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Yg Produces Girl Big Bang

Guest icecube.

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Guest mandapanda

yay goo female big bang!! park bom is finally making her official debut lol and CL and Gong MinJi are madd coool and gangsterr lol i have a good feeling about them :D

omgomg!! and GD is their producer?? like damn they're gonna be successful!! haha

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Guest iLOVEYB_x

WHOO their album is being produced by G-Dragon so it must be good. ^____^

and i always thought that ParkBom was going solo.

well it's about time ParkBom debuted. it's been too long!

and gosh how old is MinJi? she's SO cute and looks so young.

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Guest rufflezz

Why must they make it 'Girl Big Bang'? They should have come up with a better name for them at least.

Gong Min Ji looks young in the first 2 of her pictures o_o;

But it's nice to have the oppa~dongseng type of love from GD :)

I really thought that CL and Park Bom was gonna debut solo >__>;

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A lot of you are turned off/disappointed/going -__- because they're called "the girl big bang"]

they're not OFFICIALLY the girl version of big bang....read YG's words more carefully. he wants people to imagine them as the girl version of big bang.

seriously calm down.

the reason why YG said they were the "girl big bang" was because he said he couldn't really explain what kind of group they would be because they would be different than the other basic girl groups and the only way to really explain them is to call them "girl big bang".

i think he really means that they would be like big bang in the way that they would be unique and fresh to the music industry just the way big bang is...not that they're actually the "official" version.

i love all three girls, but i don't really have anything to say about them right now :mellow: i just hope that bomi's facial expressions have gotten better ;;;; she has an awesome voice but....yeah....she had to work on the expressive part of performing.

i just hope that they get promoted as much as they deserve. all three are really talented ^^. i'm really curious as to what minji's voice would sound like. i already know she's amazing at dancing haha.

and jang, i know that you said you didn't know how people could be impressed with CL, but the thing is, her stage presence was very strong and people can get a taste of what she's like just from that. it's the way people send in demos to audition and casting staff members know straight away, within a few seconds, if this person captured their interest and whether they were going to continue listening or throw away the CD and not bother with them.

i liked CL's rapping. usually i hate really high-pitched girls rapping because it annoys the heck out of me, but i like her voice. it's smooth and she has a good flow.

...and i like her style XD.

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Guest missy_jiee

wow. finally park bom is debuting!! about damn time!

but between these 3 girls, aren't there like a huge age gap??

i have never seen gong minji on stage before or sing so i definitely can't wait to see her. ^^

can't wait for them to debut.

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Guest Ella_Kwan




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Guest joyousx0o

I so didn't expect a girl version of Big Bang.

Good luck to them. I'm looking forward to see how they do

but I rather see CL and Park Bom solo..

maybe Mr YG believes they would be better as a group?

Gong Min Ji in the pictures looks young, how old is she? :\

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Guest foreverxlove

WOOT WOOT!!! the female version of Big Bang XD

I always thought that CL and Park Bom were going solo... o.0

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Guest shinhwaxprincess

I'm a big YG fan and all... but YG doesn't really do a good job in marketing their females.

I don't have anything against them. It's just that I'm not a big fan of this idea unless of course, YG has realized his mistake and is improving his marketing skills for the girls.

I don't really like the idea of having them in one group though. Is this the reason why Park Bom's debut was pushed back? Because if it was... I'm a tad disappointed. I thought that CL and Park Bom would be separate artists or become a duet or something... I don't know what to think of this.

I wish the girls good luck anyway. I hope they do good and show Korea's music industry what music is really about.

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Guest lilswtazndevil

wow...kinda surprised...

but it would be cool though!!

but i thought park bom and CL are both going solo....

i thought if May Doni was in this group, it woud been perfect!

Gong Minji is very young....very...

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Guest talkplayloveS2

I want to see a Park Bom and May Doni duet. May Doni's a hella powerful singer, and Park Bom's good at R&B.

I think Park Bom's got enough talent to be a solo singer.

Anyways, their songs should sound awesome, considering the talent in the group & g-dragon's arranging the album.

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