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Yg Produces Girl Big Bang

Guest icecube.

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Guest emceej

i can't wait for this !

seriously, mr yg never dissapoints me.

minji is my age though O.O

i would've want park bom to go solo.

why ? shes too darn talented.

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Guest alainachen_604

isn't Pak Bom too old to be in same group with the other 2 girls?

yeh.. shes like 23 O.o

LOL obviously shes gonna b the leader!

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Guest she`said

yeah, that's sandara on the far left. lol

wow, park bom's finally debuting. i want her to go solo though. i think she's better off going solo.

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Guest tiffanitrix


a female version?

what are they gonna be called?

girl big bang?


sorry to the fans.

i'm not really supportive of this. :/

maybe i'll warm up to them

but if ji is producing...

maybe it won't be so bad after all

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Guest --hearts.

So THIS is what YG has been planning for the girls. It's interesting because we've been hearing about them here and there for a while now but nobody really knew what was going on. MinGo looks really young...she's the dancer one right? I remember everyone is like...who's CL when she appeared on stage that one time.

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Guest cookiesncream

i always thought park bom would debut as a solo artist :( o well maybe after they become popular she can produce a solo album

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Guest cristina0422


i saw this coming!


i wish them well!

i have hopes that they will!

and some parts of me believes that they'll be BIG!


i had an idea that mr. YG might create his own girl group when sandara park posted this picture...


^ the supposed trio is there with sandy.


wahahah!! that would be crazy fun (especially to those who knows how fun sandy can be, right peeps!)

don't get me wrong cause i love sandy so much.

and she love these girls,

so i love them too!

i would definitely agree! if sandy and may doni (if only she didn't leave yg) were in this group then girl big bang will be all set. sandara and bom in a group...yey! i love these 2 BFF.

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Guest jess1tym4life

Very interesting to read people's comments, they haven't debuted and yet many negative comments..wow i really want to know what the reactions will really be when they officially debut. ...

also don't go comparing them to wg & the other girl group..this is yg we are talking about..and cause gd is helping them produce the album it doesn't make them the next bb ( female ver )..these 3 girls have their own styles of performing..let's wait & see before judging..

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Guest x. suki

wow that's awesomeeee!

omgomgomgomg gongminji!


i saw her audition clip 8D

SOOOOOo good


im so jealous LOL about her and GD being close T_T

i'm looking forward to their debut ^^

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Guest loveshock

ive always thought of wonder girls as the female version of bigbang :|

hmmm i think a bit of rivalry would happen between this group and wg.

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Guest babyxshh

cl was sucha good rapper at the awards show kinda thing

and park bom <3


havent heard of the other one.

but excited.

girl power!


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