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  1. no i had mine set as meme queen but i changed it to resident lil sis -2
  2. i changed my rank 


  3. hey everyone! i just updated the meme theme so go check it out! hope you guys like it! -2
  4. hi everyone! this week's theme shall be baby animal memes suggested by @Wuzetian! i'm open to suggestions for future meme themes, so if you'd like to suggest a theme, feel free to tag or PM me! as usual you can post "normal" memes, and by that i mean just looking up a meme (according to the week's theme) on your preferred search engine and posting it over here. "NORMAL MEME" EXAMPLES: or you can make your own memes with gifs and images or "custom" memes as i like to call them! (credit @Lmangla) "CUSTOM" MEME EXAMPLE: me seeing any baby animals:
  5. hi @Thong Thin ooooo 36k reactions! thanks people! -2
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