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  1. I hope he will accept the drama with Yoon Si Yoon!! More from Drug King promoting: Cr. as tagged
  2. Both agencies has confirmed that Jo Jung Suk and Gummy got married recently in a private promise ceremony with their families!! Congrats to our newlyweds! All pictures in HD: https://imgur.com/a/iOmsp3x
  3. 180713 IOPE SKINWEEK Event in Taiwan (the fan was shaking so much ) More pics: http://19801226.com/xe/data1/486255
  4. Hiii @mundaliv Yeah.. what a suprise in the morning. I have mixed feeling about having to send him off..., but mostly I'm happy for him! His heartfelt letter to fans after the news: https://forjojeol.wordpress.com/2018/06/22/180622-letter-from-jo-jungsuk/
  5. I miss him a lot too! ;_; He must be really busy filming his movies these days. I hope he can spare time for some events, an Ice Bucket Challenge like Karen said would be awesome lol FIGHTING!!
  6. Can't wait!!! XD Hey chingus Knowing Wife has a thread here!
  7. JO Jung-suk and Yoon-a Cast for New Action Disaster Movie EXIT May 21, 2018 Writer: by SONG Soon-jin EXIT Starts Filming this Summer for Expected Release in Summer 2019 JO Jung-suk and Yoon-a will star in a disaster-action movie. “Genius chameleon actor JO Jung-suk and Yoon-a, rising actresses of Confidential Assignment (2017), are cast for EXIT (working title)”, announced the production company Filmmaker R & K and the distributor CJ Entertainment. The disaster-action thriller will be co-produced with Film K by Filmmaker R & K, which has put out The Berlin File (2013), Veteran(2015) and The Battleship Island (2017). The director is LEE Sang-geun, who received the Jury Special Award for his short film Mr. Tap’s Holiday (2010) at the Mise-en-Scène Short Film Festival (MSFF). “LEE is a graduate of the Korea National University of Arts and has been working in films for a long time. We are expecting this young director to make a bright and witty movie“, said CJ Entertainment. The movie tells the story of Yong-nam (JO Jung-suk) who comes across a former fellow college student, Eui-joo (Yoon-a). The two try to escape a catastrophic situation where the city gets enveloped in a mysterious toxic gas. The pre-production is finished, and the filming will start this year with an expected release in Summer 2019. Source ===== 180527 Pink Run Event (An annual event held to raise awareness of breast cancer) Fancam:
  8. "What makes me move forward? Acting! Haha. It really does. Acting is so so much fun... I’m currently rehearsing for a musical. It’s so hard that I feel like dying, but I’m really happy. Even when I’m completely exhausted, I snicker to myself for no reason. I think my life would have been gloomy without acting. I would have been very unhappy. I think such day won't come. I want to be an actor until I die - Actor Jo Jung Suk #Some facts about Jo Jung Suk Before his TV/big screen debut, Jo Jung Suk was a prepared actor who continued to act on theater stage. His theater background has made him the actor he is today. Jo Jung Suk has a passion for guitar. He loves to sing and dance. He has 5 best friends who has been with him since childhood. They paid him a surprise visit on Happy Together Ep. 419. Jo Jung Suk has a black belt in Taekondo. He really loves dog, his dog Rakku is 5 years old. Dance Boy Lee Hwa Shin (ノ´∀`)ノ (ノ゚▽゚)ノ = WELCOME TO JO JUNG SUK SOOMPI THREAD = The thread dedicated to the talented, adorable actor/musical actor Jo Jung Suk ^^ ~*~ 01 MUSICAL AND PLAYACTING . 2018 Amadeus (Play-acting) . 2017 THE ROOM Asia (Fan-meeting/Musical) (*Encore stage's final song) 08/07/17 THE ROOM Fan-meeting in TOKYO (page 328) 02/07/2017 THE ROOM Fan-meeting in BANGKOK (page 326, 327) 11/06/2017 THE ROOM Fan-meeting in TAIPEI (page 321 to 325) 06 - 07/05/2017 THE ROOM Fan-meeting in SEOUL (page 313 to 316) . 2016 HEDWIG: New Makeup (Musical) . 2014 Blood brother (Musical) . 2011 HEDWIG (Musical) . 2010 True West (Play-acting) . 2009 Spring Awakening (Musical) . 2009 Ireland (Play-acting) . 2008 Dae Jang Geum (Musical) . 2008 The Harmonium in My Memory (Musical) . 2008 HEDWIG (Musical) . 2007 Evil Dead (Musical) . 2007 Le Passe-Muraille (Musical) . 2007 Pump Boys (Musical) 02 MOVIE . 2019 EXIT (Filming/TBA) . 2018 Hit And Run Unit (Post-Production/TBA) . 2018 Drug King (Post-Production/TBA) . 2017 Hyung/My Annoying Brother - as Doo-sik Jo Jung Suk, D.O. - Don't worry, my dear (Hyung OST) Stage Greetings: page 252 to 277 Thank You Event: page 283, 284 . 2016 Time Renegades - as Ji-hwan . 2015 Journalist - as Heo Mu-hyeok . 2014 My Love, My Bride - as Young-min Jo Jung Suk, Shin Min Ah - My Love, My Bride OST . 2014 The Fatal Encounter - as Eul-su . 2013 The Face Reader - as Paeng-heon . 2012 Almost Che - as Hwang Yeong-min Jo Jung Suk - Green Sleeves (Almost Che OST) . 2012 Architecture 101 - as Napddeugi 03 DRAMA . 2017 MBC Two Cops - as Cha Dong-tak Cuts: Naver TV (official) || Pictures: iMBC (1), iMBC (2), GIF/Screencap OST || BTS || INTERVIEW . 2016 SBS Jealousy Incarnate - as Lee Hwa-shin Cuts: Naver TV (Official) - Drama Fever (Youtube) || OST || BTS Pictures: PD Note || GIF (24 Episodes) BEST KISS (with Gong Hyo Jin) - 5th DramaFever Awards . 2015 tvN Oh My Ghost - as Kang Sun-woo Jo Jung Suk - Gimme a Chocolate (Oh My Ghost OST) (Written by himself) Cuts: NaverTV || Pictures: Still Cut || BTS ♥ SPECIAL POSTS ♥ PAGE 234 (including unreleased footage, Fan-meeting in Singapore...) . 2013 KBS2 You are the best! - as Shin Jun-Ho Jo Jung Suk - I really love you (You are the best! OST) Full Episodes with Engsub on KBS Youtube Official Photos Gallery . 2012 MBC The King 2Hearts - as Eun Si-gyeong . 2012 MBN What's Up - as Byeong-geon Jo Jung Suk - Combination of Songs from What's Up 04 VARIETY 2018 SBS Power FM's Cultwo Show - As Special DJ (Page 359) 2018 tvN Life Bar - Ep. 60, with Kim Jae Wook (Cuts on tvN Youtube) 2016 KBS2 Guerrilla Date - (Engsub on KBS Youtube, Additional Footage) 2016 SBS Running Man - Ep. 327, with Do Kyung-soo (Cuts on SBS Youtube: 1, 2) 2016 tvN Youth Over Flowers - 7 Episodes - Fixed cast member, w/ Jung Sang Hoon, Jung Woo, Kang Ha Neul 2015 KBS2 Happy Together - Ep. 419, with Bae Seong-woo (Full with Engsub on KBS Youtube) 2015 SBS Power FM's Cultwo Show - (Cuts on SBS Radio100) 2014 SBS Running Man - Ep. 215, with Shin Min-ah 2014 MBC Radio Star - Ep. 384, with Song Chang-eui 2013 KBS2 Happy Together - Ep. 297, with IU 2012 MBC Radio Star - Ep. 301, with Kim In-kwon, Kwon Hyeon-sang (Full on MBC Youtube) 05 AWARD AND NOMINATION 2017 MBC Drama Awards - Top Excellent Award for Two Cops /Won/ 2017 MBC Drama Awards - Grand Prize (Daesang) for Two Cops /Nominated/ 2017 5th Annual DramaFever Awards - Best Kiss (with Gong Hyo Jin) for Jealousy Incarnate /Won/ 2017 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards - Best Actor (TV) for Jealousy Incarnate /Nominated/ 2016 SBS Drama Awards - Top Excellence Award for Jealousy Incarnate /Won/ 2016 SBS Drama Awards - Grand Prize (Daesang) for Jealousy Incarnate /Nominated/ 2016 The Night of Stars-Korea Top Star Awards - Korea's Top Star /One of the Winners/ 2016 7th Korean Popular Culture & Arts Awards - Cultural Minister Award /Won/ 2016 1st tvN10 Awards - Two Star Award for Oh My Ghost, Youth Over Flowers /Won/ 2015 4th APAN Star Awards - Excellence Award for Oh My Ghost /Nominated/ 2014 14th Korea Youth Films - Popularity Award for The Face Reader /Won/ 2013 KBS Drama Awards - Excellence Award for You are the Best! Lee Soon-shin /Won/ 2013 KBS Drama Awards - Best Couple Award (with IU) /Won/ 2013 33rd Korean Association of Film Critics Awards - Best Supporting Actor for The Face Reader /Won/ 2013 50th Grand Bell Awards - Best Supporting Actor for The Face Reader /Won/ 2013 34th Blue Dragon Film Awards - Best Supporting Actor for The Face Reader /Nominated/ 2013 4th KOFRA Film Awards - Best New Actor for Architecture 101 /Won/ 2012 33rd Blue Dragon Film Awards - Best New Actor for Architecture 101 /Won/ 2012 20th Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards - Best New Actor for Architecture 101 /Won/ 2012 5th Style Icon Awards - New Icon /Won/ 2012 6th Mnet 20's Choice Awards - 20's Booming Actor for Architecture 101, The King 2 Hearts /Won/ 2010 4th The Musical Awards - Best Supporting Actor for Spring Awakening /Won/ 2009 3rd The Musical Awards - Best Actor for Janggeum the Great /Won/ 2008 14th Korea Musical Awards - Best New Actor for Organ in My Heart /Won/ 06 BRAND AMBASSADOR T Plan (SK Telecom's App) Amore Pacific ARITAUM Fitz Beer IOPE MEN Samsung Life Insurance Schneider (Clothing Brand) Cheong Kwan Jang Korean Red Ginseng Isaac Toast & Coffee Dermatics Ultra YanaDoo English (Online Educational Platform) Dongwon Tuna Dongwon Rinchaem Samdasoo Jejudo Mineral Water Handon Jajogeum DD Chicken Yanolja Let's Play (Phone App) T map (SK Telecom's Phone App) Lotte Hi Mart Dong Suh Food Granola (with Park Bo-Young) Model for Taiwan Tourism Bureau Nongshim Dungji Cold noodle Lotte Conf. Buon Gelato Ice Cream Lotte Chilsung Beverage Hot 6 Good Download Campaign (With Shin Se-gyeong) LG U Plus LTE Hyundai Santafe Bluelink 07 FAN SIGN/OTHER EVENT (*only events from November 2016 onwards, All pictures, videos of a specific event can be found in this thread based on the date of the event) 2018.09.04 IOPE SKINWEEK Event 2018.07.13 IOPE SKINWEEK Event in Taiwan 2018.05.27 Pink Run Event 2018.04.25 BREITLING's Event 2017.11.20 Handon Certification Award Ceremony 2017.09.30 Handon Day Event 2017.09.11 IOPE SKINWEEK Event 2017.09.04 Dongwon Tuna "Special Date" with Jo Jung Suk 2017.08.22 Dermatics Ultra "Healing Date" Event 2017.07.14 Cheong Kwan Jang Korean Red Ginseng Fansign Event 2017.06.21 Yanolja Fansign Event 2017.06.03 Fitz Beer Live Event 2017.05.27 Schneider Fansign Event 2016.12.13 Isaac Toast & Coffee "Special Date" with Jo Jung Suk 2016.12.11 Schneider Fansign Event 2016.11.12 Schneider Fansign Event 08 WEBSITE *Official Sites Cho Jung Seok Official Website Cho Jung Seok Japan Official Website (Login required) CultureDepot's Actor *Master Fansites Official Fan Cafe: Musical No.1 Cho Jung Seok DC Gallery Fansite CJSDOTCOM Fansite PLUTO (Login required) Fansite BBolls Cho Jung Seok Japan Private F.C (Team.J) *International Fanpages Cho Jung Seok Taiwan Cho Jung Seok Vietnam Cho Jung Seok Thailand Cho Jung Seok Philippine Cho Jung Seok Indonesia English subtitle/translation account @ForJoJeol *Jo Jung Suk doesn't use any SNS 09 MEMORABLE QUOTE READ MORE: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 “ALL the time spent on the stage is so valuable because it’s what that makes me the actor I am today. Even now, acting on the stage is such a precious experience for me and will continue to be in the future as well “YES. I believe that to be an actor, you have to be confident. You have to say you’re good at everything. There are times when my confidence fell, but I worked through those moments and became stronger. I do feel afraid when I’m not prepared. When I am prepared, I don’t feel afraid at all “IF you’re an actor, you get to live another person’s life. Well, of course it’s an imaginary person. But I think it’s very important for an actor to show this imaginary person as if he’s a real figure to the audience. That’s where the responsibility comes from. I believe responsibility really changes and develops lots of things in my life "What makes me move forward? Acting! Haha. It really does. Acting is so so much fun. Even if it’s physically demanding, I’m happy. I’m currently rehearsing for a musical. It’s so hard that I feel like dying, but I’m really happy. Even when I’m completely exhausted, I snicker to myself for no reason. I think my life would have been gloomy without acting. I would have been very unhappy. I think such day won’t come... I want to be an actor until I die - Actor Jo Jung Suk ======== Please abide by Soompi Forum Rules If you'd like to change anything in this post, feel free to inbox me =Hope you have a good time in the thread ^^=
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