ..maybe it will bring some difference light to the story ..but still wanna see how they continue their love life ..and wanna see them married with triplets just like samsoon dreamt off the night when they were desperately need to 'make a baby' to get na sajang's bless.eheh.


as for sweet spy .. i want to know what had really happened to han yoo il ...and want to see more of lovelife between nam sang mi and dennis in the story ..really confused with the twisted ending.

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Guest atreyu112

I would love to have these drama as PART 2 :-





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My choice for a sequel goes to "My Name is Kim Sam Soon". The ending really left me hanging and craving for more action from the lovable couple, SamShik and Sam Soon.

The show concluded with Sam Shik's mother opposing to their relationship. It would be nice to see her finally giving them the "Green Light" to be together. Sam Soon had not fulfilled her dream of starting a family with Sam Shik.

It would be wonderful to see them tie the knot and have adorable kids together, just like what Sam Soon had envisioned towards the end of the show. I would also love to see more sweetly romantic moments shared between Sam Shik and Sam Soon.

At the same time, I am also curious about Hee Jin and Henry. It was evident that Henry loved Hee Jin. Though unspoken, it seemed Hee Jin had some tender feelings for Henry too. The brief touching of their lips at the end of the show... Did this represent a new level to their relationship? Would they end up together eventually? It would be nice if there were answers to these questions in a sequel.

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Guest ladyzfingers

I don't think korean producer love to make part 2. There isn't any.

i think so too..

but i would like to see "Hotelier 2"

just love to see Bae Yong Jun & Song Yun Ah back together again

and i would like to see another version of "Full House" and "MNIKSS

maybe for the FH & MNIKSS part 2

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