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Yg Produces Girl Big Bang

Guest icecube.

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Guest tlatnwks

hmmm girl version of big bang.

idk, im kind of ehhhh on this but excited.

i love park bom, im excited for her but i didnt like cl much from that performance.

never heard of minji so i hope shes good.

she looks so young though, how old is she?

and shes so lucky -______-;; gosh, big bang.

-whoa, topped a page :]

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Guest love-yun

gong minji's a '94er

FINALLY! some more FEMALES in the yg family! i'm so pumped for them to debut!

jiyong will make a good producer. it's so cute how him & minji are close :]

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Guest talksound


I thought Park Bom and CL were going to go solo ;[

Not sure if I'm hyped up for this group, to be honest.

But good luck to them.

i agree.

maybe parkbom's age is an issue?

i'm a huge YG fan and all...but i'm not too crazy about this idea.

-- edit: i don't see how people are so in awe of CL's rapping, when she's only been heard once.

it was like 10 seconds long, how can anyone say she's amazing?

i agree with you.

and of course, the age gap will be a huge issue. that'd be weird. and i find that yg's putting a girl group out there because his company out of the top three in the industry, is currently missing one.

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from the way that i've seen YG handle their female artists, and their huge success with BB, i really hope that these girls get the attention they deserve! I don't mind them together and that I think three is a good number (if it goes more than 4, i bet you its gonna be all "THEY'RE COPYING ____") and it allows the girls to "shine" more and get attention. a lot of people would recognize park bom from the anycall commercial and people know of minji's dance video, so they do have some publicity already.

but i do too miss 1tym...a LOT.

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Guest xiuieee

they are finally gonna debut park bom! i love her since she was in the big bang MVs.

i was waiting 4 YG to debut her...yays =]

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Guest woaini715

i have nothing against the girls. theyre all talented. but i just don't like them together. i was expecting park bom and CL to debut as solo singers. if they put all the girls together...boyy, thats abig age gap you got thereO_____O

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Guest jenny____x

i think YG needs to focus on 1TYM.

so many are anticipating if they will have a comeback.

im not too excited for their debut.

but who knows.. maybe they'll make a big hit.

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Guest disfunktional.

I don't like girl versions of group. I'm sure they'll still be more

popular than groups like BP, Cats, etc cause their companies

don't even promote them o-o I think the group is put together

weird...like the members. but looking forward PB! I love GD songs

wheeeeee~ WG is still tough competition though..

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Guest helloimbarney

I'm kind of disappointed because i wanted Park Bom to debut solo

but still, i'm rooting for this group!

seems very interesting esp since G-Dragon is making thier album

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Guest fobbiyo

Minji looks SOOOO YOUNG! while Park Bom is like.. 23? o_o I wanted Bom to go solo. ehhh. I don't think it's a good idea to call them "girl Big Bang" how come there is so many guy-girl counter parts? IE DBSK - CSJH, Super Junior - SNSD etc etc.

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Guest Shortyyy126

i hate it when they categorize girl groups as "the girl version of bigbang" or "the girl version of super junior". but whatever, i'll be waiting for their debut. =) although the age gap is kinda awkward, i'm still gonna give them a chance. thanks for the info!

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