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Yg Produces Girl Big Bang

Guest icecube.

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Guest mariika

I love Park Bom, and CL is pretty cool too [from the five seconds we saw of her last year~], but I know nothing about Gong Minji. Plus, she seems a little young. :/ The age gap is about the only thing that freaks me out a little. ^^; Hummm... I'm interested to see what kind of concept YG gives them <3 Hopefully it's not ridiculous and outrageous... but I trust him. XD;;

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Guest dancingbymyself

Park Bom... this group is gonna be the only one where they can call someone Umma and have it actually be believeable. Haha jkjk. Idk, they're gonna have to do a complete concept overhaul on all 3 of them. Park Bom - Sexy, CL - Gangsta, Gong Min Ji - Cute little girl?

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Guest m012


I thought Park Bom and CL were going to go solo ;[

Not sure if I'm hyped up for this group, to be honest.


honestly, i dont see park bom & CL being in a group together at all.

come on, YangGoon..... really.

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Guest ygchixzta1177

Cool. Lookin foward it to, but really that's all i can say.

I miss 1tym so much, i'd rather have them back. & Masta Wu, the original family.

That'd be a big comeback and their new albums would be the bigger hits.

It just kind of makes me, have my hopes up and then them bring brought down.

Like with Swi.T, i was all in for their group, and then suddenly their split? Done?

You know? YG does better with the guys, in my opinion.

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Guest dorkafied!

wooo a girl version of big bang OO:

i cant wait man, 8D

oh was it just me, but the video CL is in, she was

surrounded by hot guys no? ;D

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Guest alicechen

Wow, another girl group in the summer!

Awesome! G-Dragon will be composing their songs. He's goood.

Good Luck to them!

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