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  1. okay, so. i have been dancing for several years now, and although i love doing it, im tired of dancing by myself. and i really like the idea of a k-pop dance cover group like those i see on YouTube. so, im looking to start one of my own. although, yes, dancers are crucial, there are other positions that are needed as well. but we will get into that. before agreeing to be a part of my group, just know that it is hard work and will take up a lot of your time. if you're willing to sacrifice your free time for practice and performances, then feel free to ask to join.
  2. i need opinions on the k-drama Shut Up Flower Boy Band. when Joo Byung- hee died in the third episode, it hit me so hard. he was my favourite character for sure. he never got the chance to tell Im Soo-ah he loved her before the truck hit him. he was the life of the show. so when he died, i never got past that episode. i just didn't have the strength to continue. i just knew the show wouldn't be the same. i literally cried for three hours. i just want to know what opinions you all have(if you've seen it, of course). do you think Byung-hee should have at least had a chance to tell Soo-ah he love
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