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[drama 2005] Peculiar Woman, Peculiar Man. 별난여자, 별난&#45224

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Guest snam124

Episode 26

JN tells SH not to expect more from her and that they are even. SH asks if she lost his old watch or sold it. JN tells him that if he only came to the wine bar on time as promised, she wouldn't have been mugged. JN tells SH that he must think the world revolves around him but to take a look in the mirror and see what a jerk he is. She says that even so that it was her fault that she lost his watch so she's returning it to him.

JN and HI meet outside the office and she asks why she was in SH's office. JN tells her she was repaying a debt.

HI asks GW how SH and JN know each other. GW tells her that his aunt treats JN like a daughter and they probably met at the diner. HI remarks that they must be close then. GW tells her not really. GW sees that HI took of her couple ring (her dad ordered her to) and he thinks she did it for him so he wouldn't feel uncomfortable. He tells her it's ok and she didn't have to do that for him, but she asks him for what?

HI asks SH about his watch and SH says it's something he lost but was returned by someone. SH wants to know where HI's couple ring is and she lies and says she forgot to put it back on after washing her face. SH tells her not to ever take it off again unless she wants to see him get ticked.

MW meets an elderly lady as she goes door to door for her part-time job. She helps her with cooking, bathing and laundry and find out the lady has two children (that don't come to visit).

The rest of the family find out that Min Sook has been working and Da Jung asks her mom to buy her a digital camera. She sees her parent's expression and drops the subject.

JN and SH run into each other on the elevator and JN asks him why he's not wearing his watch. SH goes to his office and takes out the watch, remembering JN tell him that if he didn't forget to come to the wine bar to repay her and get his watch back she would've never been mugged.

SH meets his dad, Jae Man in his office. Jae Man tells SH to get a desk for GW. SH asks his dad for advice on what to do if he's sorry for something he did to a girl. Jae Man tells him to bring flowers and jewelry.

Jae Man tells Nara that SH asked him for advice and she wonders what SH did to HI. She's worried that SH might be seeing other women too. Nara tries to ask SH about what's going on btw him and HI. SH tells her he'll take care of everything.

Nara visits HI's mom and asks if there's anything going on btw HI and SH. She tells her that SH asked his father for advice on what to do if he's sorry about something. Nara tells her that SH will get flowers and jewelry for HI.

SH goes to JO's house with a bouqet of flowers and an ice cream cake. JN is alone cooking and SH tells her not to worry he came to see JO not her. SH tells JN to give the cake to JO and to put it away before it melts. JN wonders why he brought ice cream in cold weather. SH asks JN if she doesn't like ice cream. JN tells him not to worry she won't eat a bite and that she'll give it all to JO. JN's pancakes burn and she tells SH that even things she's good at doesn't work when he's around. SH tells her to just throw them away and JN tells him that of course it's easy for some people to throw away everything.

HI comes home and her mom asks her where her flowers are.

SH tells JN to take the flowers.

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Guest snam124

Episode 27

JN refuses the flowers asking SH what did he do now. She tells him the last tme he treated her to a meal and gave her perfume it was because he felt bad about locking her in the studio all night.

HI's mom tells HI that SH will probably give her a gift tomorrow then. HI's dad sees HI wearing the couple ring again and takes it away.

JO is happy to receive flowers from SH. JN tells her dog, Dong Sa to eat and JO tells her not to call the dog that. JN tells her that her older brother is Ossa and if they had another sibling it would be called DDo Sa ("ddoe" meaning "again"). JO tells JN to call SH Oppa and both are against that idea. They watch a comedy show together and JN remarks how great it would be to watch it live.

SH comes home and tells his dad he didn't get jewelry but cake and flowers. Jae Man asks SH if he feels better now and SH isn't sure.

HI's mom is determined to make her husband accept SH so she asks HI to bring SH to lunch.

At work, GW receives gifts from his co-workers for his new desk and he sees HI thinking about something. She's wondering when SH will give her flowers. She goes to SH's office and SH hands her a report. HI asks him if that's all he has to give her and SH gives her a wink. He jokes that his wink is worth $1000. SH asks HI about her ring again and HI tells him the truth that her dad didn't like it. She asks him to meet her dad for lunch.

JN and GW meet in the hall and GW tells her to spend some money on clothes for work now that she has money. JN tells him that she has no money for clothes and that all her money went to someone. GW is more upset than JN and tries to figure out where all her money went. JN tells him she had to repay someone.

SH asks GW in his office when JO and JN became close. GW tells him that JN lost everything from a thief and that's how she found part-time work at JO's diner and began living with her too. GW tells SH that she's broke now too because she had to repay someone. SH feels even more guilty after hearing this.

Min Sook is exhausted working late and Jae Doe lets her sleep and prepares breakfast. The Grandma finds him cooking and is very disapproving of Min Sook (she doesn't know that Min Sook is working because they need the money).

Nara finds out that SH is on his way to meet HI's famly at the restaurant where Jae Doe is working as a valet. She tries to stop SH and tells him to make up an excuse for work. SH goes anyway and finds out that his uncle Jae Doe is working there. Nara calls and tells SH not to say anything or tell HI's family that he's related to Jae Doe. HI's dad sees SH talking with Jae Do and asks him later if he knows that man. SH tells him that it's his Uncle.

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Guest snam124

Episode 28

HI and her family have lunch with SH. HI's dad asks SH what he's so confident about with HI. Whether it's his money or MBA degree. SH tells him HI has his heart.

SH's upset about seeing his Uncle Jae Doe working at the restaurant and asks GW if there's anything going on at home. GW says nothings new.

GW plays basketball at the park and invites JN to join him at the park. JN brings GW food that a customer didn't come to pick up.

HI's dad, who's been really quiet about SH, tells his wife he gives SH 30% and she's upset because there's no guy that can win him over then. He tells her he gives him +30% (I'm not sure if this means 130%). HI and her mom are super happy because they think slowly SH is winning over HI's dad.

Back at the park, GW asks JN what she calls older males. She tells him "Ajashi" and GW asks how about someone who's only 1 year older. JN tells him she calls them "Ya" ("you"- in a rude way). JN tells him she won't call him "Ya" but she'll think about what to call him. JN sees the basketball and GW asks what her favorite team is. They both like the same team so JN tells him they should go to a game one day. She challenges him to a game.

SH visits his dad and asks him if he knew that his uncle was working part-time at a restaurant parking cars. He asks if there's something wrong at Uncle Jae Doe's house.

Min Sook comes home late and the Grandma is preparing food. She asks Min Sook if the money her husband brings home isn't enough for her. Why she's being so greedy about making money and ignoring her household duties when her husband is working hard.

Jae Man is concerned about his brother's family and visits Jae Doe's house. He asks Min Sook if she knew that her husband was working part-time at the restaurant. He becomes upset because he thinks his brother is working 2 jobs. The Gradma overhears and asks Min Sook if she's making her husband work another job for more money. Jae Doe comes hom and explains to them that it's not Min Sook's fault, that he actually quit his office job.

JN tells GW he's so different from his cousin, SH. GW tells JN if she gets to know SH better she'll find out he's not such a bad person. JN tells GW she won't have anything to do with SH now that she's repayed him. GW find out that all of JN's money went to SH and asks why but JN doesn't say anything.

SH comes home and Nara asks him if he kept his mouth shut about his uncle. SH asks his mom how long she's known about this and that he's ashamed she didn't say anything or try to find out what happened. She tells him what difference it would make. She explains that she tried to find out what happened by bringing kalbi to their house but the mom and Grandma didn't know anything so she didn't say anything. Nara sees the watch on SH's desk and asks if he bought a new one. SH tells him he did and she tells him he shouldn't have done that. She has the REAL watch and the one he had was a FAKE! She says when she bought his watch, they made a duplicate of the real one for an extra $100. SH gets upset because he remembers JN telling him she bought his watch with her blood and sweat....

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wow.. yay!! finally I know what's going on.. hehe.. thanks for all the details & i've been so curious .. thanks for helping us with your wonderful translations once again :)

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Guest snam124

Episode 29

GW keeps trying to figure out from JN why she had to pay back SH. JN tells him he might as well give up because she won't tell him. GW jokes that it's like watching a movie because so much has happened between JN and SH in the short time they've known each other. After GW leaves, JN tells JO that GW is such a nice person. JO tells JN that SH is also nice and that she should be friendly with him too. JN tells her, no way.

Da Jung tells GW about their dad's work situation. GW is up late and Jae Doe sees him and asks him what's wrong. GW hugs his dad and tells him he's always loved him, but that he loves him even more right now.

Jae Man is upset about his brother and can't eat. Nara tells SH and Jae Man not to worry. Jae Man tells her that Jae Doe still has to pay for GW's wedding and Da Jung's college. SH tells them it doesn't matter what job you have as long as you can do it with a joyful heart and Nara agrees. SH says that's why he doesn't care if HI's family knows about his uncle which makes Nara really angry.

HI's dad remembers SH telling him about his uncle and smiles (Maybe he's happy that SH's family isn't as perfect as everyone thinks). HI's mom and HI ask why he gave SH +30% and he tells them to ask SH directly. They get all excited but HI's dad tells them it's nothing to be proud about.

JN sees HI and tells her to watch out for SH. She tells HI that she really likes her and that's why she's telling her this. JN tells HI how he blames innocent people for his damaged car and he has the worst personality. HI assures JN that it's because she doesn't know him well. JN tells HI that GW is the nicest person which HI agrees, but JN tells her SH is the exact opposite of GW.

SH calls the store to find out how much the watch cost and prepares money in an envelope to repay JN.

JN goes out to buy groceries for the diner and runs into SH. He tells her he wants to talk to her but she leaves him and tells him she has nothing further to say to him. She gets on the bus and SH runs after her.

SH has no change for the bus and puts a large bill into the machine. The bus driver tells him he has no change but he can ask the passengers for their change. SH tells him it's ok and takes a seat next to JN.

JN tells him $9.00 is a lot of money and how many meals he can buy with that and goes up to the front of the bus to collect money. JN calls out to SH "Jagi" (Honey) come get your change. SH tries to ignore her and says he doesn't know her, but JN then calls him "Ossa" and he goes to the front and collects money.

When they get off the bus, SH is embarrassed and tells JN to take the money. SH asks JN if he calls just anyone that word. JN asks him, you mean Jagi? JN asks SH why his face is getting all red. and SH gets angry and tells her it's not. JN tells SH that when she combines the words Jagi and Ossa it's easy to say.

She hears SH's stomach growls and JN remarks that SH is actually a human being. She tells him they should buy lunch with the money they've collected. JN takes SH to a food stand and SH is grossed out with the surroundings. He tells JN that it's not clean here and that they can get seriously sick from eating somewhere like here. JN tells him to just eat and he won't die or that he can starve himself. SH asks JN if it's any good and she takes away his plate saying it's not good at all.

GW rushes out of the office and runs into HI and asks her if she can come look at rings with him. HI tells him that the ring issue was over and why he's still doing this. GW is confused and just goes by himself.

Back outside, JN asks SH why he was looking for her. He tells her he felt bad about the watch and that it was partly his fault it got lost so he wants to pay her back. JN tells him that it was her fault and that this issue is closed in her book. SH tells JN that she doesn't even have money so just take it. JN asks SH how does he know whether or not she has money and refuses to accept it.

At the office, GW tells his co-workers he can't join them for drink and rushes home. Joon Gyoung wonders aloud if GW has a gf which makes HI curious.

SH has dinner with HI later and she asks him if his business went well during lunch. SH thinks to himself, that it didn't go well but whatever it takes he'll pay her back. HI asks if he needs help and SH tells her he'll take care of it himself.

GW's family throws a surprise party for Jae Doe, thanking him for all his hard work and tell him they love him. GW and Da Jung present him with a ring as a gift and GW tells his mom and grandma he'll get them one next time too.

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Guest snam124

Episode 30

Jae Doe tells Min Sook he saw SH's girlfriend at the restaurant. Min Sook asks him if she was prettier than GW's gf. Jae Does tells her they looked similar but Min Sook is positive that GW's gf is prettier.

SH finds out that HI's dad took away her couple ring and tells her that he'll do a good job and make him change his mind. HI's aunt and her friend both tell SH they support him. SH thanks them and tells HI's aunt he hopes she finds someone too. Her friend tells SH and HI that there is someone that interests her. HI's aunt explains that there's someone that makes her heart flutter but there's nothing going on between them. HI and SH wonder who this person is and want to meet him (LOL, if they only knew it was SH's dad!!)

Jae Man visits JO's house and JN answers the door and thinks Jae Man is a potential suitor for JO. She goes into the bathroom to get JO and puts perfume on her and tells her to come out looking nice. JO comes out and calls Jae Man, Oppa and JN is embarrassed because she didn't know that was JO's brother. Jae Man tells JO about Jae Doe and how upset he is that even though they're all family they all live such separate lives. JO tells him she'll stop by GW's house. Jae Man tells JO that he's happy that she has JN and that he's impressed with her.

JN and JO visit GW's family. Jae Doe meets JN for the first time, but GW tells him he can't embarrass himself in front of JN again. Jae Doe remembers the time that GW and JN came to pick him up when he got drunk after losing his job. At that time he thought that JN was GW's girlfriend and put their hands together (I think he was telling them to live well together). Da Jung tells JN to come to her room so she can show her the new outfits she's made. They pretend to have a fashion show in Da Jung's room with JN modeling Da Jung's designs. GW and Da Jung take pictures of JN for Da Jung's portfolio to submit to schools. JN tells Da Jung she does the weirdest things to help Da Jung get into college.

Min Sook tells JO she really likes JN and that she really feels like a family member. JO tells Min Sook she wishes that JN was friendly with SH too and how he brought flowers and a cake to her place, but they still aren't friendly with each other. The Grandma overhears and is so proud that SH is looking out for his Aunt JO.

Back at home JO is troubled that SH and JN dislike each other so much. THe next day she goes to SH's office and asks him to go on a date with her. She tells him she has an extra ticket for a comedy show. SH asks her why she didn't ask JN, but JO tells him that JN couldn't go. SH later asks HI to cancel their dinner plans and to understand because it's his Aunt.

JN brings the tickets and waits for JO at the theatre but sees SH instead. They both tell each other they're waiting for JO. JO calls JN and tells her to take SH instead, not to fight and have fun.

The Grandma calls Nara and tells her that SH brought flowers and cake to his Aunt JO's house. After getting off the phone, Nara realizes that SH didn't bring anything to HI then and that it was for his aunt.

JN gives SH the ticket and tells him he can do whatever he wants. SH is about to leave but then at the last minute yells "Ya" as the door is about to close.

It's funny that HI's aunt is falling head over heels for Jae Man. I think next week GW's family and SH's family will arrange to meet with the girlfriends...poor GW, what's he going to do??!!

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Guest snam124


[ 31 회 ] 2005년 11월 7일 (월)

개그콘서트 방청후 종남과 석현은 함께 저녁식사를 하고, 석현은 한번 더 시계값을 받으라고 애원(?)하지만 종남은 울엄마에게나 잘하라며 일축해버린다.

한편 유정은 개그콘서트를 시청하다가 다정하게 손 잡고 웃고 있는 석현과 종남을 보고 기함하는데..

After the "gag concert" (comedy show) Jong Nam and Suk Hyun have dinner together. Suk Hyun tries again to return the cost of the watch to Jong Nam, but she tells him to be good to her mom, Jae Ok instead.

Yoo Jung, (Hae In's mom) watches the comedy show on t.v. and is surprised when she sees Suk Hyun and Jong Nam hold hands.

[ 32 회 ] 2005년 11월 8일 (화)

개그 콘서트 방송 후 종남과 석현에 대한 소문이 회사내에 퍼지자 화가 난 기웅은 석현에게 따지고, 개그콘서트로 인해 나라로부터 심한 질책을 받은 재옥은 석현을 집으로 부른다.

해인은 두 사람이 티비에 나왔다는 소문을 뒤늦게 듣고 인터넷으로 확인하는데..

After the comedy show rumor spreads about Suk Hyun and Jong Nam at the office. Gi Woong is angry when he hears this and asks Suk Hyun about it. Nara finds out about it also and scolds Jae Ok for setting Suk Hyun and Jong Nam up. Jae Ok invites Suk Hyun to her home. Hae In hears about the news and searches the internet to find out whether it's true.

[ 33 회 ] 2005년 11월 9일 (수)

석현과 종남을 오해한 해인은 솔직, 당당한 석현의 설명에 오해를 풀고 저녁 약속을 한다. 종남은 석현의 차에서 똥싸밥을 꺼내다 차키를 흘린채 문을 닫아버린다.

차키도 잃어버리고 차는 자동잠금이 돼버린 상황에서 해인과의 약속이 임박해지자 석현은 짜증이 치솟는데..

Hae In hears Suk Hyun's explanation and clears up their misunderstanding. They make plans to meet for dinner later. Jong Nam is taking Dong Sa out of Suk Hun's car and locks them out with the keys still in the car. Suk Hyun gets aggravated as his dinner date with Hae In approaches.

[ 34 회 ] 2005년 11월 10일 (목)

석현은 부모님께 자신의 태몽을 묻고, 초밥 상품개발에 의욕적으로 뛰어든 기웅은 직원들의 시큰둥한 반응에도 종남과 함께 시장조사를 다닌다.

유정은 우여곡절 끝에 해인의 커플 반지를 삼키게 되고, 해인은 석현과 기웅 앞에서 말자의 전화를 받고 난감해지는데..

Suk Hyun asks his parents what they dreamed/predicted about him before he was born. Gi Woong has a new idea for a sushi(?) recipe which is co-workers aren't excited about. Gi Woong and Jong Nam go to the market to shop for the ingredients. Yoo Jung accidentally swallows Hae In's couple ring. Hae In answers the phone in front of Suk Hyun and Gi Woong and they get embarrassed...(?)

[ 35 회 ] 2005년 11월 11일 (금)

해인은 기웅에게 자신과의 관계를 어른들께 제대로 말씀드리라는 부탁을 하고, 석현은 시계값에 대한 부담감을 털고자 시장조사를 핑계로 종남을 백화점으로 데려간다.

드디어 해인과 석현의 상견례날은 다가오고, 두 사람이 큰집으로 인사온다는 얘기에 기웅은 난감해지는데..

Hae In asks Gi Woong to tell his family the truth about their relationship. Suk Hyun still wants to repay Jong Nam for his watch and takes Jong Nam to the department store. Suk Hyun and Hae In set a date. Gi Woong hears the news that Suk Hyun and Hae In will visit his home and doesn't know what to do...

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snam124.. thanks soo much for the previews & the link to the pix.. wow.. i'm excited to see this week's episodes after reading the preview.. Poor GW.. he's gonna be so sad .. wonder what will happen.. I'm curious as to who will fall for JN first, GW or SH? and who will JN like first also. I'm guessing that JN will like GW first and SH will start to have feelings for JN. I think GW is still deeply in love in HI since he liked her for so long.

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Guest snam124

snam124.. thanks soo much for the previews & the link to the pix.. wow.. i'm excited to see this week's episodes after reading the preview.. Poor GW.. he's gonna be so sad .. wonder what will happen.. I'm curious as to who will fall for JN first, GW or SH? and who will JN like first also. I'm guessing that JN will like GW first and SH will start to have feelings for JN. I think GW is still deeply in love in HI since he liked her for so long.

Me too! I have a feeling JN will fall for GW who's still in love with HI. SH and HI will probably get engaged but maybe they'll realize they weren't meant to be together. At least that's what I'm hoping for! LOL.


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First off, thank you, snam124, for doing the great summaries! Thanks to you, I'm beginning to regain interest in this series. I didn't lose interest, I've just been sidetracked. Jong Nam and Suk Hyun's relationship is so funny! As I was reading your summaries, I couldn't help but laugh, the characters are so funny!

Thank goodness, Beautiful You is ending soon, the darn drama has just gotten so boring!!!

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wow.. I can't believe SH didn't tell HI about the gag concert with JN right away.. I would be mad to if I see my bf on tv with someone else.. i'm glad the misunderstanding was resolved so fast.. they barely show anything about Sh explaining to HI in detail, right? I thought they would stay mad at each other for several episodes so that Sh & JN to hang out more... but i guess not.. haha

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Guest snam124

wow.. I can't believe SH didn't tell HI about the gag concert with JN right away.. I would be mad to if I see my bf on tv with someone else.. i'm glad the misunderstanding was resolved so fast.. they barely show anything about Sh explaining to HI in detail, right? I thought they would stay mad at each other for several episodes so that Sh & JN to hang out more... but i guess not.. haha

SH had no clue that people would overreact about him and JN being at the concert. I almost feel bad for him..hehe. I think he did explain to HI but you're right, it wasn't that long and detailed. Next week it looks like SH will buy JN a new outfit and people find out!! LOL. JN is causing trouble... :P

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Guest Riezzle

This series is really interesting. Good thing it had English subs. I'm trying hard not to read the spoilers. :unsure:

Just love the episode where, Jongnam was so pissed with Sukhyun that she shouted that he peed on his pants. And then calling the dog Mr. Poo... XD

It's only the 14th ep in KBS World. I can't wait to see what happens in the next episodes.

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this drama is getting sooo interesting.. I bet SH will start to like JN first.. In episode 35, he thought about her before he went to sleep ( that's a sign) right there.. It's such a cliffhanger.. I wonder what will GW do.. poor guy.. I feel so bad for him & HI too cuz now his family will think that she chose SH over him cuz he's not good enough.. awwww... :)

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