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Yg Produces Girl Big Bang

Guest icecube.

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Guest VindictusDame

YES!!! No wonder I find it weird that park bom had suddenly disappeared from the music scene after the collab with BIG BANG. So, she's in a secret group! Yay!!!

I know this is going to be hot. I cant wait~

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Guest anecia

Female version of Big bang,debut album produce by GD.


YG doesn't really pay much attention to his girls...ok lets face it he doesn't.

But hopefully this new group is gonna change that.

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Guest ultranguik

park bom in a group?

i tot she's going solo, what a waste of talent,

sorry if im skeptical but yg never had any succesful girl group before

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aw man.

i really like park bom and i really want her to be solo. she just doesnt fit the whole girl group image and all.

and she and minji's age gap is too huge to be working together no?

CL. CL. what can i say about her. getting me all spazzy and stuff over the sbs performance. and she got to work with the yg men! but like someone mention, we dont really know how exactly good she is since she only rap for a few seconds and all.

i dont get why yg wants to put them together but i sure hope they do well.

and pls yg, do pay them the attention they need cos srlsy, he doesnt really give much attention to the girls

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Guest CharlotteDarcy

*yawn* YG has no luck with females. Sadly to say, the only thing that can sell nowaday is bubblegum pop

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Guest sun#1

first, I don't think that it is a girl Big Bang

I can't understand YG at all

I think Bom and CL must go solo, or at least in duet...

I havn't heard about min ji. on the pics she is very young

someone wrote in this thread that there is an 10-year differences between Bom and min ji

It is not good...

But I, of course wish them the best of luck!

maybe they will be a serious contestant to wonder girls and snsd

i'm a little bit tired of them >>

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Guest tokio

finally news for Park Bom, i was wondering considering she is so talented. but i wanted her more solo but anything from her is perfect

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Guest SeLcaQueen

that's cooL. i guess i'LL wait for them to debut.

CL's cLip in youtube is very short it's hard to say if she reaLLy is a great rapper but i think she's ok.

Gong Min Ji Looks reaLLy young. since there is a big age gap between her and park bom i wonder how wiLL they Look Like as a group. :P

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Guest szai


i saw this coming!


i wish them well!

i have hopes that they will!

and some parts of me believes that they'll be BIG!


i had an idea that mr. YG might create his own girl group when sandara park posted this picture...


^ the supposed trio is there with sandy.


wahahah!! that would be crazy fun (especially to those who knows how fun sandy can be, right peeps!)

don't get me wrong cause i love sandy so much.

and she love these girls,

so i love them too!

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Guest ..kaleena..

hm.... Girl Big Bang huh? hahaha

That's exciting how GD's producing their music for them!

Well i wish them the best of luck!

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Guest tuna_madunna

aw.. I want Park Bom to go solo too!

But girl big bang? Why not? It's better than ultra-girly songs anyway :]

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Guest Mz-Descamento86

come on now...park bom is like 30 and them other girls are like pre-teens lol

what if park wants to be sexy and wear something revealing? but she cant cus she has to worry about the other girls so then she would have to wear her mary kate n ashley gear....

g-dragon is producing them? oh gosh lol dont kill me gdragon fanatics but hes still young he needs to worry about big bang before he takes on something this big...thats like miley cryus trying to manage a girl group...SMH

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Guest love4dbsk&suju

just the 3 of them? i guess they really do have voice, dance and rap then

but Min Ji looks really YOUNG compared to Park Bom

and i do admit i wanted Park Bom to go SOLO

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