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[official Thread] Crown J And Seo In Young.

Guest vietsoul

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Guest vietsoul

New Product/Ant Couple. update 1st post [11/20]



Name: Seo In Young

Date of Birth: September 03, 1984

Blood Type: O

Hobby: Cross-stitching

Specialty: Shopping

Best Point: Dimple, nose

Favorite Food: Ddukboki, Kimbap

Favorite Quote:"가족사항" - "You will make it if you do it. (?)"

Debut: Jewelry 2nd Album, Again '02


2003- M.Net Music Video Festival Best Female Group (Jewelry)

2003- Model Line 20th Korea Best Dresser

2003- Golden Disk Award 18th Hauzen Popularity Award (Jewelry)

2003- Korea Music Award Bonsang (Jewelry)

2005- M.Net/KM Music Video Festival Best Female Group (Jewelry)

2005- Golden Disk Award 20th Music Video Popularity Award (Jewelry)

2005- KBS Gayo Daesang Bonsang (Jewelry)


Name: Crown Jewel

Korean Name: Kim Kae Hoon

English Name: Kevin

Birthday: November 12, 1979

Blood Type: O

Schooling: Santa Monica College.. UCLA

Job: Singer

Debut: 1st Album 'One & Only' (2006)


Seo In Young - Crown J cut in happy shares company

We Got Married Parody

Too Much - Crown J Ft. In Young

Crown J - Seo In Young - Live Chat

CrownJ - InYoung Pictures

credit: soompi music. yahoo. strawberric. axxiss. PHE0NIXtears. selita03. jb86. dori. d_?????. rgal. sheryn275. dc. luv. crazyyochy. pink1e. ttengchill. newsen. hankyung. ay_link.

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Guest marryu<3

Crown J: “Seo In Young is close to my ideal type”

In an interview with Starnews on the 17th, Crown J revealed that Jewelry’s Seo In Young is close to his ideal type.

He said, “I currently don’t have a girlfriend but out of the 4 women in the show ‘We’re Married’, Seo In Young, who plays my partner, is close to my ideal woman. For me, although I really respect elders, I like a woman who is assertive.”

Crown J also mentioned that in “We’re Married,” he and Seo In Young often fight but they really have many things in common like they like the same music and even have the same perfume and lotion. He reasoned that because of that, they are able to show their natural selves in MBC “We’re Married.”

Seo In Young confesses “I’ve grown fond of Crown J”

Seo In Young talked about her made-up partner Crown J from “We Got Married”.

On the 29th at the special “Manwon Happiness” issue between Jewelry and Epik High, Seo In Young faced a question from the new MC Yoo Se Yoon.

Jewelry were attached to a lie detector. Yoo Se Yoon asked Seo In Young “Are you dating Crown J?” Seo In Young answered truthfully, “I’m slowly becoming more fond of him. I still don’t know that (about dating him).”

While waiting to shoot his song, Crown J went to look for Seo In Young at the “Manwon Happiness” waiting room as they sang “Too Much” together while showing tight friendship between them.

+credits to krnloop for both articles

I love this couple. They're so cute!!!

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Guest ShortaznGirl

you definently need more pics of them together. =] i love this couple. they are just the cutest most realistic WGM couple. aaw i miss seo in young with long hair. i love their song collaboration too. she can really sing.

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i like this couple, so alike! haha "A" !!!!!!!!!!!!!

BUT! i really dont like her hair ....... -_-; i liked her better with long hair very pretty <3

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Guest dreamelephant

Finally a thread!

Next to AlShin, they are my favorite couple in WGM! At first, I didn't like their bickering. But after the hair color incident, I realized how entertaining and sweet they really are! I also liked, by episode 11, how their relationship has developed and has a more natural feel to it now.


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Guest kryiss

yay!! i'm so glad that cj/siy couple finally have their own thread~! thank you lilvietxoxogrl~~!

ahhhh! they're my most favorite couple because i think they're the most compatible and entertaining couple on the show ^^~~

and wow so they're both blood type O?? that must be why they fight a lot... LOL

now this has been bothering me for a while... but is Crown J's korean name Kae Hoon or Kye Hoon?? o.O

cuz i've seen the hangul for his name and the correct romanization is Kye Hoon.

but then again the hangul may be wrong...

oh whatever... i'm just always nit-picky about these things >.<

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Guest rkxo

this couple and anbi are definately

my favorite couple on the show.

i think they are such a perfect match


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Guest axxiss

Im gonna add a pic spam! ~____~ I LOOOVVVEE THIS COUPLE! <3<3<3


dont hotlink please


















credits to yahoo.kr

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Guest vana117724

my favorite couple.

they cute so adorable and I love

the fights. they are the least mushy

and that's why i love them

i want a man like crown j. I loved and almost

died from jealousy when crown j sang

"too much" to SIY.

and he's totally not the player type like i expected him to be.

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Guest melody9.

LOL shes is such a spoil brat ont he show

its so funny! she is so whiny its really funny.

i like her but omg ahha i feel sorry for crown j sometimes. but hey its all fun!

i <3 their A"! ahah

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Guest alius

omg i didnt know he's 79er, same as Alex but so immature compare to Alex LOL

no wonder he's so patient with her, i wonder if that jst part of 20% acting script eheheheheh

thx lilvietxoxogr, finaly they have their own thread

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dang, i love crown j - he is so freaking HOT yet cute and childish at times!

and although seo in young is such a beeeeeeeeeeeeeotch to him, her high maintenance attitude makes it so much funnier to watch!

wow it seems like its been forever since I've seen seoinyoung with long hair O___O

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They are my favorite couple.

At first I was all for Andy-Solbi and Alex-Shinae.

I thought In Young was so bratty, and childish, annoying to be exact. But afterwards Her tantrums and his persistence(?) grew on me. HAAH I don't know how to describe Crown J. I was surprised he was this type of guy, always making sure she was happy and sacrificed his shoes for hers... <3

I love it when he randomly spits out English phrases and when she calls him "seobang"


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