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Yg Produces Girl Big Bang

Guest icecube.

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Guest cindel25

Here's an idea: how about everyone keep an lid on it and reserve judgement for their official debut.

It wasn't that long ago most of you were singing the praising of Park Bom and CL.

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Guest i.am.mistyrose


That sounds great!!!!

I will waiting for see the girls.

In my opinion, Park Bom s so beautiful *-*

She's good looking ^__________________^,,

Thanks!! ^^,,

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I'm a big Park Bom rooter and am UBER HAPPY that she is FINALLY going to debut - its been put on delay for far too long. It would have been nice to see her debut as a solo artist but if I think about it - her talents alone probably would not hold her out in that market for that long so being put into a group would be the best choice.

I fear for these girls though....YG does not have a very good track record of girl groups/artists but hopefully this time, these girls will represent and bring some female bang =) The 3 girls all have their own sparks so I'm sure they can carry this group and make it something of a diff female big bang so its not so unoriginal o_O.

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Guest discern

interesting. will be waiting for their debut then. female version of big bang, lol. their CEO sounds very confident of them, so it should be really good. poor girl who already has antis from being close to g-dragon. tsk.

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Guest dada

CL is a powerful rapper(a mixture of GD & TOP) while Park Bom is a

gd vocalist.About the other girl,havnt really heard of her yet~

But anyway,hope they will be the BB 's girls version


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Ooo a girl Big Bang? I'm looking forward to their debut (:

Gong Min Ji looks really young.. andddd I wanna be able to see CL's face properly! lmao

Park Bom rings a bell... where have I heard about her before? v_v;; loll

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Wow! Just.. Wow! :rolleyes:

First off, G-Dragon is so much win in producing this!

Park Bom is soooooo crazy beautiful! Like woot!? :w00t:

It's Master YG! Oh yeah!

But, I'm really.. Really.. Really suspicious bout Min Ji's relationship with GD.. -_-

Even my own best guy friend won't treat me like that and we've been together for so long..

Keke.. Anyways.. Min Ji looks so cute! How old is she? She looks like a baby.. ^_^

woah :o


sandara park.???

in a girl group like big bang.?????

NO. She's not.

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Guest maizakichi

"YG's new girl group's debut album will be produced by Big Bang's G-Dragon."

woah! that is SO COOL! ehehhe

G-dragon? producing their album? ehhehe

GD sure has lots of money...heheheh

and oh...

Gong min ji is SO young...ehhehe

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Guest cherlyn

eh eh eh...

this whole while i was waiting for park bom to release her solo...


but female BB :D



gd! youngest producer ever?? hee

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aww.. i bet they'll come up with an awesome name..

they always do!! (Big Bang, 1TYM, etc.)

CL is gorrgeous in that picture.. i can't wait to see her in action

and Park Bom too..

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Guest S.V--

wow...just them three it would be better if YG had more girl trainee..



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Guest DYHA

oh great!

so another girl group?

recently, girl group is like the in thing in kpop industry

i hope this one should be somehwat diff from snsd,wg,jewelry etc etc

since this is a hiphop group

wish them good luck!

if only maydoni is still in YG, she would perfectly fit in this group.

oh wells, (:

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