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[drama 2005] Autumn Showers 가을 소나기

Guest jinhee

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i cannot believe the ratings are 3.3!! thats the lowest rating i have ever seen for any kdrama, ever. is this drama really THAT bad? unbelieveible.

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Guest minshoo

wow! thats LOW!!! i guess we had high expectation of this drama becuz KSY is in it. and i think that is the reason why most of us watch it. but shes in a coma for almost like half of the drama. i think the writer is trying to develop the relationship between RW and the guy and just let KSY be in coma lol. im still waiting for her to wake up. DAMN IT. excuse my language but i cant stand this drama if its keep going like this

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Guest minshoo

i just pass forward and watched the preview for the next episode and i think shes waking up next week episodes. cant believe RW and the husband slept together. :( :(

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Guest teardrop

3.3??? dats sooo low. how sad for all of them.... hopefully da ratings will rise when ksy wakes up....so da writer better have a change of plans or sumthing for da ratings to go up but i think it'll be hard since da ratings are soo low. BUT still gonna keep on watching dis drama hehe =)

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OH SU BYEON WAS DIFFERENT ..OH GOSH!! ......that one is like ...omg .!! how can they be apart ..even if he is marry ....it is just so right about what they feel about each other !! ..but i also feel sad for the wife ..OKIE i fEEL FOR THREE PARTIES IN LAWYER!! but of course more for sub beyon and ..joo hee ..!!

but this autumn shower . .........i really ..cannot seem to find that same feelings

ME!! ..why me ..i dont know if can go on or not ..........and then just when i want to give up ..the wife waking up next ESP!!

cutie ...esp 5 was like this express affair !! ..............

..first there was date in the forest ...with holding hands .and then ..he even give her roses ..AND THEN u know those ..oh .i think we should not be together ..type of scenes .well....she was trying hard to tell him .they should end it .but ..she stand by window .and see ...him downstaris .and her ..determination ALL THROWN To the wINDOW ............rush down .and hug !! AND U KNOW WHAT !!

NEXT THING I SEE IS THEY IN BED TOGETHER!!!! ...............They EVEN SKIP KISS AND Went straight to bed scene .@@

gosh and the man still wearing his wedding RING!! ...........and sure enough after that ..went back home kneel infront of wife .. <_<

actually i really want to feel for him and RW u know those oh ..it is just fate we have to love this way .type of sympathy ...but THEN i somehow cannot find that emotions yet in me ..!! ...

esp 5 was exciting for you ....

:unsure: i got mixed feelings about it ..especially about RW's acting .er ...it like she had so many hidden emotions she cannot know how to release it .and then it er .ended up quite abit lame . okie make it really very lame .!!

.for this esp ..er .we really need to have some explosive emtions which really was not there i think

but well .there were some exciting moments like the *mobile affair *


*OJH hear they going to get marry *

*both look at each other .at respective cars ..he at his car ..and she in car with suppose bf *

*.OJH stop car by the road ...and looking at mobile ...wondering if he should call her *

*then she at home ...looking at her mobile wondering if she should call him*

*then finally she call ...then quickly end the call*

*he look at his miss call and immediately ..so excitedly call back *

*then .before i know it ...she rushing down the stairs *

*he driving to her house *

*........he run towards .her ...she run towards him .and they stop..and then .she in her arms *

that is the start of their affair :huh:

What I meant by exciting was when she was running towards him I was screaming.... (speaking to the PD) "No, No. Don't even give them background music..... There should be silence!!!!! This is wrong! You can't justify this! stop it! stop it! stop it now!!!!

I normally do not do such things. I usually watch in silence only to laugh when something is really really funny i.e. I'm not a tear dropper. So yeah, this illicit excitement from me.

And when the RW and the husband (with the cutest dimples I might add) were in the bed together I say .... Aww what a shame.... He done took his wife best friend down the path of hell into an ill fated adulterous affair!

So compared to Wedding where everyone is trying to figure out what 'one night together means' this drama boldly shows you that the couple truely had one night together.... there no room for discussion it's done! From my point of view this is a bold move on the PD part... that why I'm pulled into the story

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Guest namoo_ya

dude i was thinking this drama is SO WHACK and i was about to quit watching it until the last 2 minutes of episode 6. DANGIT i hate it when they do that...

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Guest LiNaxHapPiE

requesting episode 1, 2, 3 YSI links~~~~ pleaseeee :]

YEa Mee too! Could i please get links to 1-4.........PLEASE>>>> :rolleyes:

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wow ... 3.3??!! :o ... it's bad for me but didn't know it was that bad for the korean audiences. and i thought ksy is already waking up? :unsure:

SEE!! i told u that esp was really~~~ .....no wonder it receive such ratings ...i think the korean audience are smarter then me ... <_< and .....i wonder if KSY can save this drama ....er ....i think i might as well stop this ..the acting of the other cast is seriously not doing much good .....

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Guest soonjap

Let me say this, I agree with you 100%.

But episode 5 was so exciting it made me sick and yet it pulled me into the story.

I laughed while I read this. Watching the last few episodes is kind of like watching a traffic accident. You know it's going to be gross but you can't quite turn your head from it! :lol: And gees...wouldn't you know it? A guy can't be all "sacrificial-because-I-will-love-you-forever-and-stay-by-your-side-until-you-die-or-wake-up-whichever-comes-first?" like they do with all the female characters when their husbands/boyfriends/first loves are in a coma? :lol: I know this is a melodrama, but you gotta laugh because it IS pretty funny, although I'm sure the director/writers didn't plan on being this way.

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